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  1. Thanks. I've also just noticed that FAR doesn't seem to voxolise some of the cockpits properly. In at least the bubble canopy cockpit the canopy doesn't seem to be seen. The Jumo 012 is, as far as I understand it, just a bigger jumo 004. There's a picture of the HeS 011 on it's wiki article: A partial cutaway photograph of the BMW 003 and a bigger picture here: Looks-wise though, they seem fairly similar to things we already have. The only big difference between the Jumo 012 and Jumo 004 seems to be scale, while the exit nozzle to the HeS 011 and BMW 003 are pretty similar to the existing stock mini jet, save for a cone sticking out of the centre. It might make more sense just to write new configs for existing models.
  2. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Hi, I've been trying to write some AJE configs for your intakes, and I think I might have uncovered a bug in them. As you speed up the TPR drops rapidly, as if the intake isn't aligned with the airflow. I've played around with them, and found that on all the intakes they only work properly if the "bottom" of the intake is aligned with the airflow. This indicates the intake transform is pointed in the wrong direction. Additionally the intakes seem rotated when added to the craft so that the "bottom" is on top, this is only obvious on the mig 15 intake which has the light at the bottom instead of the top, but I think it's the same on all the intakes.
  3. @blackheart612 Messing around with the settings for your Mig/Sabre intake to get it to work properly with AJE I think I've uncovered a bug. The intakes quickly stop providing air to the engines as the craft speeds up, unless you put them on the craft backwards. I think the intake transform is therefore reversed.
  4. I did think about that today. I didn't make the models, I'm trying to configure intakes from the Stryker and Airplane Plus packs, but they do work fine in stock. Is stock less strict with the transform than AJE? ETA: And we have our answer! I just tested the intakes by putting them on the craft backwards, and they work fine, so obviously the transform is reversed. I'll raise a bug with the mod creators. Thanks very much for all your help.
  5. I just looked, I couldn't see any other configs with those settings. I've configured four intakes, all four have this problem. Other intakes seem to be fine, including the stock ones I copied the config from. @PART[mk1intake]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet %Area = 0.6 #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PilotTube/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PilotTube/title$ inletDescription = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PilotTube/description$ } }
  6. @blowfish Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you. The configs are one's I've written (well, copy pasted :)). Originally based on the AJE-Squad inlet configs I think. I added the line when I saw it in other configs, and I was having the problem with TPR dropping for no apparent reason. It seemed to work under stock aero, the TPR worked as expected but obviously not under FAR. I think it's the QuizTechAero configs that still has them. Anyway, that all makes sense, thanks. I'm just left with the problem of intake TPR dropping like a stone at relatively low speeds. I can't get some aircraft into the air because although they have plenty of thrust at 0m/s, by the time they're reaching take off speeds the inlet TPR has dropped so much the engine provides virtually no thrust.
  7. So I think this log has both the loss of intake and FAR problem in it:!AsRF_VZ1GjT3hNMQe4J1pllmiDCi7w Toward the end, when I was testing an inlet with !RESOURCE... line there's a stream of errors like this: [EXC 00:44:55.140] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ModuleResourceIntake.FixedUpdate () SolverEngines.AJEInlet.FixedUpdate () [EXC 00:44:55.141] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object FerramAerospaceResearch.FARGUI.FARFlightGUI.PhysicsCalcs.CalculateEngineAndIntakeBasedParameters (Double vesselSpeed) FerramAerospaceResearch.FARGUI.FARFlightGUI.PhysicsCalcs.UpdatePhysicsParameters () FerramAerospaceResearch.FARGUI.FARFlightGUI.FlightGUI.FixedUpdate () Which is presumably the problem. The vessel loaded before that one had an inlet with identical configs but with the !RESOURCE line commented out. It had the strange inlet bug, where the TPR tanks at relevantly low speeds.
  8. You're right, sorry. I didn't think it was a bug, but more something I was doing wrong, hence the lack of logs (that and KSP is running on my Linux desktop and I'm writing this on my windows laptop :)). Honestly I appreciate any help. I'm just reloading the game with the changes reverted, I'll give you logs ASAP.
  9. FAR and AJE are recently from GIT. AVC says AJE is 2.7.3 and FAR is 0.16. KSP version is 1.2.2 build ID 01622 (2016-12-06_07-56-46). I will add that I did recently download an updated FAR, and I think the problem wasn't occurring before then. I don't think I've updated AJE recently though.
  10. I'm having some trouble configuring air intakes and was hoping for some advice. If I include the line !RESOURCE[IntakeAir] {} the intake seems to cause FAR to crash, I get no flight status display and aero drag and lift aren't applied properly. If I remove that line the intake's TPR drops off incredibly quickly and the engine provides virtually no thrust when travelling much more than 30-40m/s. I literally copied the config from the stock intake that works perfectly fine, so I'm not sure what's actually going on. I was hoping someone could enlighten me.
  11. I'm sorry to be completely off topic for a minute, but this exchange made me laugh to the point of almost swallowing my tongue. I recently wrote a play that has the same exchange and is being put on somewhere in England in a couple of weeks (shameless plug). "It's top secret" "What's that then sir" "It's a mission I can't tell anyone about." "I mean what's the mission sir." "Oh, Well [explains mission], but don't tell anyone, it's top secret!" "'Ere ol' nobby 'ere is only going on a secret suicide mission, don't tell anyone though, its top secret."
  12. With certain air inlets with AJE configs ferram seems to crash, you get no flight data or lift. I was wondering if anyone else had come across it and knew how to fix it? Nevermind, I removed the !RESOURCE[IntakeAir] {} line from the config and it works fine. Pretty strange though.
  13. That makes sense :). I have no idea how TakeCommand works internally, but it might use the same method as rescue contracts maybe? Thanks.
  14. I think I've come across a bug where Kerbalism is adding about a ton of resources to the Kerbal when they're spawned to the game in command seats. The kerbal spawns in with Hydrazine, Oxygen, Food and Water, and ends up massing 1300kg. It's a little intermittent but happens often enough to make it relatively easy to reproduce. I think it's an interaction between Kerbalism and TakeCommand, at a guess Kerbalism is seeing the Kerbal as a command module? Either way added resources to anything in flight without letting me turn it off in the editor would seem to be wrong behaviour. Thanks.
  15. Hi I've done some more checking myself, and it looks like the extra weight is actually coming from a ton of resources that are being erroneously added to the Kerbal (a really obvious thing I just didn't think of). Stuff like Water, Food, Hydrazine etc. I'm not sure what's chucking those in, but I'd guess it's Kerbalism? Could be an interaction between this and that? I'll try over in the Kerbalism thread. Thanks