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  1. Should just be a button on the right side, PRE.
  2. Ships stay at 0.2 m/s while in air. Is there any way to avoid this? Also, any way to have action groups for them? Though not a big deal. Thanks, Fritz
  3. Anyway around the terrain unloading? (Destruction vehicles, fall through ground etc.) Or is this just something hard coded? Also, will they fall through say the VAB or a Kerbal Konstructs base? Thanks, Fritz
  4. Sorry if someone has already asked/answered this, but very time something is destroyed all my weapons turn off. A setting bug or something, or way to stop this? Thanks, Fritz
  5. I removed all the mods and tried again. I reinstalled the game and installed just a few that were updated, without many others, and it is working, so I will just keep it for now.
  6. AS an EDIT, It actually turns out it crashes a second after startup on menu, no mods. Going to try reinstalling. The game crashes on loading, after asset bundle definitions on Module Manager : FINAL All the crash logs are the same reason. Crash Log Link: Thanks Sorry if it is obvious. Rarely have problems like this.
  7. First part of next Kerbalkind set! (Any political reference is comedic and not to be taken seriously)
  8. Preview for next Kerbalkind episodes.
  9. Little late on your meme game haha
  10. .
  11. New Kerbalkind! Check out the last ones if you haven't. Thanks.
  12. My cinematics are getting better and kind of better. Unfortunately, my mental state is getting worse and worse.
  13. Next chapter of Johnbo Kerman!
  14. K E R B A L K I N D Episode 14. Share (somewhere) if you enjoyed!