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  1. I'm trying to get a 'procedural scatterer' configuration to work for my Suthe mod. I can get all of the planets to work, barring Kerbin (renamed to Talia in Suthe), even replacing Kerbin with Talia entirely, works from a Kopernicus standpoint, but not for scatterer. Here's a comparison with its moon, Eaglio. For some reason, no matter what I attempt, even looking at other configurations that do the exact thing that I'm trying, Kerbin (Talia) does not work.
  2. @SneakyGunz Most of the dependencies required work on 1.2.2. It should work.
  3. Ok, I assume making a module configuration to force MM to not recognize the pre-existing scatterer configuration? I was looking at the one in GPP for reference, and it seemed rather simple.
  4. Are there any specific parts that I need to look at?
  5. @Galileo I haven't used it. Is there any tutorial or guides for this procedure? I'd doubt it, but it'd be great.
  6. @Galileo Can you offer me a little advice as to how to make scatterer load a custom configuration over the normal configuration? I'm trying to make it easier for customizable configurations to be loaded (and not require a reinstallation of scatterer) in the event of uninstallation.
  7. @Gameslinx Did you use any particular visual enhancement mod for the auroras? If so, which one (and if the user will let you make compatibilities for it)?
  8. Hopefully 1.5 will be out either tonight or tomorrow, but for now: What I hope for 1.5 is mostly internal patches (i.e. moving compatibilities to a single folder housed within the main file structure) and optimizations in-game, such as new names and new ring shaders present on the Suthe worlds.
  9. WIP Lensflare I intended for it to be realistic, albeit to a degree.
  10. What's this one doing? Is it not loading?
  11. @KerbolExplorer I developed Suthe on Windows 7. I'm not sure if Kopernicus is compatible with Windows 8, but it might? I mean, it's possible but not too many users run on Windows 8 to my personal knowledge. If you have Windows 7 laying around, try it.
  12. @KerbolExplorer What operating system are you using? I'm not sure since I'm only a Windows user, perhaps it's an incompatibility.
  13. @KerbolExplorer Did you install ModularFlightIntegrator and ModuleManager? Given you have those two in addition to Kopernicus, it should work.
  14. @Galileo Actually the desired texture design (on the planets) I personally wanted to be more 'crisp' and not soft-looking. For some of the rocky worlds (Moho, for example, soon to be Pallia) I partially intended to look this way. They kind-of do, in a way, but not full 'realistically'.