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  1. @Kartoffelkuchen I also noticed something yesterday during the INMARSAT launch, the "Falcon 9" logo and american flag are on both sides of the interstage.
  2. anywhere from 1 minute, to several days
  3. in paint .net its a little hard sometimes when their is no high res images of the faring design
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen
  5. Cause AMOS-6 really wasn't a mission.....
  6. Here, have my files for LazTek, I think its against his license to reupload the parts, so these are just the modified CFG files (Which i hope doesnt go against his license) just replace the CFG files in your directory, with these oh and also @Kartoffelkuchen i was messing with Normal maps and made this, i learned it is possible to make the Vibration and acoustic reduction pads with normal maps xD
  7. Anyone have any other fairings they want me to make? im waiting for the inmarsat fairing to be revealed, as well as bulgariasat
  8. If you want the Laztek parts to fit, what you do is in the parts CFG file, set the RESCALE factor to 1.25
  9. Link to download MOVE THE .PNG FILES TO THE FOLDER "GameData\Launchers Pack\Rockets\SpaceX\PayloadFairingtextures" AND THE .CFG FILE TO "GameData\Launchers Pack\Rockets\SpaceX Yep feel free to include it in the Download if you want
  10. Cool, I will post the fairing textures I've made so far when I get home, just finished up SES-10
  11. I can post both the echostar and NRO textures if you want them
  12. Made a little something
  13. Same boat as SLC-40, done just needs to be imported to the game
  14. @ZooNamedGames someone as bright, and curious as you will go far in life, that's for certain.
  15. Hmm that's strange I'll look into it tonight