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  1. They're definitely green but it's hard to get good lighting on them. Here's one on the Mun, lit up by a rover's headlights.
  2. To this day I thought you have pilot helmet on the picture

  3. I believe both Texture Replacer and KIS have options to remove helmets when in atmosphere.
  4. Daring 5 orbiter Curse You, Red Baron! jettisons its last pair of boosters during its departure from Moho. Daring 5: exploration of Moho. Exploration of the Mun. Daring 6: destination Vall.
  5. It might be worth updating the forum's hint text for "OP" to reflect both possible meanings, seeing as the "overpowered" meaning is at least as common as the "original post(er)" one, and possibly less obvious to someone familiar with internet forums but not video game lingo.
  6. I can't think of many things we do now to amuse ourselves that future space colonists wouldn't be able to do. Some gravity-dependent activities (like sports) would have to adapt to different levels of gravity (space quidditch, anyone?). The only thing I can think of that would be impossible would be something which required a two-way, real-time connection to Earth (phone calls, text chat, multiplayer games, etc.). Even those things would become viable again once the population of the colonized world grew enough.
  7. I was about to say that. Don't worry, the report of my death was a slight exaggeration. I have been away from KSP the past week; among other reasons, I've been having mild but persistent headaches recently that have made playing video games a bit less tempting than usual. No promises yet on when the next update will be but there will definitely be one. @cratercracker Thanks! I really like the look of your flags and art, although to be honest I think MS Paint is holding you back. If you want my advice, try a more advanced paint program (I use GIMP myself, which is also freeware); even without a tablet, you'd have a lot more tools at your disposal. As far as this thread goes, I think I'll stick to using my own art for flags and markings for now--mainly because I like everything to have a consistent feel and your style is very different to mine--but I will not forget your offer for future projects. @NISSKEPCSIM @Gameslinx Thanks for the suggestion! I don't think I'll be making a call on this for a while yet--still got Eve and all the moons of Jool to deal with first--but that's definitely one to consider.
  8. @Toastie_Buns I get the feeling these are less about winning and more about "here's a cool thing to do in KSP." We're used to having to "win" at challenges because that's how it's often done in the subforum, but there's nothing really in the word "challenge" that implies a competition with winners and losers. Here are two of mine from my current carreer: Station Immutability orbits Kerbin... ...while the similar station Permanence orbits Duna. They use Nebula Decals and UbioZur part welding on the toruses to keep them from getting too laggy, but are otherwise stock.
  9. It's possible the rover has a wrong control point; it might be worth trying "control from here" on the cockpit. That sometimes fixes non-responsive rover controls for me.
  10. Personally I'm not as bothered as you by the large bolts and cleaner seams (although I agree a bit more weathering around the edges would look nice), but I'm definitely with you on the colors, as much on the existing parts as the new ones. The current part selection is divided up into different sets of parts, each with its own slightly different shades of white, black, gray, orange, etc. I think just a simple once-over brightness and contrast settings on all the textures, old and new, to make the colors match would go a very long way to give all the parts a much more uniform look--so the new parts, old SLS parts, old Porkjet spaceplane parts, and others all look consistent together. Whether Roverdude's more saturated colors or Porkjet's subtler ones are better I think is a matter of taste, but I would at least like to see them match up. That said, looking more closely at that image there's some stuff I really like about these new parts compared to the old ones. One thing I especially notice is that the metal on the inside of the tanks has a nice reflectivity to it--compare to the Porkjet one at top left, where the inside of the tank is basically just dark gray. And bear in mind it's possible what we're looking at is still a work-in-progress and that the final version will be a little more polished than what we see now.
  11. S3 Valcee on EVA from Daring 5 in Moho orbit. Duna system ops. Daring 5: Moho! PS. @Laythe Squid It was an honest mistake (and resolved to my satisfaction in private). No need to give anybody additional grief about it.
  12. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't expect me to jump on the anti-Roverdude bandwagon: I don't think these parts are lower quality, and I'm perfectly happy to "agree to differ" on the subject. There's no need for a fight: if you don't like them, don't buy them. With as many nice freeware mods out there as there are that add similar parts, if the new DLC isn't up to snuff it's doomed to failure no matter what you or I or any other single customer happens to think of it. (Or at least doomed for the next one to fail, once we all buy this one and are disappointed.) Just don't expect me to not buy the DLC based on your opinion.
  13. Whatever. You can buy it or not, I'm not bothered one way or the other. Me, I think the new parts look great so I'll buy it.
  14. I don't know, the new parts look fine to me. I think they're a good middle ground between realistic and "kerbal." Are they exactly the way I'd have had them done? No, but neither were all of Porkjet's ones. I think these will look just fine next to most of the current stock parts, including Porkjet's. My only wish would be for ALL the parts (Porkjet and otherwise) to get a pass over their textures to make the colors something like consistent--so black paint on one part matches black paint on the next. These new parts, for instance, look like they have much higher contrast than, say, the SLS parts or Porkjet's spaceplane parts. (Although if someone were to go back and redo the ancient 1.25 and 2.5m parts, I wouldn't complain too loudly.)
  15. I've taken to building vernor quads around the 0.625m nosecones and mounting four of them at 45 degree offset.