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  1. Here's a whole thread of them:
  2. I suspect the impactor has to survive the initial impact. The standard I-beam should be slightly tougher than the armor panel, but not much. I was using very massive impactors for my torpedoes (ore tanks). One could make a "tiny" radius missile with the smallest (radial) ore tanks, but be advised their center of mass is at their radial attachment point, not the center of the tank model. This would make a true sidewinder of a missile. When the I-beam is stuck inside the armor plate, I'd wonder if the physics step skipped over the instant of impact? What are you using for a target? Theoretically, if you hit the armor plate hard enough, that plate will impact against its joints and potentially break weaker parts it's attached to. There are folks on these forums who build great beasts of warships with just the type of armor you describe, and weapons that punch holes in it. I can't find them with a quick search, but I recall them being very impressive. This is not how my KSP works. Stock doesn't allow switching between craft in atmo, and If I switch away from a craft, it loses its SAS state. Are you using some mod that lets you control these squadrons of aircraft in your dogfighting videos?
  3. It is a shame to lose such a beautiful bird to the Kraken. Did you fly it at all? Is it the auto-saved craft? I sometimes find I've tested several major designs of a new idea before realizing I didn't save any of them, which means I can't load them in for comparison. Now every test flight after making minor changes, I save a new minor number. After a major redesign I increment the major number. ie, "Moller Skycar v12-34" = 12 major redesigns, 34 revisions of v12. You can use a period between them, but it makes a mess because that character isn't allowed in the filename. I do periodically have to clean out the craft folder of all those revisions, but I prefer that to losing them, in case I come back to a craft much later and want to review what I've already tried.
  4. I played Kenny Loggins Danger Zone on a loop for the 3 days I spent building my F-14. My family will never let me forget this... ...but, whenever they see an F-14, they start singing it. :-)
  5. That is a beautifully sculpted bird. I look forward to seeing it fly!
  6. I'm seeing it, over and over, and I still have trouble believing it. This is truly a thing of beauty, in both form and function!
  7. @jevry Awesome, and hilarious. How many attempts did that take?
  8. My humble apologies to @Giggleplex777 and Brewtis for my ignorance. Well done, all.
  9. Builds a beautiful F-35 replica in a couple days, the first with a rotating engine Demonstrates all three flight modes with a single airframe Declares partial success. I'm certain kids these days have an emoji to react to that. ^ In all seriousness, that is amazing work and I look forward to buzzing the tower with it. What did you use for the lift fan? Another Panther? How much gimbal do you allow on the Panthers? Are afterburners required for V/STOL takeoff/landing?
  10. threads of the month

    Thanks all around! I find myself in good company. I also find myself part of a rare online community that is enthusiastic about everyone’s successes, from a first flight to a Grand Tour mission, and can laugh together at failures (and explosions) large and small. This spirit of cooperation made it possible for me to learn from prior efforts to build something new, which others are now building into something greater. After it stops exploding at the wrong times. ^ That was more grandiose than I was planning to be, so just... keep asking questions and building answers!
  11. @klond Can/t stop me NOW, havin' such a good time...
  12. Outstanding work. So many designs could be spawned from this mechanism. I expect to see RAPIER SSTO VTOLS using this. So the small wheels can be used to actuate a hinge, fascinating... What are you using for an axle inside the thermometers? Panthers will surprise you. They're a great VTOL engine with the huge gimbal angle and short length. Toggling afterburner can overcome turbine lag in an emergency. If one isn't enough, you might clip two together for more thrust. How do you control throttle?
  13. Once I figured out the wing controls were [ 1 (wait a second) 23 ] I had no trouble ferrying it to the island while deploying the wings appropriately. If only there was a toggle to disable KSPs insistence on resetting the throttle and camera whenever docking. Congrats on an impressive build!
  14. Sounds like real progress to me. The mechanism is solid and works consistently, and I think it looks cool even "exposed". Are the airbrakes capable of rotating the engines without rocket assitance? The takeoff alone is impressive. I was wondering how it worked when the engines appeared to be so far aft of the CoM until I saw the Vernors firing. It's a shame the throttles drop to zero on docking/undocking, you could really use the thrust during transition. Looks like the stock SAS wasn't helping stabilize the craft since it won't even attempt to hold attitude until prograde is near your nose. You might try pitching down for a few seconds before transition to give some forward motion so the craft "falls" forward into stable flight while the engines are rotating. Watching those engines rotate makes me wonder if it will be long before we see a stock F-35 replica...
  15. 28 part Sabre with the radome! Is this complete? Is it as unforgiving as the real Sabre, like ice-skating at the edge of the sound barrier?