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  1. Okay, so I confirmed that something in this mod is messing with kerbnet. With all non-visual components of the mod uninstalled, kerbnet worked fine. Even with every probe core and scanner in the game it wouldn't work with the mod. Also, oddly enough, the ore scanner wouldn't project an overlay over the planet when not in the map view. I'm not entirely sure what would cause this bug in a planet pack, but the feature worked a few versions ago (not sure if it worked between then and now because I hadn't tried using it until I started looking for easter eggs again). Also, time warp is not allowed under 80 km on scorch, which is 30 km above atmosphere.
  2. Hi, I am currently having an issue with the KerbNet feature as of the 1.3 update. Prior to the update, I could use KerbNet with any probe body with no problem. Now, all I get is this when I open up the access window: The only mods I have installed are Kerbal Alarm Clock and a planet pack, but KerbNet worked fine with these same mods in 1.2.2. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  3. I should probably specify that I mean the "Kerbnet access" button found while right clicking on probe cores, not the commnet.
  4. I'm not entirely sure if this is a mod-related issue or not, but kerbnet doesn't seem to work on any of my probes anymore, prior to 1.3 it did, even with this mod installed. Just asking to see if anything in the mod would change the behavior of this feature or not. Thanks in advance.
  5. The flickering stopped as soon as I boarded another vessel, and after I went on EVA later, it did not occur. I may have EVA'ed the first time before physics eased in, although I wouldn't think that would spark a graphics issue. If it happens again, I'll edit the config.
  6. New visual bug, it started once I went into EVA around nightmare for a rescue (do not watch if you have epilepsy) EDIT: Flicker stopped once I boarded the rescue vessel.
  7. Got some new stuff for ya. Butai is having the same issue as Niebos was where my craft would experience a sudden burst of heat the instant it enters the atmosphere (wasn't nearly as bad this time, though). Oh, and I found a thing (spoiler alert):
  8. Yes, you can delete the scatter and EVE mods from your gamedata folder, the mod will still work fine
  9. Mind if I ask what program you used to export something as DDS? Also, Olemut seems to be acting like Pol in the sense that it blows up some ships before they reach the surface. Got a nice view from there, though.
  10. Hi, I was looking around in the configs and noticed that the texture, height, and normal maps are DDS files, I was wondering why these are used as opposed to png (I've been trying to make a planet mod but I can only make a white sphere, not sure if this is a fix or not). Also, "MUSTACHE"
  11. You've got quite the skill at making replicas. I really like this one in particular! Wait, the Mun has a wall?
  12. I didn't really notice this until I exited Nievis' SOI, but there's a graphical bug that seems to take place below the surface - not sure what the object at the center looks like either. Edit: This update is also causing my ksp to crash and have loading times over ten times as long as the previous update. Sorry about sending so many reports, I feel like I'm spamming.
  13. I just want to check if this is intentional or not to be prepared, but is the pressure curve on Niebos supposed to be this way? As soon as I hit the atmosphere at about 1,900 m/s (65,000 meter high), the craft splits up and overheats instantly. I also checked the config and saw that the pressure spikes up at 63000 meters compared to values around that altitude. Again, I just want to know if this is intentional or not so I can be prepared for next time Edit: As I exit the atmosphere of Niebos, I notice that there is intense pressure for a split second on crossing the edge of the atmosphere. I'm not seeing anything in the config file that would do this, but my plane flames up on that moment, while it was at a low temperature on the way up.
  14. Sure thing.
  15. I found a bug where rings on Niebos flicker about while the HUD is on. I'm not sure if this happens on other bodies yet, but I'll let you know if it does. Edit: Yep, other rings flicker too, even while not in atmosphere.