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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but quick question - how do I disable cloud shadows? I re-installed EVE and they're causing a few problems with FPS, but I can't remember how I got rid of them before. I'm using SVE, not sure if that makes a difference to the answer. Cheers Ryan
  2. Got it working! Time for visuals!
  3. The cache is full of what I can presume only to be the names of planets in the form: (planet).bin As the original download does not contain these, I can presume this is the problem? I am only using the basic version at this time. Should I just clear these out and reload, or will the files just be re-written into that location? Cheers for the quick response Ryan EDIT: I cleared out the cache and reloaded, the game crashed at the same point again but only a small handful of .bin files are in the cache.
  4. Damn this mod looks good. Followed the instructions down to a T (very in depth by the way, well done). Game loads up to the very end of loading, but when it would go onto the menu screen normally (where you can start game, credits, quit again etc.) it just crashes. My entire computer slows down to painful speed. I'm meeting the 8gb RAM needed, but it would seem that the computer cannot handle the mod nevertheless. I don't think this is a problem with the mod itself... thoughts? Ryan
  5. Re-attempted and got that output_log fresh (sorry, I misunderstood which one you needed). Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxjs89sozVh_RDE4SklwdExVNUE/view?usp=sharing I'm using Windows 8.1 Thanks!
  6. Hey! So I downloaded the mod. I currently use your SVE so I decided SVT would be another nice addition. When opening the game, I'm greeted with this however: If I proceed to enter a game, KSP will crash with no message to say so - it will simply just shut down. I use no mods that add parts, planets etc. to the game. I only use SVE all in one, with the basics like Kerbal Engineer, KerbalX mod etc. No crash log was produced when the game crashed so I cannot provide an output_log. All my mods are up to date, as I re-installed them all using latest versions to no effect. Apologies for taking up your time, but I'm unsure of how to fix this problem and I would appreciate if you could look into it. Kind regards Ryan EDIT: I tried a couple of times more and managed to get in. However, I'm not sure if the game will crash or keep kicking me out in the future, and I'm not sure as to the origins of this map screen bug. Glad I'm in and the mod is working for the moment, but I'll leave this here for you as it may still pique your interest. The yellow terrain still persists in map view and tracking station view, and affects all planets in the system! EDIT2: Game crashed, will uninstall the mod for now. No crash report yet again.
  7. Grabbed the co-ords. I'll check it out tomorrow, I was flying around that area anyway. Will report back soon.
  8. Genuinely horrifying. This is an exemplary find! This sent chills down my spine. Speechless. A perfect example of what I was looking for - although I doubt we'll be picnicking here anytime soon!
  9. Definitely interesting, I never thought about the origins of Kerbin geographically. I mainly did this thread to find some decent looking places, but your thread takes it to the next level! Thanks to everyone who has replied so far! Some great discussions here! In contrast, I think I found the WORST view - the margin between white and red on Duna. The colours combine to create a sickly 'strawberry milkshake' colour. No thank you! Next stop, Vall. I'm hopeful for this one...
  10. THE GREAT GEOGRAPHY HUNT! This is a thread dedicated to the exploration of the Kerbol system, in the hopes of finding the ideal picnic spot and the most exciting flight challenges nature can build! I've been wondering for a while about the geography of KSP. As far as I'm aware, little goes into development of the actual land, rather specific areas where easter eggs are found. However, given a bit of searching, I think there are some unique and good looking areas to find in the Kerbol system. For example, Laythe has beautifully flat poles providing great sunset views of Jool (see below). Rivers on Kerbin provide great flying opportunities and the mountains north of the inland KSC harbour great visuals as the sun peeks from behind the peaks! This leads me to the topic of discussion! The Kerbol system isn't always geographically interesting - mountains and oceans seem to be the most exciting prospects to an untrained eye. However, have you found any hidden geographical gems? Anywhere you landed your command pod, crashed your plane, anywhere debris survived a fall that has left you stunned at the views around? I've been exploring the system with the hopes of finding a perfect spot to land and take in the view but I still feel this search would be so much easier with the help of the community! Please comment with your stories of places you've stumbled upon that are truly jaw dropping! Screenshots, co-ordinates or simply your accounts of these sights are welcome here!
