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  1. Don't you think that maybe some of the electronics might be important? Like, the ones that power and control the life support systems? I guess you could make everything clockwork.
  2. A couple of good KSP tutorials: A big thread with lots of hints: Make sure to read this one, advice from Porkjet on how the stock textures are made: Ambient occlusion and normal maps will make your textures look much better for very little work. Keep everything in a separate layer for easier workflow.
  3. When I learned that you could quicksave.
  4. I doubt that any SpaceX timelines will stay where they are now, but they will have experience beyond LEO when they fly the ITS for the first time. They will have flown the lunar tourists, and multiple Red Dragon missions.
  5. From the KSP weekly:
  6. 1.875m parts! Hype hype hype hype!
  7. 1.875m parts would be amazing, it's a good size for soyuz/vostok/voskhod-alike parts too.
  8. I'm hyped for adjustable struts.
  9. This sounds great! KSP has already repaid the US$ 27 that I paid for it many, many times over. I look forward to new parts too.
  10. That's what quicksaves are for.
  11. The problem with this is that RO depends on mods that the authors have licensed in a way that disallows redistribution.
  12. Thanks! I'll give it a try, thanks. In other news, I've tried my hand at Porkjet's concept for the Spark engine:
  13. Wow, that looks amazing! Are you sure that I can use it? I probably won't be able to do it justice with my textures.