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  1. Known for being the father of Kerbal Jesus
  2. Propulsion I'm in the Doctor Who and Lucifer fandoms so I won't freak if you delay dres
  3. Damn you got me TUBM enjoys hard time physics
  4. Known for being grate ahahahaha kill me
  5. 1844: dead meme stop please
  6. known
  7. I've created a new sandbox save- just launched my first Kerbals into space after establishing a relay network around the Mun. In this save, I want to do detailed and thorough exploration of the Kerbin system before branching out, maybe later. This is the odyssey of Lucifer 1-1.. But before I get to that, I would just like to explain how I named it. Lucifer is the actual payload, a two person capsule strapped to a pre-made columbia (as there is a tradition of naming spacecraft that) service module. The first 1 means that it is the first mission profile- just flying around the Kerbin system. 2 might be bringing payloads and experiments, and 3 will be a direct-ascent landing on the Mun, with 3b being a direct-ascent landing on Minmus. It has the Delta-V if I just add landing legs. The Core Stage and boosters are enough to get it into an orbit of about 250kmx790km (the one time I tested it), and I ditched the second stage early, almost full, so that I could test the actual Lucifer spacecraft. The second 1 means that it is the first mission of its type. I will probably go to Lucifer 1-3, than Lucifer 2-3, than Luficer 3-3 and 3b-3, before I make a more advanced Lucifer spacecraft. Here it is, just after ditching the second stage, in a highly elliptical orbit around Kerbin Jeb stays inside to keep it steady while Val steps outside to become, as well as the first kerbal in space (as her seat was higher up than Jeb's seat during launch, so she technically go there before him), the first Kerbal to perform an EVA I set up a Minmus Flyby with just over half my fuel left, just skimming the surface. My goal is to get close enough that the lights will illuminate the surface (but that never happened) I used way too much fuel avoiding mountains and the ground, and by the time I escaped Minmus I was out of fuel. My solution? I got Val out to push. I was too lazy to take more than four screenshots, but there you go
  8. Well I guess there are 72 of you know
  9. Banned for not arguing over my location like everyone else
  10. 10/10 only humans root for Beardy- because he is the obvious correct one
  11. 0/10 only children oink and children are aliens Pigs too I guess I genuinely enjoy the music of Xxxtentacion
  12. Banned for spinning too much
  13. 1830: A blue police box materializes in front of you and the REAL doctor gets out... what happens next? (the eleventh for canon purposes)
  14. You watch people enter hotel rooms with their greatest fears inside, and then slowly get tracked down and killed by an unseen monster
  15. 1827: it's the hotel from 'fear him' from Doctor Who. Let's hope you don't find your room...