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  1. Not sure if you're still looking for ideas, but I just tried to make an interplanetary transporter for a large number (50 or so) of kerbals. I found that it's pretty easy to get decent hab time with the inflatables, however there's no large scale USI-LS recycling facility to ensure that all crew benefit from a recycler. Basically the "best" solution at the moment is to spam dozens of the lightweight RT-500 modules in addition to one high-efficiency recycler like a Kerbitat to set the cap. So it'd be nice to have a high throughput recycler, with a low efficiency, low EC cost and low mass per kerbal supported comparable to the RT-500. Basically something like the RT-500 scaled up to 10x or 20x. Or maybe just adding recycler configuration options to the inflatable habs and hab rings; everything that can be a greenhouse efficiency part would also be nice to have a recycler option in addition.
  2. Looks like you have deleted the Squad folder which contains most of the game. Don't do that, ever.
  3. You can lock the organics in the Ag module so they can't be taken from there.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the interaction between multiple mods that causes this. My first guess would be that somehow it makes the dry mass of the empty fuel tank negative, which does cause awesome physics glitches. This would explain why it only happens when it's empty, and why it doesn't happen for the standard fuel config.
  5. I like this mod for its side effect of increasing heap and reducing GC. However it's slightly annoying that I manually have to close the graph every time I start KSP. So could I ask for a cfg option to start with the window closed? Or to remember the last state of the window?
  6. I don't know if there's a rationale for excluding it from local logistics (using the dashboard), when it participates in planetary logistics with no problem. Why should it be different from any other resource? You can pump it normally within a vessel. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, sure, automated transfers are kinda dangerous because they might steal machinery from an important module. But they could just ignore non-warehouses like they do for planetary logistics.
  7. It mostly plays nice, but reduces the masses of the various modules, including some hubs and such with crew capacity, thinking they're crew pods. So that changes the balance a bit, but nothing game breaking. It just makes you wonder why some things are way heavier than others until you realize this is what's going on. Other than reducing the dry mass, it doesn't interact with USI parts at all so there's no potential for other problems. SMURFF is just an MM patch, after all.
  8. It's one of the reasons I went with RSS+SMURFF instead of RO, plus a few handpicked mods from RO. IHMO RO is just trying to do too much at once, and KSP not really suitable for too much realism due to bugs.
  9. It's in USILifeSupport.dll as part of ModuleLifeSupportExtender.
  10. Presumably it was @RoverDude's choice not to do it like that, especially since the demo charge gives you the choice of either 50% Materialkits or 50% recyclables. Getting both at the same time would mean you'd have a 100% recycling rate, which nobody has achieved even on earth, let alone in space, so that'd be rather broken.
  11. You lose even more mass with the alternative, when you just crash it into the surface instead... However rather than creating a new resource for useless junk, it's just not carried into the vessel and discarded. It's not that the "missing" mass is destroyed, though. It just doesn't become part of the vessel like the rest.
  12. It would probably be a good idea to put that as a comment in the beginning of the file, since that's not at all obvious.
  13. I finally tracked down a long-standing issue with KerbalEngineer locking up the game when a ground base is targeted with the rendezvous window open. Posted issue #126 about it. Somehow the intercept angle becomes infinity and this causes an infinite loop when trying to clamp it. I can offer to make a PR to fix it, but I'm not really sure which of the possible fixes would be best.
  14. Are there any PDU transmitters that work without crew? If not, I think at least the microwave transmitter should work unmanned, for all the others I'd accept that you need crew to maintain the (virtual) cables.