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  1. stack
  2. 1). Object's getComponents can take base type and will return instances of derived types, so typeof(MonoBehaviour) or typeof(Component) should return all sorts of stuff. 2). By reading the docs of components I've found \ googling similar questions, if the class in question is stock and not developed by Squad. If it is, reversing is the fastest way to learn how to use it. 3). Unity scripting docs. etc.. Or create your own. For your case, I think you can try to assign new sprite to an image, by creating it from the texture (your second code snippet, assing sprite itself instead of it's texture): but i'm not an expert in Unity's UI.
  3. @Kobymaru I think changing the version on should be enough, wich I just did. Not sure about actual local file, it may or may not be irrelevant. Even after PR, I'm too lazy to publish it in three places just for one changed number in text file.
  4. I believe there's no general way to know the mod name of a part ingame. It's very easy to do from your OS though - remember the name of the part and then go to Gamedata and use text search tool, specific to your OS. grep for GNU, findstr for windows ( findstr /sinp /c:"ModdedPartName" C:\Games\KSP\Gamedata* ). It should show you the files that define this part, and the location of those files gives you the mod.
  5. It seems I am far more than redacted :wink:


    1. Boris-Barboris


      i feel so opressed

  6. No regrets.
  7. That's why you don't assume anything about "the tasks it was designed for" and form your own opinion, comparing with other solutions and your needs\ideals. You've seen my opinion, I've seen yours.
  8. Enter "Unity3d" in google. First sentence I see, quote: "Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the..." I expect much more from an ultimate platform for high-quality games.
  9. I personally don't judge things for "what they were ment for".
  10. They depend on part-sun orientation\relative position, wich requires said position. Unity does not allow to qeury and modify it's objects from threads other than main, wich forces the programmer to reinvent the wheel and move most of the game state to C# runtime. And the reason for that is very simple - crap engine.
  11. Yes, it would be unplayable. Difference schemes build like this (equations used to get world state on the next time slice) tend to be unstable and violate physical laws, no matter how small the time step is, that's why alternative class of methods are used - and those methods are naturally serial.
  12. This problem is not exactly new, they even made two movies about it:
  13. alt + < or >
  14. _____ |__| - meh \___/ |__| - better nvm. you've already done it. I can only suggest more.
  15. @Rigel Kerman Looks more like FAR fails to load when that specific MFI is present. Are you sure that combo works without AA?