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  1. "Splash down in the oceans of Niebietos" I'm gonna do it You can't hide your easter eggs from me! Although I didn't see it until a week after I installed
  2. Small update: after downloading the 1.7 update, my rover that was on Scorch is now on Quarta. Its relay probe is also orbiting Quarta. Debris that was located on Gullis is now on Scorch. Other craft are where I left em. Thought I'd let ya know. edit: this could have also happened because of 1.6 but I hadn't checked craft locations when I installed 1.6
  3. I just downloaded the the 1.6 update and some of my contracts flipped - I was supposed to build a base, collect science data, and preform surface observations on Olemut, but now the base and science contract are set to Olei. Also, the waypoints for the surface observations are located on olei, even though the contract specifies those same points to be on Olemut. Other than that, I'd say I'm having a pretty good time with this mod. Edit: Is Gullis supposed to have oceans? The ground where Minmus' flats once were is just darker green and elevated a bit.
  4. Duuuuude that Gol text easter egg was clever. Well played. Too bad it reads backwards, though.
  5. Could this land on Tylo?
  6. liquid.
  7. The name of the thread you speak of wouldn't happen to be "[1.2.1] kopernicus (Release 1) - November 3," would it?
  8. I've recently begun developing a planet pack and I'm running into some texture issues so far, if someone could let me know what's wrong here, I'd appreciate it: Code for moon: The image below is the Color map (upper left), the Normal map (lower left), and the VertexColor (right) map. Once I launch the game, the in-game moon looks like this:
  9. I am currently developing a new planet and moon pack. I am very new to creating planets, and things are not going quite as planned, but, once I start to get things under control, I will put a link up for download. Here's what I have so far: Sedra Sedra is planned to be a moon orbiting Dres. It is currently the first and only celestial body added, and it is having some rather significant issues with its appearance at the moment. The map appearance is fine (other than the lighting angle being different than it should be), but once you're up close it's a mess. Not sure what to do about this yet, but I shall continue to work on this. Feedback and ideas are appreciated.
  10. Darn. Not much i can do about that at the moment, I suppose. EDIT: Launched on 64x and it seems to be working just fine now.
  11. Here's a link to the four log folders on dropbox: Hope this helps
  12. As soon as the game finishes starting up, it crashes. I have no mods installed besides this and kopernicus. Any ideas?
  13. Zephyr 1 and 2, both of which were designed for Mun and back SSTOs, although they can certainly do round trips to Minmus and back. Zephyr 2 has better lift, but has much less fuel and gets back to Kerbin on fumes. Zephyr 1: Zephyr 2:
  14. tweaking or twerking?