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  1. Hmm the fairings don't work for me
  2. next update will include the SHERPA and the normal ESPA, you can stack the ESPA for ORBCOMM Style missions
  3. SHERPA is in the game, working on the final bugs,
  4. Version 3.0 for KSP 1.2.2 and 1.2.9 is released! Boop!
  5. Everything is now in game, Working on some minor bugs, should have a release soon Hopefully will be included in the next update
  6. The cone looking thing is the Dual Payload Attatch Fitting, used on Delta and Altas
  7. Update coming soon!
  8. Im working on these issues
  9. No I just made the texture in, I put the model of the dating in blender so I can make sure it looks good, then saved the fairing texture in the folder with all the other fairing textures, then I added it to the fairing Textureswitch in the CFG
  10. I had to sorta make it all my self, I used the Echostar logo, then I had to use the numbers from the last Atlas V Echostar launch, but I duplicated and rearranged the numbers
  11. I sort of got bored and spent all night making this texture, it was a pain to make but I finally finished
  12. I have absolutely nothing against this, but i must say, launching a rocket like you are doing without FAA permits is a $20,000 fine and you can go to jail, the permit process takes about 6-8 months.
  13. Maybe Mercury Atlas Next? Love this pack!