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  1. Good God I hope not....
  2. So, ive been reading not just here but in other threads and I keep seeing "multiplayer". IMHO this will never happen in KSP and being honest I cant see a benefit to it. This is a single player game....always has been. Why I would want to log in on a server and see lots of people doing their own missions escapes me, even if I was invited to dock with them...... ....outcomes still the same...KSP is a one person game and thats the way it is...roll on the DLC...single player only please (this forum is my "multiplayer")
  3. We do have Chicago style pizza here but nothing beats a pizza on the Wellingborough Road in Northampton UK after a few pints with the lads Still waiting for the DLC though.....
  4. I actually feel sorry for the console players. To buy a game then find it doesnt work is not good. I could just say "get a pc or laptop to play it on" however that's not the point. I really hope updates get sorted so you can play KSP properly....I feel its only fair.....
  5. I asked a similar question 2 months ago yet no fix as of's got to a point I've just given up now
  6. You will need electricity to extend your panels
  7. Just slow the warp down when you get near to your destination. .... ...that's all I do.....
  8. I'm using 2 of them in my Jool 5 challenge for my landers and they are so much lighter than a storage bay.
  9. Try this rss map&ved=0ahUKEwj5op70lbTUAhURJ1AKHRJhAaQQMwgxKAEwAQ&iact=mrc&uact=8
  10. No but I dont really see this as a problem. .....
  11. Sigh....I'm thinking within 1 year of the takeover it will be "KSP Jeb, but not as we remember it" I have no proof of this, only a gut feeling. Please don't slate me for my now-decided comment....'s just how I feel it's gunna go
  12. Mmmm.....after reading every comment in this thread I see both sides of the coin however where I was not bothered before I'm starting to feel the end of KSP as we know it is soon approaching. Maybe this is a bad thing...maybe a good thing. For me though Im starting to feel that maybe I should stop here at 1.2.2 before things change too much away from where we are right now. SOOO many mods already that I haven't used or experienced will give me years of enjoyment. Will be watching closely but I'm not prepared to give my favourite toy to someone else to play with right now.
  13. Hi there. Maybe this will help you. If not at least I tried
  14. Whilst I don't know much about TT (I've played countless games on various consoles over the years but never really noticed who made them etc) KSP is such a unique game that captures so many people's imagination I know that Squad are doing the right thing. This is their baby, their pride and joy and if I gave birth to KSP I would make sure the next generation of its carers would be well vetted (not bringing the console port into it.....we all make mistakes) To end my input....if all I play for the next 10 years is KSP 1.2.2 as I do now I'm happy. I've played NO other games since I found it at version 0.90 3 years or so ago (late starter) but I'm still excited everytime I double click my favourite icon on my desktop. Squad will still be the company that gave me, and you, this wonderful gaming experience....and thankyou so much for every launch, fail, head scratch and "whoop!" KSP brings us
  15. I've never had this problem however it does sound like a conflict of mods somewhere. If your not using mods then this community needs more info.. Great answer.