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  1. Stupid question, how do I force (or discover which) KSP to use DX11 or OpenGL? My first attempt with this resulted in a black screen on my secondary monitor, coords were detected properly, but Id was 0.
  2. I've got erratic behavour with the medusa by not having it staged properly. You need to stage it via the spacebar command for it to generate trust. Meanwhile my humble megarocket: I call it the Conestoga (as a reference to Outpost 2). It carries enough material to be a "seed factory" for a duna colony. Carries everything needed for a duna colony to bootstrap itself. Kerbals aare taken frozen. Once I finish it I'll post some proper screenshots or a big render.
  3. I wonder if some way we could force the tundra modules to keep their conic adapters while attached on the closest node when in this layout. This would make those ultra-compact designs a lot more pleasing to the eye. (if I drop the item it removes the cap since it is the nearest, 3.75m, node)
  4. Are the conversions managed by the ISRU UI (rathe than standard converters) acessible somewhere as cfg files or they still are hardcoded? It'd be easier to grasp the mechanics and conversions by being able to read their definitions. I might write a ISRU guide eventually. Also does Caesium have any use so far?
  5. I have noticed neither nitratine, saltwater (if that still exists) nor fluorite show up as resource maps on SCANsat, is that a fault on their end or KSPI-e's?
  6. Aha, so it is done via cfg. I thought NF mode was something triggered from the .dlls, not a patch. Guess I didn't sniff around the patches folder properly.
  7. Would it be possible to add a .cfg toggle to force NF mode on or off? I personally prefer rebalancing NFe myself editing its cfgs than having NF mode on. EDIT: While I'm at it, what is the nominal megajoule yield of one unit of antimatter on a best case scenario?
  8. Here's a demonstration of the handyness of the middle attach point for the adapters.
  9. Situation 1 - some very sad 3.75 modules that can't be berthed properly for interplanetary delivery. Radius leads to self intersection and other headaches when attaching this stuff for long-term delivery. Even worse if there are modules appended to the 3.75 units. Situation 2 - the attach nodes on the lateral adapter only face inwards. maybe adding another group of nodes which face outwards would improve flexibiltiy. This job is easy enough to do myself on the cfgs, but I thought I'd share the concept. Situation 3 - long payloads also don't fit laterally on the adapter. as a suggestion a free-standing lateral adapter which only has one of the holding brackets (outlined in yellow) for arbitrarily long payloads. And last but not least, situation 5 4, a attach node in the middle of the 4-adapters on both size factors. Also quick and easy to edit on a cfg, but why not suggest. maybe to match with it a 2.5m form factor truss. Helps when you have to taper out your vessel but want to taper back in. Again I thank your inestimable contributions to KSP.
  10. I love the Starlifter parts for handling large hauls. As some humble ideas to improve on some design conundrums I encountered , I'd suggest revising the lateral cargo adapter for holding bigger payloads. The 3.75m MKS parts don't fit inside the berths properly. Another possibility would be "open" cargo adapters which consist solely of the attaching rings of the default cargo adapter, for packing of arbitrarily long payloads when the payload is a tad too big. Also maybe a central node on the quad adapters to allow for a central 2.5m truss connection.
  11. I really could use some help understanding how medbays and colonization modules affect the kerbal's Home and Hab multipliers. I have one of each in a colony of 33 kerbals running and supplied. They sometimes make the home and hab go up during timewarp, sometimes they go down. Erratically. Still waiting to see the home counter of my touristfied kerbals to recover.
  12. Real-estate is at a premium on my munbase, had to deploy a second floor. Most of it was hand-assembled using OSE Workshop (hence the oversized container in the background) Certainly one of the most entertaining parts of my campaign
  13. I still haven't managed to home on faulty colliders as the cause, but it -seems- from my gameplay experience some specific parts seem to trigger the bug while other vessels behave normally. I've not done systematic testing to prove it though.
  14. This seems to be the alive thread, so I'll chime in. I'm having recurrent problems with vesselmover when I spawn or move complex vessels around the mun. The tool doesn't seem to make up its mind about the Z height of the manipulated vessel and it repeatedly stutter from lower and higher altitudes several times. Sometimes it clips into the terrain with catastrophic results. Added to that issue when you tell to drop it, it usually goes down normally until an arbitrary point midair and goes down very slowly at 0.1m/ from there on. I'm still trying to figure out if specific parts can trigger this, the error log looks rather innocent. I've snipped the KSP.log from between spawning the vessel to its demise.