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  1. thanks for the reply @Stevie_D!! B9 has a Sabre engine and the guys at RO did configs for it, so I'm using that to try and build the Skylon !
  2. wow @Stevie_D, this looks hawt!!!!!! I will sure be downloading the pack once it releases! shameful but humble ask :$ would you consider going with a less yellowy texture for the command pods? I think the colour/textures on the Kraken capsule look absolutely gorgeous and will fit the overall theme of the rest of the game's parts. again, this is looking fantastic and cannot wait for the release! great job!
  3. this looks great!!! I have been using the following resource to create my spinning habitats: http://www.artificial-gravity.com/sw/SpinCalc/
  4. Hi guys! hope everyone's doing great! I was wondering if someone ever managed to build a Skylon or similar SSTO spaceplane with the B9 motors and configs provided in RO. I only managed to get to 4.5km/s, almost half way to orbit - I can't seem to get the fuel fractions right and also don't think my ascent profile is quite right, I only manage to get to the engine's airbreathing temp limit at about 25km up in the atmosphere, which I think is a little low. I was just wondering if it's even possible EDIT: I know SSTO spaceplanes are pointless and impossible to build with current tech... but hey it's for fun that I'm trying!
  5. @Motokid600 Ion if going with ultra-light spacecraft; Hypergolic if medium-sized spacecraft; Gravity assists with Patched Conics > 5 (not that easy to get right at first attempts); Nuclear/Hydrolox with the boiloff fixes suggested before & in the HeatPump threads. EDIT: also, don't be afraid of humongously big & heavy launchers - I've learnt to stop worrying and just scale up!
  6. you do it outside the quotation marks, as in: "F:\Kerbal Space Program CURRENT\KSP_x64.exe" -force-d3d11
  7. @FreeThinker, many many thanks for the prompt response, I really appreciate it! One last question and I will stop bugging you*: would there be a way to use the KSPIE mod without it's planetary resources' definitions and locations? In my current RSS/RO carreer game I am already taking advantage of planetary resources throughout the Solar System and I wouldn't like for my planetary facilities to suddenly render obsolete due to resources' re-placement. Again, many many thanks for your hard efforts & responses! All is very much appreciated !!! *Subject to change due to my awkward newbness :$
  8. thanks for this wonderful mod!!! I have just downloaded a copy and am set to start incorporating it in my RSS/RO late-game carreer-mode! however I am running into an issue related to planetary resources: I had the Moon fully scanned for resources and had landed a water extracting craft - after installing KSPIE it would appear as if the water had vanished! is KSPIE touching anything related to planetary resources and their locations in planetary surfaces? many thanks in advance!!!
  9. this is great, I have been trying to model a SABRE spaceplane in RSS+RO with the b9 engines and only reached ≈4.5km/s before fuel depletion - I will evaluate if my design fits the aforementioned table & tweak it if it does not. it would be great to tie this thread to users' actual attempts at building these in RSS/RO !
  10. the telescope looks great !!!! cheers for the release!
  11. Realism Overhaul !!!!!!!
  12. @stratochief66 I just want to mention I had missed your comments on my fixes on the licquefaction array & drills' cfgs on github. I replied a couple of weeks ago stating this and now just wanted to let you know in case is relevant in light of the repo move @regex will be performing. Best regards to all!
  13. thanks for the prompt reply @blowfish - I will follow it up with the RO guys, many thanks for your efforts with the amazing B9 mod!!!!
  14. Apparently the issue might be related to the engine's RO/RF config or mode switching method/module, as has been suggested by @blowfish over at the B9 thread - I will try to reproduce the error later this evening to discard mod conflicts as the cause - will post relevant logs as well.