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  1. Flew my newly made F-18 across Kerbin's equator, pretty nice flight.
  2. I've Been testing out this bad boy (which for some reason is still called "lmao cannon" . Holds six shells and can fire 40 degree vertically... Now if only I can find the perfect chassis to actually mount this to something . Warning: antenna's have a slight chance breaking. VOID if missing
  3. @Servo Sure thing, I wouldn't mind one bit someone with far greater experience with these takes a look at my design. I'll shoot you a PM with the download.
  4. Though it will never be as clean looking as @Servo swept wing designs, its a start and it actually is stable and works after roughly 2 hours of testing. Open to any suggestions to clean up the design! EDIT: AND NO THIS IS NOT AN F-14 ITS JUST A BASE DESIGN FOR TESTING Note to self: Don't fast forward time.... also... I believe a plane would need those wings to actually fly... yet this 8.5 ton craft doesn't need it
  5. Hawker Hunter Progress:
  6. That word count constraint really prevented me from diving into each individual's personalities. Hopefully it gives you a good laugh and good luck to everyone who submitted. KSP my new home screen until that release date as well KSP NEWS LAUNCH REPORT #32B – “Artemis” MEDIA RELEASE Among the three crew members on board the “Artemis” space capsule, have their hands full as their journey to Duna has come to a sudden halt. KSC received a report from the crew shortly after entering Duna’s gravitational field to perform an aerobraking maneuver to get captured into a low Duna orbit. Though there was no “significant” problems detected on launch or interplanetary transfer, the crew, consisting of Jebediah, Valentina and Bob Kerman, were up for a surprise when ordered to release the orbital command module before they performed a decelerating burn into Duna’s atmosphere and the land below. The two pilots, given the task to run all pre-flight preparations for the burn, commanded Bob to perform the undocking between the two modules, hesitantly he did so. “Err…. Artemis #1, your parachutes have been ejected, please send your flight engineer to EVA and fix the problem, over.” KSC responded. “Well Duna-t worry about it, I’ve landed a couple of planes without wings or parachutes.” Jebediah insisted. “Unless your second job is to become an aerodynamically stable control surface, Ike-nt see it happening.” – KSC replied. “With all due respect, simply getting here with these low bidder parts was possible, I wouldn’t doubt Jebediah’s skills” Valentina stated. Unfortunately, with no flight engineer such as Bill on board, the KSC had no choice but to call an "emergency" return/abort mission. “I guess summer interns really can’t do one job...” an engineer commented. The return trip would require another 160 days in interplanetary confinement with Jebediah’s bad puns. “It appears to be a software problem” Jebediah reported, “These programmers can’t tell the difference between a parachute and docking port”. Thus commenced the long debate whether it was the programmers or hardware team that led to mission failure.
  7. I haven't even touched that thing. Tried getting all set up with that addon but getting some trace errors, either because I forgot how to properly do directories or all the code fixes required. Really would like to see the outcome of those sketches and "cartoon" like renders. Glad to see you are back.
  8. I might as well make an open top single seater as well, took your advice with the fenders, drastically made improvements to the curvature of the front. Got more progress done all around just about finished... (Though it weighs 6 tons ). Edit: New Open Top JRM LMP1 Car (relatively same speed, a very little improvement to manueverability for sharper turns.
  9. I'm glad you brought that up, it supposed to be somewhat like an R18 with minor modifications to the rear. Moving the cockpit to the front drastically made a difference but still not sold.
  10. For some reason, I dont appreciate the vehicle's looks at all.... attempt at a prototype LMP1 Race Car... any tips to improve (unless you see the complete opposite of me and think its fine).
  11. The thermometer hinge has been a huge component to the recreation of the Scorpion MBT from Halo (both parts count and the suspension ). It's fairly compact and serves the same function as the "real" suspension in the game. Steering controls could use some work, includes tank turret bearing (the traditional style )
  12. That appears to be the issue as it tries to tip over and as it approaches the wheels it goes crazy... Though I'd have to limit the roll on the bearing itself... Update: Its not a good fix, but it still gets the job done, put a buffer between the two crafts. many thanks Avera9eJoe:
  13. These things are pretty strong from testing, apparently it has to do with the hinges positioning, somehow when the steel is over the wheels (with the given clearance between) there is an invisible interaction of some sort that causes it to spaz out. This works: This doesn't work:
  14. So recently I have been messing around with the thermometer hinge on a 18 wheeler truck I had in mine. All went well except the bearing itself unleashes the kraken, inevitably causing premature flight and flinging of all parts in which survive the rampage. I even tried my heavy duty tank turret bearing, yet no luck regardless the strength. Weight is not a problem as the last picture shows, this Ford can tow all of it efficiently (Minus the fact that tail whip can occur). Yet other designs in which use the hinge, work great! If anyone would like to help or offer some advice, I'd gladly appreciate it. Wheeler.craft?dl=0 Yet somehow positioning it like this works just fine.....
  15. Tried my own attempt at a U-2 since they've been floating around in the WIP. Takes off a 90 m/s, pitches at around 5 - 10 degrees per second, landing speed around 50 m/s before stalling.