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  1. what about wet workshops- that could make the trip much more survivable
  2. Somewhere like moho you would need moveable colonies to stay in the twilight zone, so as to not overheat or freeze (like mercury) You could, in future chapters, talk about floating atmospheric mining colonies in Jool
  3. ummmmmmmmmmm... YES I am unable (i don't know why) to download planet packs so this is very exciting
  4. Yellowknife
  5. Laos
  6. -63- It's been three weeks and like ten pages but I am devoted to the cause
  7. radiator idea: (this just seems like it belongs in a futuristic spacecraft) Heat is channelled into a melting pot full of a dense metal, so that it absorbs the majority of the heat from the spacecraft. The heat is then put into space, and somehow collected again, once frozen solid, and put back into the pot
  8. welp it's been three years and the barn still hasn't come back