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  1. Thanks for updating this! Just to ask, would it be possible to add pipes that go down the sides of the fuel tanks, like the stock fuel tanks? I love this mod but I'm not really a fan of the plain cylindrical shape of the fuel tanks, some pipes would make them more interesting to look at.
  2. I'm using this MM patch (the one that removes all restrictions in career mode) but the maximum length my tanks can be is still 8m. Do I need to name the .cfg something specific or do I need to put it in a specific folder?
  3. Sorry for the late reply! ;-; But thank you! I use Paint Tool SAI for my art, it has a pen stabilizer to make drawing smooth lines a lot easier. I redrew some old art of mine to see how much I've improved over time.
  4. I'm not sure if anybody is aware of this, or if it's even worth fixing, but I've noticed the camera FOV isn't how it should be in cockpit view. I'm using Hullcam's science camera, here you can see the FOV is supposed to be able to see over the top LES nosecone and all the way down to part of a lower stage's fuel tank. Here's how it looks when I activate the camera in flight mode from the camera's right-click menu. It looks fine - how I expect it to look. But in RPM's IVA view, it looks like it's zoomed in way too far. I pressed the down buttom repeatedly to zoom out but it's already zoomed out as far as it goes. You can't even see the whole command pod. I get that normally the game's view is landscape and in IVA the camera views are square so some space should be cut off at the left and right, but that's not just the case here. I hope I explained that well enough Is this an issue or am I doing something wrong?
  5. How does the Camera Feed work? I can't find any option to use it, and does it work with Hullcam cameras?
  6. This happens to me too, does anybody know what to do about it? :c
  7. I edited the post and replaced the text with the Dropbox link.
  8. Ah, sorry, the text was too much for even Pastebin so I didn't know where else to but it. I've put the .txt file on Dropbox now.
  9. When I switch to flight mode on any vessel, the debug menu sticks to the screen and won't go away no matter what button on it I press, and it even stays when I press F2. Pressing the FMRS button flat-out doesn't work and gives me an error message instead. It looks as though it's trying to read from a nonexistent KSP folder in the KSP root folder instead of the GameData folder. Here's my KSP log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nnvdkxvoay8ejr5/ksp log.txt?dl=0
  10. I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but when I attach the nozzle to my craft it looks fine in the editor but in flight it's floating a few metres behind my craft, and also the nozzle doesn't do anything when activated other than create the particle effects. I can post my KSP log if you need it.
  11. Does this mod work for 1.2? I installed it but none of the visual effects show up. I had all the dependencies installed but still nothing works.
  12. Oh sweet, that's awesome.
  13. That's for TAC-LS, not USI.
  14. I have this and USI Life Support installed. I remember before, Kerbalism's LS would disable itself if another LS mod was installed, but now it doesn't, which means I have both Kerbalism's LS and USI's LS installed. Is there a way I can get rid of Kerbalism's LS features?
  15. Sure! As long as you give credit.