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  1. This big part will be enough, IMHO, I'll show it in my series for good storytelling. It's really weird I didn't noticed this mod until now. It seems really great!
  2. Does this actually works in 1.2.2?
  3. You'll have no issue with Interstellar Extended, but you'll probably have to tweak something about Constellations.
  4. Why not to use the Landertron mod as base? It does specifically what you're trying to do.
  5. Just doing another test, with a new MM cache, I copied over also the ghost settings. The weird thing is that it used to work flawlessly until the last SVE update. Edit: nothing, just a terrible yellow ball
  6. I'm trying to use one of the old Galileo Sunflares from 1.6 version, that were amazing. Sadly the fix doesn't work, I have no idea why...
  7. Can you post a pic of your ship? In this guide I just cover the engines, not reactor and absolutely not the microwave system. However, if I remember correctly, the Thermal receiver will just receive Thermal POwer, but the ATILLA needs charged particles to work.
  8. IRL usually capsules has and offset CoM, to better handle the vertical speed in the high atmosphere. If you want the easy way, just move the CoM of your capsule near the bottom, centered on the main axis.
  9. With the last update, if I use one of your old Sunflare, it will appear huge and ugly. Where are the setting to make it smaller?
  10. Sure, but flying an umbrella in atmosphere would easily be the less efficient rocket launches not just IRL but in KSP too
  11. How would you launch that in space?
  12. [OT] Are you aware that you are a slave of your cats? In case you have any doubt, yes, you are a slave for them. [/OT]
  13. That is really something! I can't wait to use it!
  14. No,
  15. It seems right, for me. It depends on what you're aiming for. Realism, and many more days are needed, Gameplay, it seems you're alright there.