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  1. Sorry, if it is a stupid question but how do I add Hydrolox? With IFS I can only switch to hydrogen.
  2. A little change to the EngineFailureModul.cfg: Because some engines uses ModuleEnginesFX.
  3. I have some issues with AmpYear. here`s the full log: output_log.txt
  4. @vossiewulfIt Seems you are running out of memory. You have too many Mods installed.
  5. I would prefer the second too.
  6. is it a possible feature for the next update to deactivate the part highlighting via button?
  7. experiments are available and yes, it occurs when I sit on the launchpad/runway/ every other biom. It occurs everytime when I open the x-science-window.
  8. hm, for me it occurs every few seconds without changing the biome/area.
  9. You are wrong: The ingame description of the Passive Experiment Carrier says: And the ingame description of the Payload Carrier says: The Payload Carrier is only to transport the parts to space. It`s like a KIS-Container so cou can use alternative a KIS-Container or the inventory of every seat in your capsule. But the Payload Carrier has a bigger storage. The PEC is the holder to attach and run the experiments. It must be attached to your ship in space during an EVA. Don`t forget a wrench or electric screwdriver. Then you can attach one of the four KEES-Experiments to the PEC. After finishing an experiment you can detach the experiment and then attach another experiment to it. You can attach the PEC with an experiment in VAB but it will tear off during ascent because it snaps under high pressure (look at the ingame description: It is designed for use in microgravity and will not sustain the G-load of launch or reentry.).
  10. I found the mod causing this issue. it was SmartActuators and there`s a new release that fixed this issue. Thank you for your help.
  11. @severedsolo Thank you. I had Beta 4. I didn`t know that there are a newer version. Edit: I used now the Beta 5 and the issue in Quote 1 is fixed. But the issue with true/false is still there and I don't know what that caused.
  12. You can put the tweakscale.cfg everywhere in GameData. But the contares tweakscale.cfg is only for a handful of the parts. For all other parts there is no tweakscale.cfg.
  13. I don`t know if it is UPFM: Untitled Part Failure Mod or Scrap Yard but I have a lot of errors in my log like this: and this: You can find the full Log here: output_log.txt I will crosspost this with scrap upfm.
  14. I agree this. I don`t know if it is upfm or Scrap Yard but I have a lot of errors in my log like this: and this: You can find the full Log here: output_log.txt