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  1. Do we need GPS? Could be handy to have it around, but i dont think its necsessary. Speed can be obtained by using an accelerometer (and appropiate programming to track acceleration starting at liftoff), attitude by using a gyroscope, heading by using a magnetometer (digital compass) and altitude by measuring ambient pressure/temperature. Probably more expensive (both time and money) than GPS, but lets us get around all the limitations and problems imposed by using a system like GPS.
  2. I dont think RPi is a good idea. Its a fairly complex machine (compared to a “simple“ microcontroller) and would introduce lots of potential failure points. For critical systems it would be better to go for Arduino or some other microcontroller. As simple and robust as you can get...
  3. There are currently 2 planned missions, one in 2020, another in 2021. The Atlas V configuration chosen is the Atlas V 552 (5 SRBs, 5.4m fairing, 2-engine upper stage), which until today never flew in that configuration.
  4. On orbit maneuvering and LES. Probably also for revisiting the concept later. The problem are not the engines, or landing, they are the landing legs...
  5. You could put them in paralell. Which is probably what @sevenperforce meant. Like, poke a lot of holes into a tank and put a valve into each hole. And you don´t need that many valves. 6 would give you the ability to throttle in steps of ~1.5%...
  6. Depends on your keyboard layout. For me its "^". But you can always look it up in the settings.
  7. Its not "Backspace" anymore (since 1.2 i believe). It was changed and is now the key above "Tab".
  8. I was kind of surprised when the droneship appeared from the fog Weather didnt look to good, but they did it
  9. Thanks! Here are some pictures of the landing, as well as one of the launch vehicle sitting on the launchpad (Its not the final launcher, but it looks like KSP didn´t save the screenshot of the final version... Oh well. Close enough ) I ended up not using the wheels to drive around, they slide to much, so i used the RCS to slide it into position
  10. And its done Turns out, KSP has trouble handling crafts with 2000+ parts Two days just trying to get it there...
  11. Nice fixes for 1.3.1, and the ability to actiongroup "Control from here" and wheels sounds awesome! Also, some good stuff about Making History. That right there.
  12. Well, i gave some of my Jool 5 stuff to the Kraken, after the mission was finished: That was in 1.0.5 tho, might be time for a new visit
  13. It really is just a dirty workaround, and i hope it is not here to stay
  14. Sounds good The new fuel tanks look great.
  15. I´m actually more concerned about the DRM-freeness of KSP. I always do seperate installs for mods, and i suppose i´m not the only one...