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  1. I was just trying to get the fly out. Waiter, there's a neutron star in my soup.
  2. Nothing compared to a rocket, but RP-1 costs 8$/gallon, while jet fuel costs 2$/gallon and methane is even cheaper.
  3. Hi @The Raging Sandwich
  4. This was recently posted on /r/spacex: (Tom Mueller interview/Skype call) Couple of SpaceX related highlights: They avoid space vendors Block 5 will have reusable TPS and better landing legs that can fold for transport Elon on Merlin engines: Why do they cost more than a model S when they weight 1/5 as much? SpaceX has forced other LPs to innovate, reuse. Raptor designed to 99% thermal efficiency 30% of F9 cost is upper stage Videos claiming that SpaceX faked landing are highest compliment (because they are claiming that what you are doing is impossible) >4000psi combustion chamber pressure Methane is much cheaper than kerosene 1000t of propellant needs to be manufactured on Mars over 2 years to get home Elon wanted 12h F9 turnaround, settled for 24h Electric prop for sats SpaceX is looking at nuclear thermal, prohibitively expensive for SpaceX to develop due to environmental laws, if NASA every works on it SpaceX would "jump in" Raptor is 3.5, 3.6 O/F ratio ITS could do jupiter direct with about 20t payload, no people without depots SpaceX is enabling "killer space apps" Working for Elon Musk is "pretty trippy" "different every day" "extremely demanding" tends to take the harder way Merlin uses "phase shutoff" Mueller advised Elon against it (removes many valves, some computers, harder R&D with many RUDs on test stands) SpaceX is following NASA planetary protection protocols, initially He also describes a rocket engine as "Throwing 800lbs of bricks at mach 10 every second" Transcript here:
  5. I see. I wonder what changes will be required at SLC-4E, and when they'll complete those. Probably not for a while, their manifest doesn't show a west coast FH launch at all.
  6. SLC-4E is the VAFB launch site. I believe it is ready for FH as it already has the FH strongback. It might need to be modified for the "throwback," though.
  7. I think FH could launch from SLC-4E right now.
  8. I'm sorry to say I have no idea where you could begin with that. I assume you've already looked at this:
  9. Spam. They're mostly trying to trick you into increasing traffic on shady websites, so they have a link to something, plus some text that is likely unrelated to the topic (and misspelled) or is promising something like free money. I think some clever ones will steal other posts from the forum and use them.
  10. Baldur's Gate
  11. Technical webcast has mostly rocket views and launch net audio, while hosted has people describing what's happening. The technical webcast also has speed in m/s instead of km/h. The NROL-76 one probably didn't because they can't say much about anything.
  12. It is 12 feet in diameter, so I think that's what he meant.
  13. That was amazing footage! Close up of the landing burn, transsonic bowshock, nitrogen thruster plumes. And S1 telemetry all the way down! Well, goodnight again.