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  1. I must admit that i am proud to be finnish. After watching the whole clip and laughing my butt off, i am concerned that this guy is going to orbit earth on Legos once. Or at least goes on a ballistic trajectory along with GF, House and neighbourhood. Good luck man! Keep up the finnish rocket program!
  2. I allready see people going nuts launching R7`s and Saturn 5`s allday long! At least one, me!
  3. @godarklight hi there.., Most impressive and elaborate mod i`ve ever witnessed in these forums. I have a few questions: - Will you demigod godarklight update this marvel to 1.3? - If so, can we pitch up loudness unlimited in the settings? - If so, can we increase rainbowscale unlimited in the settings? - If so, will the blastcloud around our PCs have a rainbow tint aswell? - If so, can we expect to survive this? - If so, can our neighbourhood expect to survive aswell? Nyaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  4. Glorious! And Sukhois.... glorious! Glorious!
  5. Update Module manager to 2.8.1 and delete all four module manager caches below, restart the game and see what happens...
  6. Hm, maybe i get you wrong but anything should be visible.... Three crafts between inner and outer belt:
  7. Open the settings file in the KIS folder, change the value to 300 (former default), or like me, to 5000...
  8. I knew you are a true believer!
  9. Maybe we should tell the poor journalist that his body actually belongs the 100billion bacterias hes carrying around allday long, and a single entity isn`t really much worth among them...
  10. @antipro hi there, well I looked at your screenshots, very cool stock KSP machinery and genuine spacefaring action, real cool, i still play a stock careersave too, year 37 or so... nothing compared to your 214 years... O....M....G! I`ve never seen such an advanced careergame in these forums, crazy! I see you`ve earned lotsa bucks, 58`167`000 is quite a bit gunpowder for your boosters... And my eyes spy some 47`545 points, i guess you`ve unlocked the techtree a loooooooooong time ago... If anyone knows the answer, it must be you... "What is the meaning of a Kerbals life?" "Is there a unhatched Krakenegg in the system?" "How many asteroids orbit Dres?" "What`s the taste of Eeloos icegaps?" Epic ingametime, Cheerz!
  11. Thank you for confessing fun! Good luck, you`ll need some! Thank you too for confessing amusement, , regarding Bob and spacemadness, i found his facial expression the page ago shows probably first symptoms, i`ve rarely observed such a silly giggle on a Kerbals face... As i mentioned further above, due to RL constraints i am planning the returnleg of my crew, Kerbalism provides a strange and unique unconvenience so far from home... Worst thing would be a critical engine failure, and reorganizing the transfershipstructure in space with KIS and KAS looks more like a nightmare than calmly boating down a river...
  12. Excellent idea, providing a savefile (Sandbox?) would be the easiest way to go. I am curious if one can make a precision landing on the VAB roof, but as i know the forummembers, chances are quite good... Landing (not crashing) the rock on the admin buildings helipad would be a topgoal... Put it into the hangars on the island? Many funny ways around to score i think... Between the RnD buildings, ... Out of likes btw
  13. Max cooling on radiators,... the heattransfer out of the reactor can take a long time if you observe the digits precisely... its quite complicated true After finishing burntime occurs a point where heatgeneration and heattransfer/cooling capacity cross each other during cooling (Use KER heat menu!), if this point exceeds temperatures (due to insufficient cooling capacity) above the critical coreheat your reactor blows up in spectacular way and your rear end with it basically. This can take up to 15 minutes in the game, timewarping during this time is dangerous while having the vessel focussed. EDIT: Looks like i`ve used this engine only by chance properly... omg! Sorry but its really complicated, using the emancipator has advantages but also some "minor" issues for the user, i think this is intended and balances the engine for performance.
  14. @trias702 hi there, i would encourage you to download the Heat Control mod from Nertea... I have used the emancipator in 1.2 and this engine requires at least 8 of the largest solid radiator panels provided in this mod. Yes you read it right, 8 of them... actually more to be safe. Rather 10... Hold on, i have a pic... You should be able to calculate the estimated hardware needs by the provided infos in the VAB/SPH ..
  15. Occasionally i had the pleasure to dissect stonehard dead moose out of frozen lakes. With a rather large chainsaw. Fish appreciate this service, having a ton of slowly rotten flesh in the water doesn`t make a joyful spring.