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  1. I also think I have a new plane joining the fray at DI. I need to refine it though. Update soon!
  2. I have one build that is constantly thwarting me at every turn it seems like, it's a Vickers Vimy-esque WWI-style plane, and no matter what I do, I'm still not happy with it completely. The shape and power are now fine, but now it's fuel issues. lol...grrr, it's close though, I can feel it!!!
  3. Not a Who fan, but I've watched that clip so many times...
  4. HELLOOOOOOOOOO Kerbonauts! RL has reared its ugly head again, but I have generated a bit of a buffer, so the story can continue! Also, a question for you guys. After this is finished, I will get started on building more ships for SNW, and due to computer issues, would it be too strange to use only the planets in OPM for my new worlds? I'm just wondering because it's in lots of other stories and I'm concerned it's become a bit stale....Anywhoooooo: Just then, an eerily familliar monotone voice was heard on the Wernher's PA system, seeming to mock Jeb. "JEBEDIAH KERMAN. WE THOUGHT WE COULD GET ONTO YOUR GOOD SIDE, AND THROUGH THAT TRUST DESTROY KERBALKIND FROM THE INSIDE. WE WERE NOT PREPARED FOR THE RESISTANCE OF YOUR FILTHY STINKING SPECIES." it was Four. Jeb was FURIOUS. Never in his many years at KSC had he been duped as well as Four duped him. "I COULD HAVE DESTROYED THE HAYDI WHILE I WAS IN HER COMPUTER SYSTEM...BUT I RESISTED TO FURTHER GET IN YOUR GOOD GRACES...BUT I HAVE FAILED." "Okay you ingrate," Jeb sneered, "How did you get here from Kerbin?" "I COPIED MYSELF BEFORE THE MISSION...THAT COPY OF ME DID INDEED MALFUNCTION, AND I MYSELF TURNED IT OFF." "So, if you are not Four...WHO ARE YOU?!" "I AM THE CENTRAL NEXUS, THE RULER OF THIS SOLAR SYSTEM. WE WILL BUILD OUR FORCES UP AGAIN, AND WHEN WE ARE READY WE WILL ATTACK KERBIN IN FORCE!!!" Jeb had heard enough. Time to destroy this thing once and for all! He ordered the third Sprite undocked, and this time infected it's main computer with the virus developed at KSC. "Calgar to Wernher, Sprite away." Calgar was another one of KSC's top pilots, but nowhere near as good as Jeb. Still, he could hold his own. "Will I have problems flying this down there with the infection?" "Negative, Sprite 3. It all hinges on you now..." Calgar burned to an entry point within the canyon. It seemed that he would be alright this time. The atmosphere at the lower levels would slow him down enough so he could make a pin-point landing on the island under parachute. Calgar breathed a sigh of relief when he finally saw that he would slow down enough to not end up as a green smear on the planet, and started approaching the island. And when he successfully landed on it, Jeb breathed a sigh of relief. A pretty, pinpoint landing too. Calgar began to fire up the transmitters on the small craft. He wanted to scan the thing to see what EXACTLY it was, and what he got back made his mouth drop open. The robotic Etherium were nothing more than simple exosuits for an advanced alien race. But what puzzled Calgar was that these beings were so tiny, no more than a quarter of a meter tall. But then, how could they cloak a whole planet? It seemed a return to Dres was in order to find the wreckage of the Queen to figure this out. One task remained here though. Calgar loaded up the viruses, hit TRASNMIT, and soon they were assaulting the systems of the Nexus, and just like that it powered down. He also hacked into any engine systems it had - maybe he could smash it to pieces with force? "Wernher to Sprites 2 and 3, mission accomplished. Finally...We are however left with more questions, ones I hope to answer. Get back to the Wernher, lets go home." Calgar was all too eager to leave this hellish place, and took off first. Shortly followed by Desbles, who had found the emergency fuel supplies. "Jebediah to all crew, return to the Wernher, we are leaving behind all Sprites. Even the one we never used. Mission accomplished, everyone. Great work!" Jeb could not get out of his mind that maybe he was missing something...and if this...thing WAS a cloaked ship...how did it get here? `But then...it seemed like a bonefied planet too. Hopefully the trip to Dres will clear some things up.
