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  1. What? Where can I read these rumors and whispers?
  2. Finalized the designs for the ships for my next mission. I'm planning to make a video of it.
  3. @basic.syntax I hope not. I love love love the look of porkjet's parts.
  4. @SpannerMonkey(smce) what's that little island behind you?
  5. Any possibility you could throw it on spacedock so I can get emails about updates?
  6. @TheRagingIrishman thank you so much! I'll give it a go when you make the full release. As far as a name goes, how about "Necessary Control"? Since it removes unnecessary control.
  7. okay, so it seems that stock bug fix and stock plus work fine in 1.2 but neither actually contain the functionality that I want. Unless I'm missing something the files and code are straight up not on github.
  8. @Crimeo that's the whole point. It looks silly. I know it's possible in real life, but it still looks silly.
  9. As long as we're on the topic of part failures, I think part failures would be made 100x more fun if there was some kind of KAS-like feature built in to the game. It would make repair missions possible and fun (and open up a excrements ton of exciting new gameplay possibilities elsewhere). Imagine this: you've sent up a communications satellite, but its long range antenna failed. No biggie. You send your best engineer up in an SSTO. You dock the failed satellite into the spaceplane's cargo bay, where a replacement antenna is waiting. Your engineer jetpacks over to the cargo bay and gets into a command seat to brace himself while he works. He detaches the faulty antenna and lets it drift off into space, then attaches the replacement he's brought up. I think it would be really fun.
  10. @swjr-swis ah thank you! As soon as I have time I will test and see if it works in 1.2, and if it doesn't I'll try my hand at updating it.
  11. It looks stupid for my spaceplanes to flap their flaps when they're in space, and it's annoying having to manually disable each control surface to prevent this. A mod that made them stay put when there's no atmosphere would be amazing.
  12. I adore the fact that asteroids are procedural, it makes every new encounter with one that much more unique and special.