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  1. I have a question about licenses. I've read the forum post on them but I can't find my answers (very dry reading). Are you guys allowed to update or modify an project that does not have a license? Are those to be treated as "All Rights Reserved"? Another question, BSD license seem to be an open license but they very restrictive? I don't run across it very often but I just want to double check.
  2. Wow, 717!!! And there are about 40+ new entries to be added! Thank you for the spreadsheet assistance, I'm not so good anymore with excel and I got my hands full gathering and organizing the other library.
  3. Thank you for the information, having a section for obsolete mods is actually a great idea. Never know what little bits or pieces you can extract. I've found a few good ideas that I don't believe have an open license I can put in that section. Awesome, thank you for the clarification, I read the last couple pages but I wasn't sure the parts still worked. Should I put this on the library list linuxgurugamer? I'll note that what you wrote here so it doesn't get buried.
  4. there is an old mod, mainly it added a few srb's and a couple new rockets, called

    [0.23] World Space 0.5a4




    there was a post in Oct 2016 saying he was still around and working on the mod...but it has not been update for anything past 0.23   I used to use it as my "go to" mod to get into orbit


    just an addition to the list if you want it.

    1. CarnageINC


      Thank you, try to ensure its listed if I can.

  5. I have a question for the modders. Old wheel mods, are they something I should add in? I know there has been a lot of changes to code and stuff in regards to those. What about texture mods? Are they important? What about expandable parts, similar in nature to some of porkjet's hab modules?
  6. Don't know if this would be of any help but I've been tracking mods for some time and have a spreadsheet with links/devs/licenses/KSP version. In Open Office calc format.

    If you're interested it's here


    1. CarnageINC


      Thanks, any help is appreciated.  I'll take a look at it. 

    2. wasml


      If you do decide you can use it I'll be happy to make a first pass to eliminate the updated mods, the restrictive licenses and the mods without links.

    3. CarnageINC


      No, its fine just as it.   The more info the better for what I'm going to do in the near future.

  7. For clarification, your talking about the parts to the mod, not the dll plugin? We have the dll plugin in the main library. Firespitter is here only because I wasn't sure if Snjo's original parts are working.
  8. Thank you, but no need, @magico13 sent me the info, its in a format that I can work with.
  9. FYI, all the stuff we discussed has been modified or changed and sent to Gaarst. Hes been busy so it might be a few days till he has time. I've kind of dumped another large update on him lately
  10. I listed their names for the patches. I feel that until those patch modders make an independent post stating they have officially take the mod over, its best to keep the mods under the originally author to prevent any future confusion or mistakes within the library that may arise.
  11. Wow, thanks. Its a bit hard to know who some of those guys are but I think I can work with that. I'll go through the license and make sure the mods I select haven't been redone.
  12. I'll change the link and status for your mod, thank you. If its sorted by author then I can work with that. I'll go back and dig that stuff up, then ask you guys if you author XYZ for this 123 mod. Ok, thanks for the info. I will make a note of potential issues on the mod description.
  13. I remember now I tried your beta build a couple weeks ago. I can retag it a dev release (blue) on the main library, can you please provide a link for me to use? The KerbalStuff is of great interest to me. I'm willing to do the work on going back through the stuff I deleted out of my list if the KerbalStuff is easy to work with. Ifs its a large list of just file names in no order, I don't know if I can or want to stress about that stuff enough.
  14. A huge thank you to @RealGecko @linuxgurugamer and @DoctorDavinci!!!! This is the exact kind of help I need! Providing the links of the patches is so awesome, thank you. I can reword the descriptions to include the links, instead of letting others try to find how to patch them. I'll get that done and move them off to the main library. I noticed that Trajectories is labeled for v1.2, is the mod still functional? If not, we can make note of that so everyone knows, if it still is then its best to stay where its at for now. You have access to what was on Kerbalstuff!?! My mind is blown, because there were quite a lot of mods that I tossed because they had dead links. If you can provide files, I can go back and find the majority of the mods I tossed. I deleted them off my list, only because I thought they were a lost cause.
  15. I have talked to linuxgurugamer about the point you brought up. If 2 people have similar thoughts on the same subject so quickly it means that its an issue. Thank you for your input, I want this library to be as user friendly as possible. Noted, thank you