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  1. Is someone still working on this mod?
  2. @Li0n, not to bother you, but are you still working on this? I really miss it in 1.3
  3. It's amazing, well done!
  4. I'm still in 1.2.2, so i have no idea yet. Once upon a time Texture Replacer used to change the NavBall texture with custom ones, but it doesn't work anymore. It's still possible to change it however. If you find a better texture, you can manually change it in the SQUAD folder.
  5. Delete the MM ConfigCache. I did the same process a few months ago without issues.
  6. Probably if you put every parts in a different folder, it should be a very good idea to merge some little mods.
  7. That's the normal behavior.
  8. Overmodded KSP? This doesn't esist at all, sir.
  9. Probably a silly question, but... Does it will work in 1.2.2?
  10. The mass of the generator change depending of the reactor they're attached. However, I don't think you need another generator more than the one already in the IXS Main Hull.
  11. Why not to configure some Procedural Parts to act as a radiator?
  12. Yes, they trasmit energy on the chosed wavelenght. The Ablative Laser Nozzle is an engine/receiver for energy. Give it enough energy and it will produce thrust.
  13. There aren't contracts with or for Interstellar Extended, and I'm not sure that all of the parts are supported by career. Only @FreeThinker can answer your question. The old microwave system is now replaced with a more advanced and realistic system. You need to have a power source, a Gyrotron or other parts that converts your energy in one of the available bands and an antenna to transmit the waves. What is a PVC thruster?
  14. @Angel-125 Wouldn't that be useful for your komets?