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  1. I've checked the parts and the 0.625m air intakes do have their intake transform misaligned. I've reset the intake transform and recompiled the part. I've checked the other intakes and they should all be ok. Update is up now.
  2. Thanks :). Yes, it's caused by the intake transform "pointing" in the wrong direction. Stock KSP doesn't care, but AJE models airflow direction. I've come up against this myself when writing AJE configs for modded intakes. I wasn't planning on checking any of this until writing AJE configs myself sometime down the line. It's a simple and easy fix though, I'll edit the parts and get the mod reuploaded ASAP.
  3. A custom part module was what I was thinking of. I've got things a little easier than you do, in so much as I only care about parts designed to have their IVA's combined, which opens up various avenues for optimisation. I can add "open" and "closed" nodes for instance, so only if IVA parts are attached by open nodes can you see them. IVA's attached through "closed" nodes could be culled from the render list. That would hopefully cut out the problem of visibility you mention. Could the Z-Masks help at all? Though I suppose you'd need custom masks that don't block the open ends.
  4. If you're asking for what I think you're asking for... This is basically one of the parts that would make up modular cockpits. I've looked at that. The code for IVA rendering is fairly straight forward from what I can see. He appears to just check every IVA attached to the craft to see if it's in the field of view and if it is, it is added to the render queue. I'd be looking to do something similar, but limiting it in some way, perhaps to only IVA's in the same cockpit or that are adjoining.
  5. So, I've been doing some testing for modular cockpits. All looks good in overlay mode: Unfortunately when you go into IVA: So KSP only renders the IVA you're currently in. So modular cockpits are going to take a custom code plugin, to force KSP to render visible IVAs. I think the code itself would be fairly straight forward. However since it would be more than just parts, I'm thinking that it might be better to make another mod focused on Modular cockpits alone.
  6. Surface-attached airbrakes are firmly on my to-do list. I definitely want to produce some in the style of Mig15/F86 Sabre airbrakes. The "swiss-cheese" style dive brakes are something I'd like to do, but it depends on a few factors. Doing it with geometry could well create an extremely "heavy part" with lots of polys while doing it using transparent textures will probably look awful. It's something I'll look into though.
  7. So... Finally as promised an update! New parts: Spine size adaptors, long and short Spine airbrakes in 0.9375m and 0.625m sizes and Surface mounted ladders. I'll be adding more as time goes on. At the moment there is a long and short version. I plan on adding ladders to attach to different sized fuselages and flat sections. Finally, if you have ModuleManager installed the "options" folder contains a config file that will add fuel tanks to some of the spine parts: It's on by default. If you don't want it delete the file from the options folder. In future I will probably do this by a plugin, like firespitter or similar alternative. <Download>
  8. Yeah, as far as I know stryker is the only mod to do so. I thought it was a genius idea and I still don't understand why no one else has done it. Bubble canopies are a good idea. It's definitely worth considering for the to do list. I definitely want to have a few WW2 bomber style glass noses/cockpits. In other news, I really am still working on this, I'm just snowed under with other commitments at the moment. Those are mostly coming to a close though. I'm hoping to be able to upload an update this weekend.
  9. Is it just me, or does the YB-52 look an order of magnitude cooler than the final production aircraft? I'm looking to do some sort of modular cockpit system that will be surface mounted. This hopefully will add the flexibility to do things like the above, while reducing the workload for me.
  10. Sorry I've been AWOL for awhile. I got back from holiday, and then was hammered for some artwork I needed to do for other people. I'm only just getting time to look at this again. Nice :). I'd envisioned them as structural only, but it shouldn't be too hard to write an optional ModuleManager config to add fuel storage. I'll try to do that to go live with the part updates which should hopefully be up sometime this week.
  11. There won't be an update this week, work has been very busy and I've not gotten home before 9 the last two days, so I've simply had no time to work on things. I'm now about to run off to the wilds of the lake District, where I'm unlikely to have reliable internet, or electricity, until next Tuesday. I'll be looking to upload an update next week. I'll probably be easing off on weekly updates now. Partly because most of the low hanging fruit are already done, and partly because quality control is obviously suffering a bit. Things like new fuselage form factors are going to be fairly huge updates. Yeah, flexibility for building aircraft is something I've felt was lacking in ksp. Modular cockpits is one of the things I've been thinking would be a good idea, along with surface mount ladders, that no one has done. I kept thinking "why hasn't someone done this" before i realised I'm someone.
  12. I've worked out the issue. Linux, which I'm using, distinguishes between files based on capitalisation, Windows doesn't. Some how I've ended up with two files that are Mk1-whatever- and MK1-whatever-. Linux sees them as different file names, Windows doesn't. Since all my testing was also done in Linux, I never noticed :/. Fixed now.
  13. I'm generating the zip file with the built in linux tools, so it may be an incompatibility. I'll test on my windows partition when I get a second.
  14. Was this from the previous update or this one? Planned for the next update
  15. It's taken an obscene amount of time, but I think I've got something workable for surface attached ladders: Now to create some different sized ones...