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  1. I made a stock electric propeller bearing without fairing. Yes. Works perfect and engines can be reattached/ released by claw, so scene change is possible and this thing is careerproof. KSP prerelease
  2. Leathy and Zelanda decided to make a scenic flight the other way around, slightly towards northeast northwest with their beloved Dreamchaser. Clearly without GUI. Let`s see what happened, first try: I put the flight in spoilers, Leathy dipped obviuosly the upper atmosphere after the orbitburn, but they made it amazingly: And now they are waiting for rescue recovery, luckily!
  3. errm, will there be a 5m (or 3.75m) docking clamp/ring/port? And i love to have hollow decouplers, will the old parts be changed to hollow too? So many questions... Will there be wider struts for more spaceraft awesomeness???
  4. Does it wobble?
  5. WOW! And cool vehicles! Edit: Really crazy crafts! Edit 2: Your double plane contraption is definetly unique, amazing!
  6. Relaxing challenge suits my lack of time to play alot! Cool! "Sunday morning breakfast task."
  7. Great, "Do the right thing"!
  8. I take a deep breath and exhale. And again. Then its there. 15 seconds.
  9. Every preview of the "Making history" parts make me extremely happy, the saturn and soyuz tanks for example will change rocket design significantly and open the way for more unique spacecrafts design in general, especially the fuelled tanksize adapters are going to "kick our butts" for sure. Errmm and i just can`t wait for the release, where can i bite in? Grraaa!
  10. Epic piece of american history, regards. I allways wondered why Nasa didn`t attempt to launch this system with kind of flybackboosters. Shuttle program should get a revive, with some serious refinements, a bit smaller, no solids to refurbish.
  11. Aside from being on a certain beach aswell... What does Kungalush! mean Mr. Frybert ...Nixon??
  12. Jeez, your a damn smart person, you don`t need help for crafts for sure, your contraptions seem to work excellent... very cool and missionoriented ship and plane designs! Take it easy!
  13. Hi @Supermalthe1000, your image can`t be seen, get a account on a image host (Like Imgur) and link the image from there to the forum editor... And hello to KSP forums!
  14. Failing can be fun too...
  15. Just out of curiosity, what language do you refer to this translation? you have some serious rolling going on here