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  1. We didn't get to test it yet fully so the pre-release is a way of us to tell you that we didn't test it fully and it may contain bugs. It should be fully stable but just in case. We dont have any eta on how long it will take to test it all.
  2. Did you ever wonder which of your craft files couldn't be loaded with the option "hide unloadable" being off ? With the latest pre-release you will now know for sure! As a side note its compatible with KSP 1.3
  3. Weren't sure if this worked in 1.3 ? The time of doubt is now over! We just released a new pre-release. If you encounter any issues please let us know, preferred way is over GitHub. It shouldn't increase or decrease it in any way. All it does is just increase/decrease the modifier from the stock explosions and with that being said it doesn't use SmokeScreen.
  4. We just released a pre-release. It works with KSP 1.3 and thanks to @DMagic science experiments can now be stored in any IScienceDataContainer. Please be aware that this release wasn't fully tested and may contain bugs such as throwing exceptions, lighting your Kerbals on fire or ejecting your Kerbals into space!
  5. Will KerboKatz products be updated for 1.3 soon?

  6. For that a bug report would be nice, so we can figure out what isn't working and fix it. So please drop by in the thread and give us reproduction steps
  7. The whole idea behind the toolbar was to not use too much space with all our mods so I do agree that it should be optional and not on by default. Edit: To clarify I mean that by default the KerboKatz toolbar should be used and the user can decide not to use it.
  8. They are both public so I don't see why not.
  9. There is a way but only one of our mods actively allow it to be changed. If you look at IToolbar you will see that it has "useKKToolbar", set it to false and the mod will use the normal toolbar. You have to call "ToolbarBase.SetDirty();" as well for the changes to take effect.
  10. I didn't even think about that! Thanks! @Nago I put this in the tracker. We are always happy to hear feedback!
  11. Sadly that can't be done. IScienceDataContainer doesn't expose any reference to the part it is on. This would make it very difficult to figure out where the results would go. Do you have a quick-save and logs for us so we can investigate? Yes, it does work in 1.2.2! On another note: a new release is out that should patch issues with rerun-able experiments not triggering properly. As we got no way to reproduce the tool-tip issue yet, there is no patch for that.
  12. A new patch is up that works around an issue where the main menu wouldn't show up when FPSLimiter was installed!
  13. The idea behind the double click is that if you want to rename or delete a folder you can do it quickly without loading all its contents first. But i do agree that there could be a better way to handle this(have different colors/use the context menu). See issue #6 Wouldn't having a second selector make the UI even more cluttered? We are am open for suggestions how this can be handled better. On another note: Release of 2.1.0 adds sorting by craft age!
  14. That's an interesting bug. A reproduction case would be really helpful in figuring out whats going wrong there. As for that exception, it has nothing to do with ASS as we don't touch the cameras in game.
  15. Have a look at CraftHistory! Sorting by date is a feature that is planned.