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  1. Again, Just Jim inspires a mad scientist creation from me. And again....it handles like...well something that would get me banned if I said it. https://i.gyazo.com/ed7bac2fd4bd63b34f1367db46becd56.png
  2. Been doing some experimenting in the lab. This thing actually flies real nice
  3. Okay bad news good news. Bad news, I decided to trash the craft I was making. Good news? I made a MUCH smaller one that will do well, I just have to figure out how to make it float.
  4. Ooooh NICE. I may try this later. A wing of 6 fighter bombers via Wing Command mwaha
  5. Ah cool, can you private message me? Oh yeah and the first test had the nose going under water, so have to figure out what the heck is wrong with the balance
  6. Well I'm bowing out of this one, because I looked at the stuff Jrod had on his plane, and I don't have those...AND it would be too big for my computer's measly 4GB of RAM...I will if something wins that doesn't take a lot of mods though.
  7. Mine has 67 parts and...well trying to get it perfectly balanced right now. The engines are so powerful they noze the thing over in the water. I could put a hydroplane...that would leave me with only 1 part left though and would bring it to exactly 70 with the AI unit on
  8. The only problem is I CAN'Z FIND THE DARN PARTS lol, they are scattered in my BDAarmory section.
  9. May end up being tweaked a bit more, but this WILL end up in this thing. BEWARE.
  10. Draconiator Aerospace presents.... The Mosquito I (KerbalX link) Designed for a 200km equatorial orbit, the Mosquito I can loft 1 ton to that target orbit. We have also created a demo video, with launch configuration and test payload viewable below. It is cheap, with each complete system costing us 76,000 (rounded to the nearest hundred) to construct, but we are offering a 85k launch cost, which we hope will be attractive to any prospective buyer. Our demo video:
  11. 1T to 200km orbit, I filmed a video I will pass off as a "demo video" when I submit it.
  12. I uhhh kind of accidentally made an amazing launcher that I am testing now, I love it when this happens...will test it out with my test payload now.
  13. How do demo flights work? I think I almost got mine ready (need to tweakscale the bottom fins though...and wanna know how that is done.
  14. Firebreather I has entered the beta phase of development. Initial simulations indicate it will likely be used for small satellites. Beta phase will include further fine-tuning, and if it needs it, further additions of small tanks.