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  1. The only way I can see a swimming pool working would be if it was a waterproof compartment, that could only be entered and exited at certain times when the plane was perfectly level. EDIT: Or an airlock system! It would have to be right on the COM too, because water is heavy and shifts around.
  2. You definitely don't need all those struts.
  3. There's a mod with an aircraft carrier deck, it made a catapult system by having a gap (usually stowed but the deck was animated so it could open) that the front landing gear fit in. It had a block in the back that pushed the gear forward to accelerate the plane. I don't remember what it was called.
  4. @NotAnAimbot, that sounds good, but my bad-at-math mind cannot comprehend about half of what you said.
  5. You can, but I'm gonna stick nervs in point maluses up the wazoo (no passenger wants to fly in a nuclear rocket plane). (Actually I'm just gonna add it to the RTG malus and calll it a day)
  6. May I suggest building a asymmetric SSTO? It's a pain but they look really cool.
  7. You can enter however many times you want. Be reasonable though. EDIT: You can only submit once in each category, but submissions can be replaced.
  8. I want range to be a viable way of accumulating points too, and I'm afraid that reducing the value of range or putting it into brackets could harm that. If it is too good I would prefer dividing it by two or something.
  9. This support I.
  10. totm

    Bad train big car is the thing that comes after to water side sun light. The train is the third busiest track road in the track road, and the busiest outside of the cold way line. The rolling stuff road often has big rolling things leading it, two story big line cars having a business class, one bad class, 3 more bad class, and a bad class/stuff/driving place car trailing the train to allow easy stuff carrying in the other way once the train reaches its warm side turn around place of. It goes to to, usually to drop off moving people going places (to head even farther cold place than its coldest place turn), people for LA, or to pick up people going places heading warmer places. lots of often has it taking on normal big cars, single floor and, and even. The moving connected cars are planned to have their job done by other things, the rolling stuff to have their job done by rented rolling cars, like to the ones used on big fall.
  11. If you look at the scoring formula, speed is included. You get 2000 free points if you can hit 2000m/s, which is much easier than carrying 400 kerbals at any speed..
  12. What are you asking? Aircraft can be supersonic.
  13. Anybody else have some ideas on how to improve scoring? Recalculation will be easy because you have to post your base statistics. Otherwise I think the scoring will change soon.
  14. Or just not orbit. I love the idea of a rocket-boosted space plane jumping between continents. That's why I wrote subject to change. This challenge is still in its infancy. I think the bonuses should be boosted a lot too because it's a safety challenge.
  15. This is pretty similar to what you are asking for. Really, people are not likely to do your challenge if it is 36 words long. The OP of most challenges are quite long, but more importantly, detailed. Look at some of the very popular challenges and try to be like them. It's what I do. I try to emulate popular challenges because my weak ego requires people to like what I make, because I want to make a good challenge. Also, try to avoid posting too many challenges too quickly, as they should be decently thought out, and if one blows up it's a major pain to deal with, although awesome. I can see three of your challenges on the front page right now, which for less popular challenges means they were posted very close together.