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  1. Do you think it created any thrust? I tried making a cam to provide the flapping motion but my skills arent up to much and I couldn't get it to hold together long enough to test anything Ill try again on my days off.
  2. Can you add a bearing to the wings? You could then use octos mounted to the main frame of the body to turn the wings as they rise and fall by them hitting the wing. I'll make an example later to illustrate.
  3. My first electric powered plane, also the first time using the @klond variation of the @Majorjim! of my wheeless design like bearing. The motor is tiny and the power is awful but it's strangely fun to fly. I hope to get back into KSP again now.
  4. not the prettiest thing I've ever build but it works
  5. The Vomit drive, so called due to the unfortunate side effect of having the main section rotate out of sync with the rest of the craft, inducing travel sickness. As far as I know it is the first of its kind (and may be the last!). The craft works only by using angular momentum. The sas unit is on a bearing with allows it to spin, which in turn rotates the crafts main section through angular momentum. No drive parts are connected to each other. Shortly after creating the vomit drive, Kerbins finest engineers called the drive pointless, before calling it the work of the Kraken as well since it seemed to work by magic. Eventually its creator, Erasmusguy Kerman was banished to Eeloo! for the craft file.
  6. it still needs a ton of work on it but I have new gear designs to try out. It only works at low speeds and sometime not at all :,( I use editor extensions redux mod so I can move the parts further a part then is normally possible.
  7. It works far better than mine. I never bothered to improve my diff.
  8. Any chance of a share button to social media site's like twitter?
  9. just clip and be happy
  10. Very nice! I'm going to try a planetary gearbox you have convinced me!
  11. I was hoping this way would be easier but its looking like planetary is the best option. Its going to be hard to find a way to to reliably stop the gears I think.
  12. working on a gearbox as well but thats proving to be a lot harder than I thought... I was going to use this to change gear but its rubbish
  13. Prototype working diff and clutch. Needs a lot of work still.
  14. Its good to see turboprops and the likes finally getting some major recognition.
  15. I built a tram a while back but never thought about putting it in space lol!