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  1. I thought the saying was 'Any landing you can walk away from......', not 'Any landing you can swim away from.....'?
  2. I bought this game on 1st Jan, 2014, in the UK. Arguably it was probably 2013 somewhere in the world when I bought it, but I don't want to pay nothing when Making History comes out. Let's face it, KSP has changed a lot since .23, when I bought it. We got a lot of new parts, the 'Souposphere' was mostly made less viscous, Windows 64bit support came out, and so many other things since then. And I've got all those for free, essentially, because I haven't paid for it since 2014. What's more, I paid $27 for it, and at the time it was something like £18 from the exchange rate, given that it would now cost £29, that is great. How many hours I've played, I don't know as I didn't get it on Steam, but it must be a lot. Total cost of operating KSP for me would probably be larger for the Electricity to run my laptop. As far as I'm concerned, I would like Squad to 'hurry up', release Making History and Take my Money!:P
  3. Why not - it's a naming scheme like that of the Spitfire, or B-17 (or where those A,B,C,D etc?). Both of those were fine aircraft... Really, SpaceX should extend the droneship name system to the rockets, or at least the Dragons. I'd love to see a news article along the lines of "Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall docks with ISS"
  4. Getting to LKO felt a bit too easy, so I went to Munar orbit... Turns out trial and error is really quite handy for this challenge.
  5. With infinite money and no restrictions... I'd presume a railgun/magnetic accelerator style launch system built into an artificial mountain up to the stratosphere could be done, thus reducing the need for an actual rocket liftoff, thus launching payloads to essentially their second stage, and presumably recovering the discarded sabot. Of course, using Orion would probably be less ecologically damaging than that, which is not something one gets to describe often.
  6. Whilst I liked my 'Titanic' entry, this one felt so much more 'kerbal', given that ultimately, you can treat Kerbals similarly to fuel and let them float around: Strictly speaking, more could fit in there, it's just awkward arranging them... Just be careful to only use physics warp, or they'll float through the walls.
  7. So.... something similar to Special Circumstances in the Culture Novels by Iain M. Banks? Where the in setting view on warfare with the Culture is just the plain and simple warning 'Don't (BLEEP) with the Culture!' But where will Kerbfleet get the expertise to make that happen? That being said, without the militant forces of Kerbulus so far there might be only peaceful beings in Kuzzter's Universe.
  8. Well, I only managed one pod.... Directional Monoprop thrusters push the pod away and into an atmospheric trajectory: Things get quite toasty on entry, though at least it's stable in a safe orientation at high speed: And, a slightly bumpy landing later, those aboard are safe:
  9. Well, which movie? There has been quite a few, you know. Even the National Socialist government of Germany made one. And it was more of a space saver, as it wasn't that exciting a picture, unlike this particular launch attempt:
  10. Captain Smith Kerman begins to question his lookouts' ability to spot an Iceberg:
  11. Even [insert deity here] could not get this ship to orbit!! Oh, OK then: Atmosphere, Dead Ahead!! Not, technically, sinking:
  12. Portal Space Program (2) Space? Space! Spaaaaaceeee! And that's just Jeb....
  13. I don't know the maths for this(trying to learn orbital mechanics, not very hard though). That said, I think if you could (magically) teleport an object from Kerbin surface to 113,000km as per Red Iron Crown, the lateral Kinetic Energy (if kept in the teleport) should keep you in orbit. I think the difference though is that in the rocket powered ascent you would lose some (all?) of that horizontal K.E. as you travel across (an admittedly small) part of the surface of Kerbin. I think this would be due to the trajectory moving across the surface at 175m/s, so gradually it would become a more vertical component and be nullified by gravity. If the game drew the trajectory on the map relative to Kerbin's surface rather than centre, you might get a weird looking trajectory. Feel free to prove me wrong.
  14. So, on page 53 of Eve: Order Zero, there was this little exchange: Things that make you go 'Hmmmm......'
  15. I seem to remember that at some point in TNG, Voyager, DS9 and associated Films, Scotty, Kirk, Spock and Sulu? (in a Voyager episode, maybe) all appeared, so that isn't quite as appropriate as it could be....