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  1. Is there a forum moderator who is able and willing to help me update the texture mod list in the OP? I have found a few skybox and suit mods while overhauling the Community Library. Some are listed in the pages though out this thread, some are not. Instead of just piling them in this thread to get slowly lost, I would like to submit a listing to you, the moderator, to paste into the OP.
  2. My 2 cents linuxgurugamer, is they probably should be separated unless they all have a major common theme. Yeah I agree there are a lot of mods out there but I find that its nice to pick out one specific mod that you need or want to use instead of a 'package' deal. But to answer you question, if the Telescope Satellite part fits in the the shuttle bay, I would go with those 2. Those would make sense to me.
  3. there are mods located in other areas! Please tell me this isn't common.
  4. Ah, okay. Thank you for the clarification on that! I'll try to keep my eye out for the merger.
  5. @TiktaalikDreaming, I'm I reading this correctly, is this mod replacing TD Industries Orion bits and Orion aka ol boom boom into one mod? Only asking so I can tidy up the libraries.
  6. Can we lock this thread down, the author stated over a year ago he stopped dev on it.
  7. @Ketatrypt This the current mod for RSS visual enhancements, I'm not sure they are exactly the same mod but they do the same thing I believe.
  8. WOW, I've been so busy I didn't notice you put a beta for your mod out! Congrats dboi88! I'll move this to the themed section in the Dev Library since its USI compatible mod
  9. As of now the Dev Library is only for mods located in the Development pages. I just sent @Gaarst a comprehensive listing of mod of the older released mods for him to put in the Community Library when he has time. If a mod gets release to the Release pages, I will most likely remove that mod from this library once its been placed in the Community Library. If a mod author wishes for it to remain here I will keep in the directory.
  10. Alright! I have completed my quest! I have gone through every thread in both dev and release pages. I just sent @Gaarst a list with 351 new links. Most of it older released mods, so I hope he will be able to get that posted in a few days. With that done, I've added over 850+ new links to the Community Library! I am confident that 98% of all accessible mods located in the release pages will be included in the Community Library. There were quite a few old mods with restricted licensing that were not included only because a more current mod with those functions is already out there for us to use. Also I did not include some 'write your own' config files "mods". And there were 2 vanity mods I just couldn't bear to post because they have absolutely zero value. My next magic act is to bring back some open licensed Kerbal Stuff mods that were lost when that site went down. However my obsession with adding mod links has burnt me out pretty bad. So this project may never get off the ground, I'll see how I feel after a long break! *I forgot to mention, TextureReplacer mods with their own thread were not included for the most part. The OP for that mod has a good library listing already so I didn't feel the need to add them. However I will have to review TextureReplacer thread with my list to ensure all the mods are mentioned at least somewhere.
  11. My initial thoughts on this is to keep only 1 library in each area, the Dev and the Release. I don't want the pains of temp or another thread for 1.3 mods, so my feeling out having a thread in "maintenance" is out. Honestly with the amount of mods we have now and a bunch more coming in, its probably easiest for us to use the current listings and update it as we go. The biggest thing we will probably have to do is modify the version coloring to keep posted at a quick glance on what works and what doesn't. Majority of the links will most likely lead to the updated thread so that is one less thing to have to input. Most of the 1.2.x mods may work, I hope so anyways. So it comes down to a wait and see how everything behaves with each other. Of course I'm only speaking my thoughts on your question, Gaarst may want to try something else or have a different take on things and I'm open ideas, so long as it doesn't increase the overall work load unnecessarily. I'm also like you Murdabeene, I like to have my essential must have mods updated before I'll start a new version career mode. I do suggest that anyone who likes to use a lot of mods make a separate copy of KSP for that particular version and copies of mods for it until the majority of the mods meet the new standards.
  12. Status update for both libraries, Gaarst and I have worked out a clear cut plan to get the libraries a bit more organized. Stay tuned for an update that will include almost every mod that is currently accessible (downloads and coding). Later an, 20-50 more older mods lost with the Kerbal Stuff closing will be brought back 'online' so others may download or update those mods if they so wish.
  13. Just an update on the library status. Soon all mods that fall under Older Released Mods will be in a separate section in the Community Library to avoid any confusion on what is located where. Up to 100-100 new links will be added to that category. For those of you like linuxgurugamer, who likes to keep mods alive for the community, you will be able to see whats available over there for released mods.
  14. For ESLD, we can make the version green to signify its 'released'. Maybe you can ask a moderator to relocate the thread to the release section also? Your call on that. We can change the description for ReCoupler to better say what you want it too. We try to limit it length so how about I use what you said but slightly change it. [1.2.2] ReCoupler, by Booots - This mod allows the construction of circular structures and the recombining of multi-coupled stacks by allowing parts to have multiple 'parents'. For more details they can read your page. As far as placement, I always thought of it as a game changing mod. But its no problem to relocate it up to the VAB/SPH area since it has no actual function outside of the editor. And congrats on feeling like a grown-up modder! Will these changes work for you @Booots?
  15. I can see where some of the confusion and maybe some of your frustration is coming from @DoctorDavinci. Your BD Armory mod was mistakenly marked in blue when I started the dev library, indicating that its under development. I just noticed that its located in the release pages. That will be fixed ASAP.