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  1. How come the tail has no end caps?
  2. I mean you could, but HOW I'm thinking that electric planes will be scored without range, with a category in honourable mentions. If I get enough they will have their own leaderboard. @Azimech-style turboprops will be scored normally, as they burn fuel.
  3. Crap, gotta make me a city bus.
  4. Now back from china, the scoreboard is now updated. for some reason I still can't tag more than one or two people per edit.
  5. For engines, If I remember correctly, there is a nearly perfect one in lack luster labs: Or you could use this one from airplane plus:
  6. shoot, I had the OP all updated and then wi-fi wanting me to log back on ate it. Will fix now.
  7. The OP will be updated soon. I'm in mainland China ATM with no cellular so updates will be infrequent.
  8. Those are far smaller than full sized cities. Even kerbin city, when it was working, was something many people could not run, and that was just one half-complete city. Now, just some terrain scatter hobbit holes could serve this purpose pretty well, and it fits in with the kerbals live underground headcannon some of the devs have. If we could have full sized cities, I would love it.
  9. may I suggest looking at this thread?
  10. Sorry, but you need screenshots for a submission. I'd be fine with those mods, but I don't want to set a precedent of reviewing by craft download because then some bloke will come along with 47 mods and my thread will melt from the flames when I refuse to download a million mods to confirm submission. Take screenshots using f1 or f12(if you bought from steam), and upload them to imgur (I use it because it's free and easy) or a similar hosting site to display them. Also, the percentage is based on how many engines you can shut down, not the minimum throttle. This makes you deal with asymmetric thrust and all that jazz.
  11. Are you sure you have the correct version? Try redownloading on a fresh install. Only place the items in the folder into gamedata, and make sure you have no extra modulemanagers or anything. Can't think of much else.
  12. -----------Rules change------------- The no suborbital planes rule is dead, long live the no rocket rule!
  13. Wait herbal foundries has adjustable landing gear now?
  14. Wait, how did you manage to get adjustable landing gear working in the current version?