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  1. In a sense of role play and self control it could help to know, when there really is a connection and a ship is controlable. Could you use the stock display for signal strength somehow? Remotech does something like that, too.
  2. As I wrote before. Kerbalism in combination with [x] science allows collecting science, when you are out of antenna reach. Experiments you are allowed to perform pop up in the [x] science window. Transmitting is not possible. Is it intended to collect science iin Kerbalism, when there is no connection to home?
  3. In my very mod heavy game I miss some parts in the tech tree. Here is one example: According to ETT and MM cache file "mediumDishAntenna" should be in node "microwavePowerTransmission". But that node is completely empty. In the MM cache I found this: TechRequired = precisionEngineering - same as in the original squad file of that antenna. If I start a new game, then that tech node still is empty. As far as noticed - many antenna are missplaced. Did anyone encountered empty nodes and missplaced parts before?
  4. I am playing a game in 6.4 scale. Time warp rates are pretty low in Gael orbit. Do you have any experience with adjusting this? Gael.cfg allows adjustings this line: timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 25000 38000 70000 150000 300000 600000 900000 Bt what, If a want to increase rates as in RealSolarSystem. REALSOLARSYSTEM { // GENERAL PARAMETERS //cam01NearClip = 1 timeWarpRates { rate1 = 10 rate2 = 100 rate3 = 1000 rate4 = 10000 rate5 = 100000 rate6 = 1000000 rate7 = 6000000 } } That code is not working without an install of RSS. Shall I install the RSS DLL and hope that nothing else brakes?
  5. I recently used [x] Science! in combination with Kerbalism. With this combination you still can collect science, when your antenna can not reach the home world. I will post it over there, too. Maybe [x] Science! or Kerbalism can avoid this exploit in future versions.
  6. I recently used Kerbalism in combination with [x] Science! With this you can still collect science, when your antenna can not reach the home world. I will post it over there, too. Maybe [x] Science! or Kerbalism can avoid this exploit in future versions.
  7. This made the science behaviour more clear.Thank you. The question still is, which multiplier goes into the reward calculation in a carreer safe game. Too me it seems, that not only the prestige level applies for the reward calculation. Maybe rewards indirectly go with body index.
  8. Thanks for our reply and repeating my question with the solution I already found :-)
  9. I will inform you, when my SSD seems to malfunction again. Maybe I have bad sectors in it, which lead to total crashes.
  10. What do you guys get, when KSP crashes? Are your Mechjeb setting still there? I just lost all my custom windows and settings (e.g. for the ascend guidance) after the last crash of my game. The save itself works fine.
  11. I am trying to balance contracts from the old Historic Mission Pack against GPP. To do that I need knowledge about the science multipliers of celestial bodies here. Where can I find that numbers? The cfg files only give detailed information for each situation. But which of them accounts for the rewards calculation, which sems to behave like that: reward = reward in contract file * prestige * celestial body value Prestige: Trivial 1.00 Significant 1.25 Exceptional 1.50
  12. Krash really is a good plugin for simulations. Another question: What is a "day" for KCT? I lost some money, because of expiring contracts. And now I found, that the build times, KCT suggests, do not match to ingame time. My stats: - playing a 6.4 rescaled system with 24 h KSP-timer - latest dev build of KCT - rotation period of home world (Gael) = 15 h --> 24 h in KCT leads to 42 h game time Very, very odd...
  13. Hey everyone. For my game in 6.4x scale (Galileo Planet Mod) I looked at the file "ETT_Procedural_Parts.cfg". Some points seem a bit off. This makes no sense: @PART[proceduralTankLiquid] { @MODULE[ProceduralPart] { ... @TECHLIMIT[veryHeavyRocketry] { @name = veryHeavyRocketry } ... @TECHLIMIT[advFuelSystems] { @name = advFuelSystems } ...
  14. I always wondered, how big my reputation is. Is there a way to show that value beside the loading screen? That little scale in space center view isn't very helpful at all. Funds and science points are represented as numbers, but why not reputation?
  15. Hey everyone. I experimented a little with the latest dev version. Does anyone of you know, how I can start a simulation? Even on mode simOnly, I do not get any buttons or such. I already switched to fullscreen - just in case the buttons got placed off screen. With the other profiles I can add rockets to the build queue and launch them after a certain time.