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  1. Contacted staff....just got to wait now im guessing
  2. Thankyou all. Will contact the forum staff on how to close account
  3. Cant see how to close my forum account?
  4. Hi all. Not sure what it is but after downloading 1.3 im just not feeling it anymore.... could be the overhaul of yet more mods to be updated but i dont think so as i dont use that many. Its starting to feel a little flat now like its run its course..... I think for now and the forseeable future its time to say goodbye to one of the greatest games ive ever played but something does not feel right in 1.3....probably only me but it feels odd. Happy flying and go for your goals...I just dont feel it anymore which makes me sad but 1.3 literally has killed it for fault of the update just its gone for me....
  5. sigh....done everything as described and still no kerbtrack settings anywhere to be found in 1.2.2...... kerbtrack.dll is in the correct place....facetracknoir works perfectly in other games..... i really dont know what to do?
  6. Loving the answers in this thread....and all of them point the way to getting "somewhere" in this most complex to understand of games ive ever known. For me when I started playing about 3ish years ago I had no idea what it was, never mind what to do! YouTube (Scott Manley) was where I learnt the very basics however the buck didnt stop there....other tubers were very helpful and then I joined this community which is the best source of knowledge on the internet about KSP......period. All I will say is if you can get off the ground and land safely your half way to somewhere....height when your starting doesn't matter.....control is everything...... .....remember that and Tylo eventually will be a breeze Happy flying pilot...
  7. So today I decided to start a new career in version 1.3 as Ive only just upgraded from 1.2.2. Here is the mod list Ive got.....havn't started the game yet but Im ready. Whats your thoughts? EDIT: HPTechTree mod is also there just not from CKAN
  8. are you using Windows 10? if so have you got the most up to date drivers for your graphics card? sometimes this will fix the problem. Also try running as an administrator as this has helped me also.
  9. Good God I hope not....
  10. So, ive been reading not just here but in other threads and I keep seeing "multiplayer". IMHO this will never happen in KSP and being honest I cant see a benefit to it. This is a single player game....always has been. Why I would want to log in on a server and see lots of people doing their own missions escapes me, even if I was invited to dock with them...... ....outcomes still the same...KSP is a one person game and thats the way it is...roll on the DLC...single player only please (this forum is my "multiplayer")
  11. We do have Chicago style pizza here but nothing beats a pizza on the Wellingborough Road in Northampton UK after a few pints with the lads Still waiting for the DLC though.....
  12. I actually feel sorry for the console players. To buy a game then find it doesnt work is not good. I could just say "get a pc or laptop to play it on" however that's not the point. I really hope updates get sorted so you can play KSP properly....I feel its only fair.....
  13. I asked a similar question 2 months ago yet no fix as of's got to a point I've just given up now
  14. You will need electricity to extend your panels
  15. Just slow the warp down when you get near to your destination. .... ...that's all I do.....