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  1. I've just noticed that Kerbal Heath's icon is a red cross on a white background. Interestingly, that symbol is protected by international convention, and apparently isn't supposed to be used in video games. There are alternatives out there such as the white cross on green background.
  2. Can I just say that I really like the approach that this mod takes to turn the stock Mk3 parts into shuttle replica parts? The Mk3 line is already the part of the stock game most explicitly inspired by real-life vehicle components, so the technique of using a combination of retextures plus new parts is just perfect for getting a true stockalike/realistic STS/Buran. Plus you've got parts that I didn't even realize I wanted, like the MMU, the white EFT, the new Shuttle-C support... What's a good place to read about the real-life Block II designs and proposals? It seems like the KSP community has a vast trove of knowledge about countless alternate configurations and modified designs that never flew - I can't even Google most of this stuff.
  3. Neat. How about an option to award it based on XP earned? That way an orange suit could reflect a "six-star" status associated with having traveled to three or four other planets (which would be about half of the stock solar system). After all, in stock KSP you can just leave someone in orbit for years with no effort or ill effect - the hard part is designing the mission architecture to get them there in the first place. Or maybe a kerbal has to be the first to do something to earn veteran status? First to orbit the homeworld, first to walk on a given moon, etc. That way you could end up with a large but still limited veteran corps by careful management of ever more distant goals. Pretty sure the game tracks achievement milestones by kerbal somewhere in the sfs structure.
  4. This is a parts pack, without custom dedicated plugins, so it's not likely to require a 1.3 update in and of itself. The Taurus LES does depend on the presence of another plugin to operate, so it needs a 1.3-compatible version of either BDAnimationModules, which is available here, or DeployableEngines, which I don't believe Nertea has updated to 1.3 yet. This is with all of the usual caveats that have been discussed in the last couple of pages - download locations, known issues, etc.
  5. I don't believe Deimos Rast has been around lately which would be why the thread title has not been updated. However @vardicd your question about maintenance was asked and answered once already, only two posts above yours. If you see something broken, point it out. Otherwise it's an academic question.
  6. I contributed the ProceduralWings patch but only ever tested it for B9 wings (it seemed to work fine at that time for that mod). I can test it out again in like two weeks when I have a functioning KSP-capable computer again. Is there a more detailed bug report we can use to direct the troubleshooting?
  7. Here are some additional configurations to extend KerbalHealth functionality to various part packs. Also, the pending community update to HabTech will include KerbalHealth support.
  8. Streetwind is correct in that the in-game units for resources in KSP are completely arbitrary. This is partly a legacy design from when the game was much simpler, although it's worth noting that resources themselves don't necessarily have a set volume - they can be compressible gases, incompressible liquids or solids, or something that doesn't have a volume at all (electric charge). However, there is a volume key in the resource definitions. This is the number of liters per unit, and it's provided so to facilitate modding - resource-switchable tanks, etc. The stock resources are mostly 5 liters/unit, while most mod resources are 1 liter/unit. You can take a look at the stock tanks' heights and radii to calculate their apparent external volume, then compare that to how much LFO (or whatever) they hold, to get a sense of how much of that external volume typically represents usable internal volume. For the 2.5m tanks, it's about 80%.
  9. Looks nice. We could always use more centrifuge options, and the deployable/rigid centrifuges aren't as common as inflatables. You may want to take a look at SSTU for some ideas for functionality and balance - it's the only other mod I know of that offers multiple very large sizes of ring habitats. Life support functionality usually takes the form of a set of modulemanager patches that load automatically based on the presence of other life support mods. (At the larger sizes you could include greenhouse functionality in addition to just living space.) So you could have a configuration with USI-LS setups, one for KerbalHealth, one for Kerbalism, etc. If you manage your mod via GitHub I'm sure you can get volunteers to assist with various compatibility patches - I'd be happy to help for KerbalHealth and Snacks. If you wanted to keep the balance very simple, you could just treat the whole thing as a giant Hitchhiker Storage Can: give it 0.625t and 1000 cost per crew capacity. Or modify those values to represent the enhanced complexity and functionality of a rotating centrifuge - perhaps 1 ton per kerbal. One suggestion: consider placing windows more along the side edges of the rings, and less along the inside of the ring. Especially on the largest ring, the window placement is going to compromise crew privacy - each kerbal can look "up" and see directly into their neighbors' bedrooms!
  10. Try reading the last page of the thread
  11. One suggestion: automatically run available biome scans when a resource scanner is present. It's not technically science, but KSP doesn't allow us to assign biome scanning to action groups, so currently we have to open the right-click menu and do it manually... it's tedious, repetitive, and easy to forget, just like science experiments would be without this mod.
  12. This might be the best of both worlds. You could optionally keep the old ones around temporarily as a deprecated option. (Though given how incredibly annoying people behaved when you deprecated the old Near Future Spacecraft engines for the new models, I'd understand if you prefer not to.) What might the hypothetical new models look like? I'm guessing bundles of spherical tanks, like the larger xenon tanks from Near Future Propulsion? That would be neat as it might make it plausible to add the flat/pancake tank heights.
  13. Localization support in 1.3 modified the way that kerbal names are generated so that different languages can generate different kerbal names. Is this documented in detail anywhere? I assume manipulating this would be the smartest way to customize Kerbal naming schemes, in the style of old mods KPseudonym or KerbalRenamer.
  14. I've created a repository here for "HabTech Classic," which I think is a good allusion somewhere between "HabTech Continued" and "HabTech Legacy." Currently it is just a list of issues with proposed changes. Mostly tweaks to balance masses etc. but also some slightly more involved stuff. Feel free to take a look and make suggestions. In particular I'll be relying on others to provide PRs to support mods I'm not currently using, like USI-LS and TAC-LS.