  11. After extensive testing on this, I have been unable to create an SSTO from the Archelon. The thing is, I wanted to maintain most of the shape. However, this comes at a cost. The nose has to go, way too much drag. The wings are really inappropriate for such high speeds as proposed by re-entry - I tried sweeping them back but that played havoc with aerodynamics. The sheer size and scale of engines needed to lift the extra fuel and weight of this plane (note the tyranny of rockets here) means I simply can't get efficiency AND thrust out of the plane. A more skilled engineer may be able to pull it off, but the truth is even someone better then me would agree that this plane is a prime example of why we don't use Boeing 747's as space shuttles. However, I have been considering the Archelon's applications as a carrier craft (see the Russian MAKS prototype). The Archelon would provide enough thrust to take the payload up to a decent altitude and then the shuttle would detach for the rest of its journey. As much as I'd love to test this more, Mass Effect Andromeda comes out tomorrow and schoolwork seems to get the best of me most times anyway. Maybe a few months into the future I can re-visit this concept but for the moment, there are much more pressing matters to deal with. However, I am pleased to see such an interest for my plane - so many people have favourited and downloaded on KerbalX and your comment makes me happy that someone truly appreciates what I do. Sorry I couldn't take this concept further for you, but when I return to playing KSP I will develop and publish the 'MAKS' prototype. Again, thanks for your interest and support! Ryan
  12. I'll see what I can do - I'm no SSTO master so I can't promise anything but consider the challenge accepted!
  13. Today I'm happy to present you with a concept plane. The N-600V Archelon is based around a deviantart.com fictional plane. Despite this, I've managed to transfer most of the looks and functionality over to this Kerbalised version! Now, it may look like a lumbering, part clipped monstrosity, but you'll be pleased to hear... that's exactly what it is! But don't be fooled. It's surprisingly manoeuvrable for a craft of its size. The version I will leave a download link for has enough room to store at least one Jumbo orange fuel tank, but comes equipped with a nuclear reactor and crew seating as a base model. Do not fear! A couple of clicks and that can be removed, leaving a fresh clean slate inside. The plane uses 6 Whiplash engines allowing for relatively high speeds. When landing however, be careful! If your speed falls too low then, like most planes, you will experience a sudden need for lift. This worked very well to say how many parts were used - I was expecting a lot more work on editing wings etc. to keep it stable. As always, I'd love to see what uses you can come up with for this craft. I left it pretty simple so the possibilities are quite wide. As a side note, this plane uses a LOT of SAS modules to maintain its speedy manoeuvrability and is thus very power thirsty. The stock nuclear reactor inside costs a lot but really serves a purpose. If you intend to take it out, make sure ample power supplies are still available. Besides this, have fun! I'm quite happy with how this plane turned out! Ryan Download (KerbalX): https://kerbalx.com/Ryno/N-600V-Archelon
  14. Welcome to the craft! Lets get down to business! Similar to the original N1 in most ways. However, this craft has been Kerbalised. With heavily improved dV margins and adapted modules, this craft offers an easy Munar mission or for the more experienced, Duna is well within reach. The most critical change is the crew capacity - although it has space for two Kerbals only one can safely re-enter the atmosphere back home. The Soyuz replica up top can be remote controlled however, meaning the craft has capabilities for orbital crew operations. This was a really fun craft to make! This is my FIRST Kerbalisation of a real craft, but if you want to see more of these 'perfected replicas' please leave a comment below or on my main craft thread (WIP). I'm open to any and all suggestions! Enjoy! Ryan Download (KerbalX) : https://kerbalx.com/Ryno/N1
  15. Thanks For the extra help! Above and beyond my expectations! And thanks to AeroGav for the improved version. As Rune said, drag was a lot of the problem with the actual flight of the plane and the wheel was another critical error. Of course, as my first attempt at such a large scale SSTO, I expected errors. At any rate, I'll be using the improved version to build my Minmus base. Already scoped out a location for it. I'll be using parts from your base pack, Rune! Again, above and beyond everyone. I'm no expert on SSTO's, but if I can offer some rocket based knowledge I'll be more than happy to return the favour! Pics will follow soon, I've gotta devise a lot of the base first. Thanks everyone for the help with this! Ryan