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  1. So I've decided to merge the ESA Launchers here, it makes much more sense to have a single repo. I'm also adding Rosetta and Philea. They are far from finished, but frankly I am not sure if I will ever get there. There is weird stuff in the Rosetta core lander that keeps generating bugs that require complete rebuilds in unity which are just too painful. I could really appreciate a hand in fixing those. I'm focussing on a new project that will be a rocket pack, lets see how that turns out Oh grab the download here: Download ZIP
  2. Well the name gives it away ;-) it's the factor by which the model is scaled. Typically just leave it at 1 but if you want your part to be bigger you can go for 2. This does mean that the attachment points need to move by the same factor, and for fairness probably mass and cost etc too.
  3. Bit more progress Philae got a probe core and an attachable science package.
  4. Worked on the Rosetta lander gear:
  5. statistics only work in larger numbers, then again, we are talking probability, which works fine with gemini numbers
  6. Yes you can even pick up tourists and use a mun and minmus gravity assist to get thrown out of the system. If you pack 1500 dv you should be okay.
  7. Small update: I've figured out how solar panels work. (I think): Let me know what you think
  8. Nice! can you share the model? it will save me quite a bit of work
  9. Thanks for the feedback: The first issue is very strange, I'd be interested in a KSP.log of that occurrence. Diamant and Ariane 3-3: I feel silly, apparently I had both the development folder and the release folder in my test setup. Will fix asap! thanks for not only spotting it, but also providing the fix! Will rotate payload node of Ariane 5 asap and run some more tests. Nice! do you have dimensions, schematics etc? I think I can give this a go and make a more kerbal like version of it. fix is on GitHub master: Thanks
  10. Thanks, will make the patch optional and think about compressing the models so they are the same height
  11. thats an amazing mod list in your sig

  12. downloading the beta! thanks for sharing the models. despite the different style there is so much one can learn from studying someone else's creations. Love how the texturing looks!
  13. Had a jool capture and crashed the lander into tylo, while trying to land. Now I know how ESA feels. Probably hold a press conference on how much we learned from miscalculating our trajectory. (There is no F9 in real life)
  14. if it's good, i'll probably buy. if its not, i'll probably not. Guess it will work the same for the rest, but the quality of some mods out there like bdb, tantares (which gets autocorrected to fanfares) and sstu raise the bar.
  15. Thanks for releasing the textures! This stuff really is like finding the book on black magic