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  2. New Kerbalkind! Check out the last ones if you haven't. Thanks.
  3. My cinematics are getting better and kind of better. Unfortunately, my mental state is getting worse and worse.
  4. Next chapter of Johnbo Kerman!
  5. K E R B A L K I N D Episode 14. Share (somewhere) if you enjoyed!
  6. You sure that's not real footage? That'S great!
  7. Stock F-104. Great maneuver at high speeds, pretty unstable at low.
  8. Good god
  9. Please like and share if you enjoy it.
  10. Next episode currently uploading the 13th, so check it out of you'd like! Thanks
  11. Anyone have any tips for making my cinematics look more 'Cinematic'? I would really like them to look like a movie, not gameplay with F2 enabled... Thanks.
  12. Starting to upload my new set of Kerbalkind videos, better than ever. Except this first one kinda blows, but other than that- still need to finish my finale.
  13. Alright I downloaded the newest version. When there are no clouds, it is fine, but even with the shadow fix it is dark, so... I dunno.
  14. Do you have a link to the non-cloud shadow one? I waited a few days and the darken didn't change, IDK why it would be an eclipse (Also from what Moon?) but it does make sense.