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  1. You only can for some specifically designed turrets, like the Patriot turret (giant green box), which have nodes that attatch to corresponding nodes on the missiles. Also, why did you use a bigger font size? All that does is uselessly clutter up the thread.
  2. They are actually not attached at launch. The LEM attaches (via a node on the bottom of the descent engine) to the inside of the SLA, and the CSM attaches (via a hidden node inside the SPS) to the top of the SLA.The docking port on the LEM should fit snugly right below the engine bell of the SPS, but not actually be attached, like here: If you're still not quite sure, you can check out the official craft on the KerbalX repo: https://kerbalx.com/minepagan/Apollo-CSM+LEM
  3. How did you get it working in 1.3? I can get everything else working, except Scatterer.
  4. ... IIRC it did, it was called E or F or something? I remember using it in most of my early-career planes...
  5. which mod? This thread plays host to several (although I'm assuming you mean the 'main' one, BD Armory?)
  6. Any parts mods (that haven't been localized) should work fine.
  7. Oh don't get me started on star wars. Star wars "lasers" are not actually lasers, they are plasma bolts/cannons. And a laser is not "jst a light." Nor "just a light." That's like saying a handgun is "just a fancy blowdart" or that a rocket is "just a big firework" - it's a gross oversimplification, a tactic often used to belittle an argument/technology/ect. by making it seem useless.
  8. There's a mod that lets you use different "marks" (upgrades) of a part, should be useful for replica building like this
  9. They are also developing a system to mount lasers on the AH-64D Apache for anti-missile "active defense," and to replace/augment the chaingun. They conducted their first test this past week IIRC.
  10. Tight fairings are for Soviets. We show our technological superiority by launching unnecessarily-oversized fairings, demonstrating that our freedom rockets are so good that they have payload to spare.
  11. What mod do you get your launch clamps and towers from, specifically the Titan H ones? (not the FASA ones)