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  1. Some of the versions felt a bit like beta, but i don´t think thats whats meant there The airlock looks interesting. Could make good crew tunnels for space stations Is the docking port "integrated" or will it be a seperate part? Can´t really tell from the image...
  2. You could start KSP without steam. Its located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program", if you use Windows and used the default install location. In Linux its usually located somewhere in your home directory... Edit: The better option would probably be to right click KSP in your steam library, go to properties, select the "betas"-tab and choose "previous_1.2.2" from the dropdown. It should then automatically download 1.2.2
  3. Nice! Congrats on the release Oh and that does not work in symmetry. You can offset the first part of the strut, but the second won´t offset in symmetry. ( Yes, thats still there. Lets see how many hotfixes we get this time
  4. Yes. Several times, but this seems to be the oldest (and probably the only one on the main tracker) And i agree that its a issue. The current implementation just makes accurate burns very hard to do....
  5. Yep, i'm seeing it as well without timewarp. Seems to happen multiple times per minute, in irregular timesteps.
  6. Hoping for more info on this soon™, sounds interesting. Also, the new decouplers. I really like that they are not as obvious as the 2.5m one.
  7. Lots of good stuff in this weekly. The engine looks nice. I really like that it changes with node size. Will that also change things like drag? And how are node sizes other than the specified handled?
  8. That looks nice! Does it have any features that make it different from the existing 2.5m pod? The size seems to be pretty much the same. Oh cool!
  9. Yeah, waypoint names are random. I think i´ve got 'Schiaparelli's Impact' on Kerbin once
  10. Really cool to see stage seperation like that!
  11. Scrubbed for today. New window tomorrow same time Edit: Ninja´d :D. But the issue wasn´t the second stage, so thats probably good
  12. Heres mine: Its a simple 'Orbit and back to KSC' mission. No mods used, but this was done in the current pre-release
  13. Try reloading (F5/F9). Helped when i had the problem...
  14. If a part 'fails', will all of it fail or will it be possible to select specific functions of that part (i.e. Alternator for engines)?
  15. In context of KSP probably Parts Action Window - the right click menu on parts.