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  1. I like the plane. I was surprised you used a mini-turbo prop type thing tbh, saw most other aesthetic propellers just run themselves. I like this solution though, as you can actually control their spin.
  2. I actually got around to doing this challenge. It was fun too.. since tbh I havent gone interplanetary in like a year. To spice up the challenge, i didnt use liquid fuel either. One stage was solid fuel, one monoprop and the final stage was xenon. During the trip i actually attempted a gravity assist (because screw burning for that long with xenon) and got a double assist on the Mun. At the end unfortunatly I did not have enough parachutes/ no landing legs, so the solar panels fell off on landing
  3. Love the idea! Great replica
  4. That looks distinctly.... kerbal?
  5. Just noticed this and I feel honored lol. The RCS balls could definitely be used for ammo, TBH i have been trying to make a gun with a similar idea, with not much luck though
  6. OO this looks fun.. attempt will come
  7. Cool! Even more fitting that I just saw an SR71 today!
  8. I like them! Those legs do look awesome
  9. So if i am understanding this right, each person has 1 up to 500 part and 500t ship, edited into orbit. Then people would take turns attacking other ships (following navel battle rules) and whoever kills the most, yet gets knocked out the least, wins? I just want to know the rules!!
  10. I Time to get working on some new weaponry
  11. Hmm,.. I would need to make some craft, but this still sounds very fun!
  12. Lovely! I have been doing more testing, and from what I can tell spring strength is always good, as it is how much the leg will actually "push" while the dampener is the amount of resistance the leg will have to being moved, This is a bad thing, as when the blades of your turbine intercept the landing leg, it is often automatically moved back very quickly. More dampener CAN provide a reaction to this push back, and therefore create more thrust, but too much will simply cause the leg to over stress and boom. The interesting thing about that is the dampener strength appears to tied to the mass of the craft the legs are on (meaning that on anything of decent weight even that .5 becomes too much dampener). My guess is to prevent heavy craft from becoming a Pogo stick, but i have no clue otherwise. I also have found that the closer the leg is to the blade, the more thrust it gives, and i believe this is due to more "pushing" time and also it seems like leg spring strength has a curve. (weakest at the bottom and strongest at the top) This would actually make sense because you would not want your suspension to be rock hard, or automatically max out. I personally have 2 guesses on your "boom" zone though. First is that past that your blades are expanding with the spinning and hitting the legs. The other guess is based off of having recently installed the mod which provides a visible wire frame for hit boxes (the one azimech uses). From that you can see there is actually a part of the leg which goes slightly beyond where the piston part of it appears to start, and the blades once again might be hitting that. I have however done most of my testing with the large landing gear, so it might be true that the medium have a weirdness like this. From my tests I have not even been able to get the small ones to work AT ALL. Sorry about the wall o' text, but I have been meaning to post about my more recent understanding and this seemed like a good enough place to do it
  13. OOO very cool, i might have to try again at making a stock tank myself
  14. Cool plane, but if i had to guess your problem was drag. All of those solar panels in the open like that are very draggy, plus if i am not mistaken all those breaks in your fuselage are treated as blunt ends to the wind