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  1. Stage 2 is weird. It provides most of the DV for falcon 9 in order to keep the first stage slow for recovery. But the Space x website advertises the same burn time for F9 and FH second stages, implying no more propellant for S2 on FH. Combined with doubling the payload, that has got to do awful things to S2's DV. Either I'm missing something or the core stage 1 is going to have to separate crazy-fast compared to falcon 9. How then do they plan to do core recovery?
  2. Alas poor Jeb. First casualty of this hardcore campaign. Veteran pioneer of the kerbal space program and in particular the first spacewalk and Gemini Rendevous missions. Killed in a tragic launchpad accident when the launch clamps released prematurely. Unphased he initiated the abort procedure but a second oversight meant that at sea level the munar module did not have enough TWR to pull itself clear of the ensuing fireball. He will be missed. As soon as the space program can find two more credits to rub together Valentina will lead on in his stead.
  3. They probably won't announce that, it being a military payload. Having a winged payload without fins may be doable these days. Heck of a dynamic stability problem though.
  4. I notice that 'fully reuseable' craft doesn't reuse the trunk!
  5. I don't think sci-fi shuttles generally are SSTOs in the conventional sense. When you have enough power to maintain 1g indefinitely you don't have to maintain orbital velocities. Re-entries also don't have to be heat shielded because you don't come in that hot. This also explains why sci-fi ships tend to fall out of orbit when they're damaged/lose power. It's because they were actively maintaining their altitude rather than falling around the planet and missing.
  6. Landing successful? Much cheering!
  7. First stage primary mission success!
  8. Go for launch at 27m past the hour! Engines are in chilldown!
  9. SES-10 is on internal power!
  10. As a European I really don't get why Americans do that. :-P Looking forward to the launch!
  11. Yup, fizzle at best (worst?). If a core is not detonated precisely right, the heat of assymmetric fission will scatter the core, leaving the vast majority unfissioned and all that potential energy unreleased. And that's if any fission at all is achieved. Maybe you get none at all and the implosion charges just scatter uranium all over the place. The trick of keeping a mass sub-critical and then making it go prompt super-critical on demand is exceptionally difficult.
  12. At those speeds the difference between hitting a solid and a gas is negligible. Might help if there's time enough for the generated gas to diffuse out of the path, but see again the ridiculously fast speeds involved.