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  1. Hi! I get sort of the same logentries (WarpDrive/WarpDrive/WarpDrive/WarpDrive) But for me the game simply crashes while loading. KP Logfile: Unity Player log: This happens regardless of any other mods installed or not. Both on Linux and MacOS I'd love to make a MM patch that swaps USI's Alcubierre drive with your WarpDrive. But it's kind of hard to test this way.
  2. Working on it. But there's a couple of things that are giving me a hard time. So bear with me a bit longer.
  3. quick recompile against KSP 1.3 libraries: it has some graphical issues, but it seems functional soz, woks, but it doesn't save the config.
  4. Hi @smotheredrun, If you are sure you are using the latest version of Warpship, then i'm just as baffled by this as you are. If the engine controls are there then the develocitizer should also be there. it's not impossible another mod could have overwritten the menuentry, but it's unlikely. Apart from the Interstellar mod i know no other mods that conflict with the Warpship mod. Could you do the following: - Load your game - go to a warpship in space / launch (or cheat) one into space - rightclick the warpengine ring - exit the game - upload KSP.log and Player.log (use or similar and link here) Hopefully there is some clue in there that can put me on the right track to solve this.
  5. as far as i can tell the ranger is balanced fine as it is. and yes: TCA is a must for any multivector thrusted vessel. it certainly makes the Lander perform as it should.
  6. @Angel-125 the cool mods just keep on coming with you don't they! Thx!
  7. Apparently its not showing in Science and Career games, but it is in Sandbox games
  8. I got it too, but i start a new game they are there. I tried deleting modulemanager cache and partsdatabase but that don't help.
  9. Will this work on Linux? (except the COM port detection), or not at all?
  10. Hi, When installing through CKAN, the mod ends up in directory GameData/REKT- Some parts however (predominantly OTAV parts) refer to /SHED/... (ex.: SHED/Parts/OTAV/OTAVcore/rektOTAVcore). These generate file not found errors in KSP.log and those parts are not loaded into the game. Please check how the REKT archive is created so it gets rid of the 'REKT-' directory. Thanks for all these mods, they make KSP so much more interesting! Kind regards, Denko66
  11. I hear ya There's a couple of options i'm contemplating: 1) A 2nd antenna with a longer range. i could copy the current antenna's model and texture, but put in different stats in its config. This is the easiest way and quickly done. 2) A 2nd antenna model. Requires a new 3D design, texture and model. i'm still fighting with getting the pod 3D object converted into a 3D model that KSP can use. So this is not going to be quickly implemented. 3) Keep the current antenna, but put in upgrades. Range would extended the higher the upgrade. I have no idea how to make degradable parts, but this is probably easier then making a whole new model. 4) More realism: communications between star systems using conventional radio waves would be unpractical. Assuming radio travels at light-speed (need to verify this). If we take the real life example of Proxima Centauri, Sol's closest neighboring star, it is still about 4ly away. So if (let's hope, one day) the IXS travels there and you'd send them a message they would get it 4 years later. And we'd get their answer another 4 years after that. Considering people get irritated if one doesn't reply to an sms or im within 15s, we can safely assume waiting 8 years for a reply is not realistic. When the real world doesn't offer solutions in regards to the IXS, i tend to turn to Star Trek lore for answers. And that means: Subspace communications. However, to do this realistically, this would require an additional communications mechanic for KSP. I'm thinking Subspace buoys that hook into the regular communications network and relay it to and from the Subspace communications network. so applied to our real life example that would become: Space Command Center --radio--> Subspace buoy --subspacecomm--> IXS subspace transceiver. OR Space Command Center --radio--> Subspace buoy --subspacecomm--> Subspace buoy --radio--> colony antenna. Obviously this would mean at minimum 2 new models: a Subspace buoy and a Subspace transceiver module for the IXS. And also a Subspace communications mechanic for KSP. I roughly know what needs to be done for all of these solutions. But especially for the last one, i need to look up and learn more about KSP modding. And that takes time. So here's what i'll do: i'll look into adding upgrades to the current part, if that proves to be too complicated i'll simply another antenna with better stats. And i'll put the Subspace Communications on my to do list, cause now you made me think about it and i wants it
  12. your Center of Boyancy (which the editor cannot show) is below your Center of Mass CoB will always try to get above your CoM where if you draw a line from CoB through Com it will hit the surface of the planet at a 90degree angle. (am i making sense?) or put differently your CoB always has a tendency to want to be radially out from your CoM. when looking at your airship, consider all the parts that provide boyancy and try to see them as one big vokume, then guestimate the center point of that volume. imagine a line coming straight out of the ground going through your CoM, if that line does not cross the guestimated CoB your ship is unbalanced. If the line crosses your CoB first before the CoM then your airship is balance inverted. If your CoB is below your CoM and does not cross the line perpendicular to the ground then your airship is unbalanced and inverted.
  13. not on CKAN?
  14. i dont think it does. its just that airpark keeps a ship in the same spot, but it doesn't compensate for shifts in CoM. Landing a spaceplane on the airship causes some serious change in CoM. i anticipated that and put storage gondolas with Lead in them Front Left,Center,Right and Rear Left,Center,Right. I use TAC FuelBalancer to pump those around, but manually rebalancing the airship is vewwy vewwy twicky because of its overall mass and size it has tremendous inertia and so reacts very sluggish to the changes. All the while the spaceplane start to slip to one side further exaggerating the unbalance, meaning you need to start shifting lead around again and the whole balancing act starts over again. It does keep you busy. So i think i need to have this done by kOS, who can more accurately calculate how much lead needs to go where in order to keep the whole thing steady. i'll post the script when i have it working.