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  • Location Huh, let's see... If you think about it, (and you really should), my location is quite irrelevant to this forum. I mean, come on, what are you going to use it for? Maybe it has some social value? I don't know, and I think this is a good question overall. What if certain people feel connected based on, say, their city/country of origin? I can say I felt that way more than once, but then there's the question of putting your identity on the internet. At this point, I am just writing to make my location longer than everyone else's, most likely because I'm trying to overcompensate for something. What is milk? Am I high. Yes I am. BTW I live in Boston. Haha, fooled you. I actually live in Toronto. Go cry in the corner you dirty animal.
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  2. I'll give you some research sources: Use them well.
  3. @Boris-Barboris I saw your nickname and already wanted to like your post. Привет, товарищ,
  4. Why the hell are we arguing against ourselves?
  5. I didn't mean that they are dumb. They're stylised, which is also good.
  6. Totally. Didn't mean to be rude, sorry.
  7. [Screw this post, I'm not risking another argument]
  8. If you have done it yourself, you have to post your work on this thread. Please read the regulations on how to post challenges in this forum.
  9. Quick! Like @_Augustus_!
  10. Fun fact: the tittle is actually the name for the point at the top of the lowercase "i". NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "TITLE".
  11. I'm a simple man. I see Canada, I like.
  12. It looks cool, but: a) That won't matter to radar and other such countermeasures. b) In real life, you'd paint it a colour that reflects light and heat, such as white.
  13. I really dig this IPBM thing, but come on, space camo? That's actually funny.