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  1. Probably what you are running into is that cabin CO2 and Kerbal CO2 are separate. If a scrubber turns off, cabin CO2 will rise to 100% in minutes, but Kerbal CO2 starts rising proportional to that. So there's a delayed reaction, where by the time you get a warning that Jeb is light-headed (33% Kerbal CO2, I think) the cabin is at 100%. Then you turn your scrubber on, and the cabin CO2 starts dropping, but Kerbal CO2 keeps going *up* for a bit. You get "trouble breathing", 50% Kerbal CO2, before you're safe. From experience, once you get a warning in a mk1 pod you can survive if you turn scrubbing on immediately. TL;DR, just don't run out of EC, ever.
  2. Pretty sure everything is in per second unless otherwise specified. Usually it is specified, though...
  3. .cs files are C# source code, you don't need them. Just install the contents of Gamedata as usual. Also, I recommend CKAN.
  4. Procedural parts can do cylinder, cone, smoothed cone, probably some others.
  5. Pastebin your logs as always: https://bpaste.net/
  6. Have you looked at Near Future Electrical? The first reactor, the MX-0 Kerbopower Fission Generator, produces 60 EC/s and has 5 years of fuel at that rate, and you can add uranium storage. It's high tech and 18.6k funds but only .28t. It does need some radiators too. Still, certainly enough EC!
  7. Rotation in stock stops when the craft is unloaded, and it stays relative to the planet, not the sun. Persistent Rotation might help?
  8. That's interesting, I didn't notice. @ShotgunNinja would the Universal Storage Alkaline Fuel Cell's balance be determined by Kerbalism? Is it autoconverted from US's stock numbers?
  9. Hydrogen actually stores pretty well, though 16 EC/s is a lot, I'll admit. The Universal Storage Akaline Fuel Cell I have maxes out at exactly 16EC/s. It uses 0.06 hydrogen/s. It holds 1400 Hydrogen internally, which is enough for one Kerbin day (presumably that was the plan). A single Universal Storage hydrogen tank holds ~28,500 hydrogen, more than enough. A Chemical Plant configured for Water Electrolysis produces 1 hydrogen/s for water at 0.05/m. One thing I'm not sure about is the behaviour of the scripts toggling so often at high warps. It might toggle at all the wrong times, I don't know. Please give it a try and let us know!
  10. Look at the Kerbalism planner's EC analysis. It will tell you exactly what's using what. As for pods, scrubbers do use EC, but it's like 0.02/s or so. There's also cooling/heating which varies by situation but it's not really high. EDIT: If all else fails, Fuel Cells work really well in Kerbalism. A small one with lots of hydrogen could power you through many nights.
  11. @ShotgunNinja so apparently DynamicBatteryStorage is a sub-plugin dependency/library used by @Nertea. I don't know who is the best one to fix the incompatibility.
  12. I'm getting a strange bug with background processing. Several of my craft have run out of EC in background while using the Alkaline Fuel Cell Mini. Oddly, this only happens to craft that are transmitting; disabling transmission has their EC rise slowly until 95%, as expected. While focused, they generate more than enough power, even with only the 1kW segment enabled. Restarting KSP didn't help. Here is the log when switching to the vessel, then to Space Center: https://gist.github.com/lordcirth/e96184e011e044ea8f35b40293e95a51 EDIT: While watching from Space Center, the battery icon flutters between Depleted and Perpetual, and transmission seems to continue. Not sure if it's going full speed. Is there perhaps a difference in EC cost between transmitting while active and while backgrounded?
  13. Recovering them on Kerbin will instantly reset it, I think, just like Radiation.
  14. If I remember correctly they start fumbling buttons and random components start exploding. But I could be wrong.
  15. That's actually normal. Avionics is required to steer, but not to stage and do experiments, etc. The sounding rocket core can't steer. You want to make fins tilted 5 deg or so to spin-stabilize.