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  1. Granted. You now have eye bulbs instead of eyes
  2. @beardy and @kruolans I am not good at crafts but I can 'financially back' your war! FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPIRE!
  3. You could have the ring spin match the day cycle of gilly and then access to the surface would be easier
  4. What about building a giant ring around Gilly, rotating for gravity and with easy access to the surface... Well Not that giant...
  5. The Skyhook is a great idea- perhaps you could try by greatly modifying KAS? Have you ever thought about Mass Drivers? It is viable...
  6. I don't really mind- it happens a lot. But thanks. I'm interested to see where this goes. Is there going to be a spaceflight aspect? Gameplay and screenshots? Who knows....
  7. lol canada would survive according to that attack plan even when america had fallen but you almost completely forgot about us
  8. i support my boi beardy
  9. hot food
  10. I'm a supporter of Kruola Notice me