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  1. Do you have the right version of KJR? It only works with the newest KJR.
  2. Thats because you have activated the Autostrut-Option in the Settings of your Savegame. It`s not a issue of IR Rework. Use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement so you didn`t need the KSP-Autostrut.
  3. I think he means a Dual RD-0124 and he means 8 nozzles instead of 8 cameras. I found only this to the Sunkar: It uses 2x RD-0124 with another arrangement of the nozzles. Wikipedia says:
  4. MikeNZ build one for the old Space Shuttle in KSP 1.0.x but I don't know if it work in 1.2.2.
  5. Build and fly it. There is no craft-file included. You must build it yourself. But it is easy to build. No. Only when your are using RO. Only when you use the mentioned Mods and need his patch.
  6. This mod isn't dead and works well in 1.2.2.
  7. Wow, thats nice. Do you have plans for a Ares V? The last Ares V for Kerbal was from Bobcat but isn`t updatet yet.
  8. I found some issues: - Some parts has no textures for some reasons. which parts is different on each load of KSP. Sometimes the textures of the Ariane 5 Fairings didn`t load, sometimes the Ariane 5 upper stage... - Diamant is not showing up ingame. There are no parts in the VAB because the path is wrong "model = MacLuky_Dev/Launchers/Diamant/Decoupler/model". This directory didn't exist. - The Node for the Payload of Ariane 5 isn`t corrected. You must attach the Payload headlong and then turn it manually with the rotate tool. - The Model-Path of Ariane 3 3rd-Stage is "model = MacLuky_Dev/Launchers/Ariane 4/Stage3/model". This directory didn't exist too.
  9. Do you have plans to completly rework the Launchers? Or only the basics to make them work in 1.2.2+? Because the Ariane 6 isn`t the actual Model which will build by Arianespace. The one in this Pack is an old concept.
  10. Hm, it seems there is no in github, only the source-code.
  11. Did you download the Core-Mod or the Parts overhaul Pack? You must download the Core-Pack. The Overhaul Pack is optional.
  12. Jeast's Canadarm uses IR and IR does definitely work in 1.2.2.