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  1. Had that happen to me a few times in the past. What you can do is to activate the "Unbreakable joints" cheat from the cheat menu and disable it again a few seconds after it loaded in.
  2. That was quite a long weekly! I like it! Nice to hear that missions are indeed a bit like challenges
  3. The Apollo LEM looks nice, but i wonder will it have 2 crew or just 1? It looks to small for 2... Will be interesting to see the soviet styled parts
  4. The mission builder (and probably the parts) sound like the only "new" thing, as in requiring some dedicated development ressources . The parts sound like an excuse for not doing the rocket parts overhaul, and the parachute thing is just a big WTH. But the mission builder sounds nice. Let´s see if its worth it....
  5. Thanks. The dropdown is now showing as i would expect.
  6. Still a no. Am i doing something wrong? Did the redmine update change the way you confirm issues or something?
  7. No. Not trying to confirm my own ones...
  8. @JPLRepo Unfortunatly not. I can add comments and vote on a issue, but not confirm...
  9. I just noticed that i can´t confirm or mark bug reports on the pre release tracker like in previous pre-releases. Permission problem?
  10. Pan´s gravity must be really low for that ridge to not collapse. Almost looks like a disk seperating the two halves...
  11. If you want to use mods, you could also use BDArmory´s autopilot for this. Lets you do some other fun stuff aswell, like having one plane follow the other
  12. Yes, it wouldn´t stop users from complaining. But thats not a problem with modpacks. Users will always complain about something.
  13. I dont see the big problem here. There are already rules for providing mods, why not expand them to cover modpacks aswell, and just add a rule that modpack authors are required to name all the mods and versions they use?
  14. They do. They count as regular anomalies. So keep in mind that every probe core has a certain chance of discovering them...