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  1. >>Implying we know what the E-1 looks like Actually it looks like it's Spacelab, from Eyes Turned Skywards. (Edit: Is it just me, or does this last pic look....off?)
  2. IIRC Sigma is supported (and my personal favorite, since you can easily manipulate the settings to your liking to make it easier/harder/different-er) I really don't know of any others off the top of my head...
  3. As I said, why don't we wait until he's done doing what we've asked for before we start asking for more.
  4. Yeah, the scratches on that one particular panel look like they were done a little too zealously...
  5. Well IRL the SCA was bigger than the Shuttle, so you might be better off using something like SXT's Osaul hull, which should work fine with the ET attachment parts. I definitely second a tail shroud though. (But why don't we wait for him to finish Block 2?)
  6. I'd understand merging the 1st 2 as they are somewhat related, both adding science experiments. But I don't see how they would go with Mk2.5 spaceplanes.
  7. My hunch says you resorting to petty namecalling and personal insults means @cxg2827, @regex, and @passinglurker have proven their point and utterly demolished yours, and you have no further fact-based arguments, and instead are reverting to emotional attacks rather than logical discussion.
  8. Gotcha. I'll fix the one on kerbalx soon(tm) Oh, you're using FASA parts as texture references?
  9. Are you sure it has 2 engines on the boosters? I'm not saying it doesn't, I really have no clue. If you found a source, any chance you could point me to it?
  10. What about a Centaur with slightly lower isp and a barely smaller bell to represent a random prototype? On a more serious note, how about a 3.75m-1.875m interstage for the Juno-V? Or a 1.5 and 1.875m version of the redstone launch clamps? Also....what about fixing shrouds on the engines with adjustable tank butts (like the LH2 Titan) so you can use them for upper stages?
  11. That's why God gave you two arms. It never hurts to be ambidextrous!
  12. Excuses. Being dead didn't stop @MrMeeb from working on SPT, why should being in the hospital stop you? (All jokes aside, hope you're doing well and get better soon)
  13. I don't have any problems, try setting it to deploy at 0.5 atm? That's what I usually do and it works like a charm