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  1. It has always been a wish of mine to create a mod with a unique result for every experiment in every situation in every biome on every planet. I had hoped that with the localization update I would have an easy way to do that, but after searching through all the files in here: I have not found the science results. Where are they?
  2. uh... you people should not be falling asleep at your keyboard. Please, do yourself a favor and go to bed a little earlier.
  3. I went through the "sort by resource" tab in the advanced section of the editor, and chose a bunch of parts for each resource. The only one I see abbreviated is ElectricCharge to EC.
  4. Personally I disagree with this change, it feels like an acronym for acronyms' sake. As Elon Musk said, "The key test for an acronym is to ask whether it helps or hurts communication". This one definitely hurts it. Especially for new players, it's just unnecessarily confusing.
  5. Oh neat. I've always wanted the pin button to be bigger, it can be hard to hit. What's the acronym then? Part Access Window?
  6. A few things in the changelog I'm confused about, would appreciate any insight into them. Where are these located? I don't see them anywhere (and pressing F/R doesn't make it obvious). What does this mean? What is a PAW?
  7. Saw this in the FAQ: Unclear on this. Was this a typo, intended to say March 16, 2017? Because that's when the prerelease came out. Or is this an announcement of a release date for the full update?
  8. You son of a poodle!
  9. The concern is that you actually did make changes to the code.
  10. I actually just assumed it wouldn't work... just tested it and I'm pretty sure it's working fine. Sorry for bothering you.
  11. Are there any plans to update this mod to 1.2?
  12. Are there plans to update this to 1.2?