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  1. Not really, signals travel from your body to your brain at around 100m/s max. (Scroll all the way down to the bottom.)
  2. Here! @legoclone09
  3. Sublimator
  4. I believe that if you want RO to support your mod you write a MM config and put it in RO's suggested mods folder. You should test it on your personal install of RO, then open up a pull request on the RO github. At least, that's what I did to have my mod supported by RO.
  5. I do, and I plan to try spacedock's CKAN indexer. There's a problem with putting them both in the same download; the default one has RO support, while the 1.25m one doesn't. Since I think most people who use this mod want to use it with RO, I don't want to add extra unsupported parts in the same download. EDIT: To clarify, you're right, I should clean up the structure of the folders that are installed, so the parts go one folder for both mods. I'll do that on the next release when I make the textures DDS and get surface attachment working right.
  6. It might work, but it doesn't fit with rapid, cheap reusability.
  7. Remember that KSP CoMs move differently from IRL ones, and any fuel left over during reentry would shift towards the nose of the craft.
  8. Thanks! I've been looking into how to get that done. Soontm
  9. FTB:IE
  10. I believe HP stands for H.P. Lovecraft, known for inventing Cthulu.
  11. That looks amazing!
  12. Thanks! Here's a 1.25m version: Rescaled
  13. The animations on the suspensions of the LRV look amazing!