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  1. I've worked out the issue. Linux, which I'm using, distinguishes between files based on capitalisation, Windows doesn't. Some how I've ended up with two files that are Mk1-whatever- and MK1-whatever-. Linux sees them as different file names, Windows doesn't. Since all my testing was also done in Linux, I never noticed :/. Fixed now.
  2. I'm generating the zip file with the built in linux tools, so it may be an incompatibility. I'll test on my windows partition when I get a second.
  3. Was this from the previous update or this one? Planned for the next update
  4. It's taken an obscene amount of time, but I think I've got something workable for surface attached ladders: Now to create some different sized ones...
  5. Good looking craft So, slight confession: I really screwed up the last update. If you installed through CKAN you'll want to uninstall and reinstall the mod once this update is available. If you manually installed, make sure you haven't got a /MAD folder in your gamedata, and overwrite MoS with the latest update. In fact no matter how you installed, make sure there's no /MAD folder in the root gamedata folder. It turns out somebody dropped the wrong hierarchy into the upload... This update should fix the missing IVA textures, removes the surface attached gap for the 0.9375m parts and tweaks the config files for numerous parts. Also gives the razorback parts slightly more descriptive names. <Download>
  6. It's just a small gap, but it's big enough to hurt my obsessive perfectionism :D. Kicking this out to a deadline is helping with that though. If I was just doing this for myself I'd still be moving single vertex's around on the first cockpit, trying to get them perfect
  7. Yeah, I'm quite pleased with the way they came out. I think the fact that they're closer to the size of the 1.25m parts makes them seem like more part of the fuselage than something sticking out of it. Bodes well for when I finally get around to the 1.25m razorback parts I promised last week :). ETA: There are some problems with the 0.9375m parts that I want to address. There's a gap between the fuselage at the edges when surface attached, but I only caught just before uploading. I'm afraid with the rush to get it done, and the fact I had a splitting headache yesterday, some aspects of quality control were missed.
  8. It's actually something I've been thinking about over the course of this week. I'm just not sure what the best way to do it would be. I'm thinking the best way would be to have a number of general purpose parts that can be combined to produce something like that. Update is up! Fixes: Fixed under nose intake collider, it's now clickable. Fixed a number of models for shading errors. Some minor model changes to the 0.625m razorback parts. Better textures for the under nose intake. New parts: 0.9375m Razorback parts. Long and short sections, end parts and air intake. Two tandem two Kerbal cockpits in bubble and razorback style. A shorter rounded nose cone. <Download> There's a few little issues with configuration files and models I want to deal with for next week. I'll hopefully put together some adaptors for the 0.625m/0.9375m razorback parts. The 0.9375m models need some adjustment as well. I'm also hoping to make a start of surface mount ladders.
  9. When it's finished, it'll hopefully be an air intake
  10. That's my fault, I'm British so I'm sabotaging those who shall not be named :-p. Erm, I mean the collider isn't set up correctly. It's fixed in the latest version. I'll be pushing that out tonight (I'm going into hospital tomorrow, nothing serious but I won't be any fit state to do the usual Friday update). Well, assuming I can do the update tonight, while laying out UVs for one of the new parts I was visited by what looks like a vengeful Easter Island God:
  11. Sunday testing:
  12. Update time! There's not a huge number of parts, but I've streamlined the project files and workflow, which should make the process quicker and easier in future. I've added IVA's for all the cockpits now, they're meant to be aircraft cockpits so there's no internal hatches like in the stock IVAs. I've also fixed most of the shader/smoothing errors. I've added a couple of air intakes. Firstly an "undernose" intake: And a small side intake that can be attached to small razorback parts: There's also a longer sharper nose cone. Finally, the Bubble and IRT40 cockpits now have customised IVAs: For the next update, I'll be looking to add a two seater side by side cockpit in bubble and razorback style (ideally with IVA). Plus 1.28m razorback parts and a "harrier" style air intake.
  13. Yeah... I don't know if there's a way to animate the model to remove the Kerbal when the capsule is uncontrolled. Academic anyway.
  14. The only way I can think of doing it would be to put a dummy kerbal in a normal command pod, like firespitter open cockpits. I'm not sure how you'd hide it in IVA though. I use that cockpit with take command which seems to work well enough.
  15. I think the IRT40 IVA is now done. It's not 100% perfect, so I may revisit it in future, but I think it's good enough for release: