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  1. As the title said I tried it. No issues getting into orbit yet the whole experience was as flat as a pancake for me. I'm not sure why it seemed flat as it looked great but I did miss my Kerbals. Anyone else felt this way?
  2. I do the same...check after I undock. It would be great if I could see "this landers stages and that landers stages" as separate entities whilst building though, not a mish-mash I have to get my head around. It's hard enough building these creations let alone decipher whats going on when X meets Y That's what I've done..built 3 working and tested landers then stick them all together and I have no idea where to start untangling the mess I'm presented with!
  3. Hi all. So Im getting on with my Jool 5 challenge and have built my 3 landers. Im working on putting them on a tug yet when I place them where I want them the stages get all messed up. The picture shows my 3 landers on a platform (probably not what I will use but in testing phase at the moment) so my question is is there anyway I can keep my individual lander stages neat and tidy in their own little "spaces" or do I just have to use the [] keys to choose which lander I want when I want it? I hope someone understands what im on about
  4. Ok. I kinda feel your pain yet none of this happens to me. I'm running ksp on windows 7 laptop with 8gb ram and a nvidia 512mb graphics card and 2.8ghz cpu. What are your computer specs? Knowing them could help a little for others to ease your pain.
  5. Having used everything from my first computer, a ZX81 right through Amiga, Atari ST, PS, Xbox, PC and many consoles/computers in between KSP is the most addictively brilliant game, so much so that at least 10 times through my working day I come up with another tweak to an existing craft or a new "ahh! That's a good idea". 50% of the time it works and 50 it doesn't but the one thing KSP has is just that....the return to game and try again value and when it succeeds BOOM!!....a feeling that spurs me further on in this endless game. It's took nearly 44 years of my life to find something so good that it's part of my life and forever will be even if all the updates were to stop now. So, as many, many have said before me, thankyou Squad for giving me something I will enjoy till I meet my maker
  6. Hi there. Have you the latest drivers for your graphics card? Have you recently updated to Windows 10? Also I had a similar problem when I first installed KSP and clicking "run as administrator " fixed it for me. Maybe worth a try.
  7. I tested my new lander on Laythe from 65km to land on the ocean and retake off back to orbit at 65km and it weighed under 4 tonnes not the lightest craft ever made but I am over the moon with it!
  8. It doesn't matter what flight game I play I'm useless at them!! Rockets are all I do now. As for control lag it works fine on my logitech attack 3. No delay at all.
  9. I'd be happy to buy this pack however I love the game just as it back to my Jool 5 craft building...
  10. @sal_vager if you ever need to rest your head on your travels and your near Northampton UK shout me up and your more than welcome to stop. You have been a solid and trusted member of this forum and as sad as it is to see you go....go. Go spread your wings and live the life you want to. Farewell buddy and take care
  11. Mmm...I'm guessing someone was either bored or drunk..
  12. Still a nice find even if it is a glitch....this is why KSP is this never know what's out there
  13. Yeah! I thought about ending the failed attempt but decided to see where I ended up
  14. I only use the set orbit cheat to test my point going somewhere to find out your landers broken in some way. Once satisfied I start the mission from the launchpad....if it goes wrong I try to revert back to launchpad and do it again. I like it like that
  15. So, testing my Jool 5 Laythe lander it decided to go down and not i am using a RAPIER engine holding myself on the sea bed....odd