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  1. I was waiting for this to come back! Thanks!
  2. Great! I have no idea how that happened, usually I delete the folder and paste the new one.
  3. @magico13, yesterday I updated KCT to the last dev build, #8, and today this happened Here's my output.log as requested: I hope it helps.
  4. Load the pics on Imgur and share the links here.
  5. It's not a bug, but a feature.
  6. Really appreciate that! Thanks!
  7. The IXS Enterprise mod is not abandoned, the developement was taken from @Sophia to @Denko666, here's the relative thread:
  8. Have you tried to Quicksave and Quickload?
  9. Great! For the IVA, for now we can use a stock one as a placeholder
  10. Probably a lot broken. I know nothing about modeling, but maybe I can work on the .cfgs, if necessary.
  11. @FreeThinker, if you're interested, maybe I found a new possible use for the QSR, more precisely its black hole. We can use it to produce gravity and therefore propulsion, or to beam gravity like a laser, with greater efficency: I have to study better the document and maybe find some other ones, but are you interested?
  12. For this reason I use Modular Fuel Tanks. It's great and it works well for many many different missions.
  13. Many dreams comes to reality in a single moment! Thanks for this beautiful update.