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  1. One tip: ensure that your COM is at equal or greater height than your thrust vector, otherwise your engines will push your nose down.
  2. I have a quite powerful one. I7-4790k oc to 4,5Ghz - 16 Gb DDR3 2400 Mhz - Nvidia Gtx 1070
  3. TKOL 2nd COMBAT: ZType(jrodriguez) vs Sea Krestel (SuicidalInsanity) : 4 ROUNDS @SuicidalInsanity Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 RESULTS ZType successfully defended the tittle of King of Laythe with 3 rounds against 1 on the Sea Kestrel
  4. The essential mods that you need are: BDArmory and FutureWeapons, nothing else. In my plane I have custom wings designed with the B9 Procedural Wings (not memory consuming, only 3 parts) and a OPT cockpit, and some parts tweakscaled. If you need the URL for mods I provide them.
  5. @SuicidalInsanityif you want to do any more improvements to your plane...now is the moment
  6. Hi @Supergamervictor . Sorry but I don't think I will add new features to this mod. I'm just doing the basic maintenance.
  7. I did try once using Modular Missile but the guidance was not very accurate. I was not very surprised because I know that BDArmory was designed mainly for sub-orbital scenarios
  8. if you double check that your craft is following each of the submit rules...your are clear
  9. Sorry but your part is number is 73. The max number allowed is 70.
  10. I recommend to go full screen because I'm recording Full HD at 60 hz. TKOL 1st COMBAT: ZType(jrodriguez) vs Kaiju P2(DoctorDavinci) Round 1 @DoctorDavinci During minute 2:15 I spent 15 sec freaking out until I realise that you destroyed my air intake...lol Round 2 Round 3
  11. I don't mind to add SXT and QuizTech to the list. But regarding weapons the only allowed for this Sci-Fi challenge are "Future Weapons" parts . And also remember that your plane should be able to take off from water! I have changed the submit rules in case you want to update your fuel amount. Before I was recommending 15 min. @DoctorDavinci Submit Rules: Recommend fuel for a minimum of 5 mins at full throttle.
  12. Hi all, I'm closing the inception phase now and the challenge is ready to run. @KenjiKrafts I will add your entry to the list as soon as you have fixed it. Current King of the Laythe: @jrodriguez - Z-Type Mang Class Rev1 Number of Wins: 0 ------------------------------------------ Registered belligerents: DoctorDavinci - Kajiu-P2 SuicidalInsanity - Sea Kestrel Now, I will defend the title of King of the Laythe against @DoctorDavinci
  13. So here is my plane! the Z-Type Mang Class Rev1. https://kerbalx.com/crafts/27611/ https://kerbalx.com/crafts/27611/