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  1. No, but I don't think it ever goes on sale. It's worth 20$, though.
  2. Alright, I just bought Bastion Gunpoint The Half-Life bundle, with 11 games. OneShot Papers, Please Please, don't touch anything and The Room For a little over 20$ USD.
  3. SpaceX doesn't patent anything they do.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Here's some of mine: The Stanley Parable: Excellent, and 75% off. Planet Coaster: Very fun sandbox, the management side of it is pretty easy, though. 33% off, which is pretty good for how new it is. Space Engineers: Not a very good survival game, but a fun voxel spaceship building sandbox. Minecraft in space, with slopes. And moving vehicles. And destruction physics. Portal 1 & 2 (bundle) is a 90% discount, and probably worth it just for Portal 1. (The Half-Life series is similarly discounted, but I haven't played that) is 33% off. It's a little content light, but a career mode is in progress. EDIT: If you get The Stanley Parable, play the demo too! Even if you know you want to get the game.
  5. Any suggestions? I was looking at Production line, but it isn't on sale. SimAirport is 20% off, but I think I might want to get Airport CEO instead, which isn't yet released.
  6. SoonTM (About ITS plan update)
  7. To join in on interpreting a Jool Odyssey, @Zhetaan's post made me think of good comparison in fiction: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Kerbals, like Dr Jekyll, are perfect. They have no vices or selfish tendencies, and they live in what humans would call a utopian society. The Kerbulans, like Mr. Hyde, are flawed. Their faults completely define them, and they are only out to serve themselves. Curiously, though, they do have a form of government, even if it is only by power. Just like Dr. J and Mr. H, no humans are completely like either. The characters were used as an extreme example for literary reasons. I would argue that so are the Kerbals and Kerbulans, for a similar reason: which of these do you want to be? Not if you had some magic button o' morality, but in your day to day life. To clarify: this is my interpretation, not necessarily what Kuzzter intended.
  8. That's looking good!
  9. I picked up Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm when it was free for a bit recently, but then I bought Oxygen not Included and Planet Coaster. So now I'm playing those.
  10. Thanks!
  11. This is so exciting! How are you handling reuse of the first stage?
  12. Looking good! The technical 'cast in in km/h though, funny.
  13. Go SpaceX!
  14. Can't agree more. I would recommend the explore bus tour, and the early space bus tour. The early space bus tour takes you to a bunch of the historic launch pads and their blockhouses. You can see the Gemini 2 capsule on it too. But (IIRC) you need a passport or drivers license if you're over 16.
  15. Just confirmed on their hosted webcast, and on twitter.