  5. I have only 4GB of RAM, so I had to do some major cleaning, deleting the mods I don't use, found a few that used 3 figures of MB and never used them so out they went, so I'm gonna try to stick to the basics and only use Outer Planets for my next story, because well, blame computer issues lol
  6. Missed it? Here ya go!
  7. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO Kerbonauts! Update on the backlog on my hard drive - nearly done the story, and since I don't think I need to build any more ships for Etherium, I'm starting to build for Strange New Worlds. I've decided to name some of them after prominent forum members - this one is the KSS Kuzzter, a cargo ship: I'm not sure what role it will play in the story, but I'll figure it out later. Resupply maybe. Also, you saw the main ship in the trailer, and Kerbin Science Station in the trailer too, but we have a story to finish here before that, and I had to split the chapter up because I wrote too much. heh. So therefore: Once everything had settled down from the jump, Jebediah called a briefing to let the Sprite pilots know what they should expect from Ascelpius's strange atmosphere. The "planet" itself was looking more and more like some kind of station, based on the way the atmosphere was distributed. "Alright! Now that everyone is here, lets go over some pointers. From the information we have gathered about Ascelpius, only the canyons have a thick atmosphere. It has oxygen as well, but we didn't know that when we designed the Sprites, so they're equipped with rockets only. We'll be going into this blind, so we will spread out on the planet. We are looking for some kind of tower called "The Nexus". I don't know if I can trust Four now with his deception, but he said that it is the center of Etherium society." Jeb paused. The enemy was down there...and they would pay dearly. He would even blow up the entire planet if he knew how. "Sprite pilots. You are to immediately board your craft and descend into one of the canyons. Look for a tall tower. May Kerblord be with us all. Dismissed." 4 Kerbals immediately ran out of the briefing room, and the others just wandered out, leaving Jeb alone. He sank into one of the briefing chairs, thinking about the mission ahead...he was not trained for this. But he will give it his all, and he was sure the Sprite pilots would as well. A Kerbal called Desbles was the first to undock a Sprite. "Sprite 1 to Wernher, Sprite away!!!" "Godpeed Sprite 1, you are the tip of the spear!" An hour later, Desbles had gotten closer to the planet, and prepared his assault on a canyon. Desbles noticed a strange tower on an island in the middle of a lake. Was this the Nexus? Or another decoy? Why had they decieved them about where they lived? He was also concerned that there were no Etherium around too...where were they? It was oddly quiet for an important Etherium installation. He was extremely low on fuel too, so he had no choice but to contact the Wernher to send another Sprite. "Desbles to Wernher, I found a tower but I landed far from it. Requesting another sprite! Oh, and sending landing coordinates." "Jeb here, will send one, over!" But the next pilot to fly a Sprite misjudged how close the canyon wall was to the top of the thicker atmosphere, and was killed when his Sprite slammed into the ground. "Jeb, I saw a sprite plow into the ground! Be careful!!!" "I briefed all of you on the dangers of the mission before we left. Kerbals were bound to die on this mission...the reward was worth the risk. You made it down okay, and it's not worth it if the two remaining Sprites crash as well...so Desbles, before I disptach any more, what do you see?" Desbles pulled out some high-powered binoculars. "I see...something that looks like the warp drive with 4 large bell-structures on top. It's emitting a red light...and there are tiny flying drones depositing stuff into the bells. Raw materials maybe." Jeb sat scratching his chin. 1 sprite on the surface, 1 lost, 2 in reserve...what should he do?
  8. I'm building new ships for a new story that is going to go onto the Mission Reports forum. This one's the KSS Kuzzter, a nuclear cargo ship. I actually needed another mod to get it working right.
  9. This has to do with the Reactors. Whenever I timewarp, they ALWAYS go down to 3% health...and well I have 4 power hungry engines on it so I need those reactors at 100%...how do I stop them from doing this?
  11. I just wanted to say I am so very grateful that people like Etherium...been a fan of KSP for a while prior, and as soon as I discovered that people write stories here, I wanted to do the same, but didn't know where to start. That all changed with Just Jim's Emiko Station. I still read every new chapter when they come out...and well, I'd like to tag him as my main inspiration. @Just Jim, thank you for your wonderful story, if it wasn't for Emiko, the Etherium would have never tried to take over Kerbin. I do have a good imagination, and I find story ideas come easily to me. Again, thank you for your inspiration, you rock! I need to mention my very first person who I inspired in turn, @DarkOwl57, remember what one of those guys said, write for YOU. I just love telling stories, and the Kerbal universe sandbox is like the ultimate way to set up a story. I hope to thrill people with my tale sure, but mostly I write for ME, and hope what makes me feel good, makes you feel good. Just...do what comes naturally. I just completely adore this community...and to think it all started with an impulse buy, without even being sure I would like it or not. KSP has opened windows for my creativity I didn't even know were there....
  12. Sooooo, is Thompberry still the bad guy? it's clear that the Kraken Lord is the main baddie, but Thomp has been redeeming himself lately. Oh yeah, and he's going to get a CAMEO in my story. look out for that! Now don't worry, he's just a power source lol, but...yep.
  13. Now that Just Jim has Tweakscale...heheheh...
  14. Inspired by YOURS actually. the Kraken Lord creeps me out... Thank youuuu!