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  1. Mounting two 1.25m engines on a 1.25m stack looks horrible, we just need a bigger 1.25m engine with gimbal.
  2. The T45 just doesn't cover it on bigger 1.25m rockets, if there was an engine with about 275 to 400 thrust that would be awesome.
  3. Ok I'll double check that it's not conflicting but I'm pretty sure I had the same exact copy of KJR already. What was that weird dev build download that you linked to?
  4. Right, that's what I did. So what more do I need to do to fix it?
  5. KJR is locking the joints for Infernal Robotics. I want to build a big huge drydock and refueling station and I absolutely need KJR to keep it from wobbling into a million pieces(now only 100 thanks to UbioZur Welds, lifesaver). I looked around and there doesn't seem to be any patched version for either mod, but I found this by @V8jester: I redownloaded the mod from the standard forum but I don't understand what I'm downloading from Jester's link. It's not the same as the standard download. If it has a fix for IR, how do I implement it?
  6. It's better than what I normally use and I've been playing since .23, so I think this will help out a lot of people:
  7. Oh well that's dumb. KSP Wiki still says Backspace. EDIT: Nevermind it does, just not clearly.
  8. Title pretty much. If I double click Kerbin then press Backspace it doesn't refocus on the craft.
  9. Can you post screenshots to Imgur and link them to us? It's hard to understand what's going on.
  10. Well I know about setting things in formation by halving the orbital period and stuff like that but I wanted MechJeb to be able to do it down to the meter which it can't. I'm tempted to just use Hyperedit..
  11. I want to set up a relay network but it's so tedious and annoying and I want the accuracy of an autopilot mod to do it for me so it doesn't fall out of sync. Can I use mechjeb? If so, how? Otherwise, is there another mod that will do that?
  12. I think posting to a topic bumps it up to the top, right? Anyways, I added 3 missions to the post!
  13. Well that much I know.. What speeds specifically should I stay under to keep from making reentry effects, that's pretty much my guide for keeping drag down according to the thickness of the atmosphere.
  14. I wanna know what speed will start getting reentry effects and thus high drag at 10, 20, 30, and 40 km so I can stay under there and save some fuel from drag. Anyone know?