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  1. Nope ^^^^^ Yes, I did just put words in your mouth. I know.
  3. Yeah but Beardy is better than TAPE which is probably why FoK made it
  4. I don't think so...
  5. Fair. He was hard to conquer but terrible at conquering.
  6. @Brent Kerman @KAL 9000 and then there was agonarch. agonarch was just agonarch EDIT: AND there was that guy (i forget his name) who literally just dies in the first five turns because he was so terrible at flying
  7. Oh come on- you HAD to post this Kapitalist Pigs Propaganda? Everyone in the Kruolan Empire knows that that video is fake, and is just badly made propaganda. Beardy will obviously beat TAPE
  8. @TheEpicSquared Location: 00110011001101110010111000110010001100100011100100110010001101100011100000101100001000000010110100110001001100010011010100101110001101110011100100110011001101110011000100110101 Clever... Nevada is a cool place
  9. Would you like more base sections? For example I can make task-specific things- labs, habitation, portable bases, etc. I can also make small flyers, if you want more range than the EVA Pack.
  10. https://kerbalx.com/yuchisquallus/Hope-3-Duna-Probe-Test It's got Phoenix Industries Boosters, which you might actually want. The launcher was able to get it to a solar orbit (I think), so with your piloting it could get further. Feel free to use your own launcher.
  11. RIP Carsie Also, a while ago, I created a "Duna Survey". Its a very large, and has no landers. Do you want it? It involves a large scanner and a bunch of small commsats. Thoughts? THanks
  12. I sit on your cake noones cake