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  1. No.
  2. I just realised this. Every time I'm on Google Chrome, I automatically click on the search bar and open these forums. All I have to do is type in "f" and the rest is filled in by google. But here's the thing: for the past few weeks, I have been exiting the forum, then reopening it again without thinking, ten seconds later. Wanna go on Google Drive? Finger presses "f" and Enter. Xkcd? "f" and Enter. Any other damn website? Same thing. And the worst part is that I don't even think about it.
  3. Wow, no. This is never gonna happen. Pretty much a rule of thumb: if it's a plane-based concept, it's never gonna get into production. To good to be successful.
  4. See what happened now? I wanted to go on gmail before I ended up here by accident.
  5. What the hell is going on? What monster have I raised from the depths of hell?
  6. I don't think those are suns...
  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A public conference at NASA... Reporter: "One final question: what happened to the International Space Station-" Bolden: "It blew up. Oh well, s_ happens. Any other questions?"
  8. Anchor: "And now, we look at what's happening in Miami. On to you, Brad..." Brad: "The MARS-1 mission, launched just over a week ago, is now being sent back to Earth. The communication engineers tell us that one of the crew members allegedly forgot to go to the washroom before liftoff, and that no convenient bushes or ditches were found on the way to the Red Planet. In a speech to the public, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden stated 'dammit, Fred'. All in all, this affair is moot, so I'll contact you back when I get more info. Thanks, CNN". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Astronaut at Q&A session: "The ISS is actually quite a place to be, but after a few months you really do get bored. So we have this game with our NASA boys on the ground: it's like a riddle game, except up to a score of ten. If they lose, NASA has to ask for money from the U.S. Government. If we lose, our water filtration system is turned off for a month. It's very exciting".
  9. I think you should play around with the Kerbal X's booster configs/types, engines, tank configs, and create a table of variants. That will be cool.
  10. I'm getting reminded of the high hopes that most scrapped X-plane programs had. Hopefully they succeed, finally.
  12. But can you do a Kerbal X'slim+?
  13. Who here currently lives in Toronto? Where in Toronto? Just interested.
  14. The mods required to make EVE work to its best are as follows: 1. EVE 2. EVE 3. did I mention EVE? There are a few more, but I think you get the point. .dll files should be placed in Gamedata, as well as most folders that contain material in them. This is pretty much it, except with very few exceptions that the modders would usually inform you of.
  15. Yeah, but we're not building a fighter. We're creating a shuttle that has to exploit literally all atmosphere and speed conditions. There has to be some malleability in the design for that to happen seamlessly, right?
  16. Good. I'm making a new djent-metal band, this will come in handy.
  17. Given a rocket tall enough, with just enough structural stability and gyroscopes, will it be possible to djent with said rocket?
  18. Floor 1777: You learn that you actually skipped 5 floors, and that you were on floor 1670 two times even though you climbed the stairs up each time. You don't question that, since you're probably not surprised anymore after what happened on all the previous floors.
  19. If your favourite rocket isn't the V2 or the R7, you don't belong here.
  20. 29439299299191923847734204210422627428649198428462385632953753976246289347628937462189645284972693716481642984762897468927634897612383974612984563084532039934323842823882412623542634528428462342891929235834563823642898384289489183894823482472942687172776827684782814681672424224245242172775725157827475512425757768368927534592378954682364562141289652356893636926823768278646625612565612625617682462378937450340589309456168941276894621423764578237453789278530780478523789593205203461276821489235648623278962459875928461573491047772381333472564652349873410987293658234702198035777468784120944873896145972403982130452379568471260389402983472389653894710982734029423042598341682374293085247912363512678961258782670667612341234231456987835696802394568369308756456375630539387692653487182834209634261378109648063765786958796586887857656708698608456548241423454323454321234506548325637485906653215
  21. And Temple of the Dog. He also worked with the guys from Rage Against the Machine (I think that's how Audioslave formed, not quite sure).
  22. Actually that isn't stupid. Though Reuben's tubes are used to display standing waves, it's awesome when they are used to portray music. Veritasium did that on his channel under dubstep, it looked awesome. BTW, here's something to satisfy you guys. The Flat Earth Society's official forum: You'll also see I'm a member. PREACH IT! PREACH!
  23. Well idk. I think our "shuttle mk2" needs: a) Maximal usage of efficiency (anything it takes to be more efficient) b) Full recoverability (no orange tanks here) c) No payload jettison (payload will have to be dropped into ocean and refurbished under huge costs) d) Crew space and a cargo bay I think a sort of lift utilising vehicle (plane?) is useful here, as it can fit a bay, cockpit, and can land fairly easily. Here's a vague idea: - Vehicle has the form factor of a hypersonic aircraft. - Vehicle has moving wings in order to utilise as much lift as possible at all speeds. - Cockpit+crew section in front, cargo bay in rear. - extra utilities (solar panels/generators, etc) ingrained into wing base. Main engines: rocket powered, gas generator cycle. Initial TWR below 1. OMS: hypergolic. Flight plans? 1. Vehicle is launched under an aircraft (presumably a fast, high altitude military aircraft like the B1 Lancer). 2. After sufficient altitude and speed is reached, aircraft is released. 3. Main engines ignite. As TWR approaches 1, aircraft does not pitch up (focus on gaining speed/momentum for the fling into orbit). 4. TWR passes 1. Aircraft pitches up according to most efficient planned flight path. 5. Apoapsis reaches somewhere around 200km. Aircraft starts slowly leveling out. 6. MECO. Aircraft instantly ignites OMS to finish burn to orbit. 7. Low orbit established. Orbital operations commence and end. 8. Aircraft reenters atmosphere at sufficient angle. Reentry/landing procedure similar to that of space shuttle. 9. Landing on runway. This will be a very frantic, precision-based launch. It will also manage to barely get the vehicle to LEO. However, in the end it will be in orbit, from which it will have more freedom. Plus, we will have a system that is completely, 100% reusable.
  24. I completely roast you. When I ask for all your cookies, you give them to me and cry in the corner.
  25. Ahh, so that's what Musk is up to! No wonder he plays KSP.