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  1. As you can see in the Topic this mod is (unfortunately and sadly) retired. So there is no download anymore.
  2. There is an Dragon V2 in this modpack.
  3. Yes, I had this issue weeks ago and yesterday but not constantly. The other problem is that I can permanently control the Throttle without delay but steering (WASDQE) has a delay. I think there is another mod which made entries in the persistent-file of the save which triggers this issue. But I found nothing. The problem at testing is: to find out which mod is the reason I must delete the MM-Files and start a new game. With 50 Mods this is a laborious.
  4. @TaxiService I tested now mod by mod (install mod, start KSP, installed next mod...)and the issue ist caused by Mechjeb. But only partially. With MJ I can control the probe directly without delay. But curiously: without MJ I have a delay only at using the WASDQE-Keys. Throttling up/down the Engines (Shift/STRG) has no delay. Edit: After further testing control by WASDQE has a delay with installed Mechjeb. It seems that there is another mod which is interfering with MJ and caused the issue. But the issue with no delay at Throttling up/down is still there. It makes me wanna puke.
  5. No, I have no idea. I searched in every .cfg in my GameDta but found nothing.
  6. @TaxiService Thank you for your help. But the problem is: I used Quetzal, Torekka, Barquetta and Tatsujin. I never used the Formalhaut-Probe yet. I tested with a Stock-Probecore (Okto) and had the same problem. Delay ist ~15 seconds but I can control it with no delay.
  7. It`s the proposed Boeing Mars Lander.
  8. Here is my output_log. Toggle RCS, SAS or using Experiments has a delay. But I can directly control the probe and the engines.
  9. No, not yet. It is still in developement. But at the end of developement. See last post of Raendy:
  10. Thank you for the very fast help.
  11. Hey ShotgunNinja I installed Quarter Sized RSS and the Radiation Belts didn't show up in the Map-View. Also I can not do the Contracts like "Cross the Radiation Belt".
  12. Why did you quote the entire OP-Post? There IS a Orion-Pod in this Pack. Download it and look.
  13. Notepad (or the most other Texteditors) MUST work to open .cfg files.
  14. Jeast has a working Canadarm.
  15. No, not current. I had it some time ago and enabled SignalDelay in this config. I use the original Remote-Tech config. I added only some Groundstations in it.