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  1. @K.Yeon i have a favour to ask. Can you possibly fix the models and configs for the oms parts @JadeOfMaar made, they just need thrust transforms added and the correct stuff added to the config to make them work correctly.
  2. Check current version of legacy pack for some rcs units that @JadeOfMaar made
  3. Its 2am here so will check it in the morning.
  4. did you recently upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3? Logs?
  5. No need for a new thread. @K.Yeon Still runs the mod, due to his work commitments there is often delays in his updating. BOTH OPT and OPT_Legacy are purely parts mods so the chance of them EVER causing crashes is almost nothing. If a new thread were to be made it would be for the Legacy pack ONLY and it would be made by me, and at this stage I have no intention of starting a new thread as there is simply no need. Rest assured that these 2 mods work perfectly fine in 1.3 as long as IFS, FS and RPM are up to date.
  6. Same. But i never had issues with it in the past
  7. You don't lol, you get the mu importer for blender and import the mu into blender lol. but thats the extent of my knowledge. My guess is the Humpback wasn't completed
  8. reinstall RPM and OPT
  9. Are you using the latest version of RPM? And some cockpits don't have buttons etc.
  10. OPT is a parts only mod, it is almost impossible for it to cause crashes, sounds more like your version of BDA was old and its .dll file was causing the crashes.
  11. It wont be the part causing your crashes. Cant identify the cause without your logs mate. Please click the link in my signature.
  12. here is some of my older planes.
  13. if thats what the instructions say to do then yes lol