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  1. Launch it into space. The cosmic rays will add to the computing power.
  2. With more boosters of course.
  3. 4.35 Gigs Very small and reasonable, not surprising.
  4. If you get scansat then you'll doubly have reasons to put probes on every body. Having 3 per (MS, RADAR and ore) body at different altitude at polar orbit with 60degree angle difference will give you sufficient coverage for that 4th probe that lands. I usually make a probe-set payload that detach from the main transfer stage once they arrive at a very high altitude captured orbit. The probe missions in career mode will give you 90%+ coverage so you probably won't need extra probes unless you specifically need 99.9% coverage
  5. Magnificent
  6. This is the best profile icon I've seen so far XD

  7. Never landed on Tylo or Eeloo
  8. There is no Kerbal civilization, just one lonely base. Kerbins aren't born either, they merge out of another dimension, typically in capsules orbiting planets and moons.
  9. Rocket shaped skyscrapers.
  10. Put canards on the very front, make the COL only slightly behind the COM. It pitches like crazy and loses a huge amount of its speed in the process.
  11. @HalcyonSon Money is a medium of exchange, the amount of money reflects the value of the item you're exchanging. The value of the item is fuzzy, subjective and arbitrary. So the price is arbitrary too. But the amount of money is a measurement of its value, like meters is to length and kilograms is to mass. (except that length and mass are objective and value is subjective, but you get my point)
  12. Funds don't have value, funds ARE value.
  13. If you're going for Moho I suggest using a nuclear propulsion. Using LF/O thrusters to achieve 12km/s dv is a huge pain.
  14. Cheap space ships I give boring names depending on their mission. Expensive ones I name after mythological figures of a related function. For instance a EPL station would be called "Hephaestus Station".
  15. The tidal forces (and waves) would be roughly 80 times higher. Actually I just googled it and if you took Venus and Mars and added them to the Moon you'd still only be at 93% of the Earth's mass. That'd be 75 times higher tidal waves.