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  1. What I mean was basically what Wyzard said. Inflate it and add MK storage, then produce MK that are stored inside until it's full, and finally complete the process. Although it could also work like the ISMs, have a small amount of MK storage while deflated, then inflate it to get the full MK storage required to kit it out, and when that's full, use the MK and remove the storage. This would also work on orbital bases where planetary logistics aren't available (if it ever becomes possible to pull MK from there for the kitting out).
  2. Yeah, it'd be nice if it were possible to inflate them incrementally, or (at least for surface bases), to use MK from the planetary storage. Or give the appropriate MK storage to the part itself and remove it when it's inflated. It only makes sense that there's room for 46k MK in the hab ring after all, if they are required to kit them out. Having to bring up a 5 m kontainer or two ISM just to have enough MK in one place is really stupid. I made ticket #1004 for this but so far there hasn't been anyone to work on it.
  3. First make sure all the prerequisite mods are up to date, in particular USITools and CCK.
  4. You can. Well, KIS lets you drop it, but the game likes to blow stuff up when it touches the ground, so YMMV. Better put it in a box, the MKS hubs and airlocks have a small inventory space you can put it in for this reason.
  5. It's a design flaw in KIS that cannot be fixed. However, the latest KIS release will prevent such crew transfers and show an error message instead of eating the inventories.
  6. Thinking about this some more, are you sure you didn't confuse it with the old MaterialKits->ReplacementParts conversion? I don't see anything in the code that would work like this for Machinery too. Maintenance just moves resources, it doesn't convert them except for the special case of ReplacementParts.
  7. Huh?? Since when has this been a thing?! Doesn't that mean you never need a machinery converter at all, since you could just pump machinery out of a part and do maintenance on it to convert MK->Machinery at will? Sounds like a bug, to be quite honest. Id would remove the need for half the MKS chains.
  8. It's clearly not the right planet for a huge industrial base, and you won't be able to be completely self-sufficient. So plan regular resupply missions. Since you're not constructing new ships there, all you need is resupply of machinery and uranium, of which you require very little. It doesn't make sense to try and produce machinery locally in your case, shipping it in is much cheaper than shipping in Rare Metals and refining these, making Specialized Parts, and then Machinery. You'll save two major production lines that way, since they're pointless without access to all required resources. So just send a shipment of Enriched Uranium and Machinery every few years and you should be fine. Since KSP doesn't simulate EC in the background, you need much less EU than it seems at first, and machinery is fairly easy predictable, but keep rising bonuses in mind. Or do the warp drive thing...
  9. That sounds like something is malfunctioning, PDUs should only transfer EC when the target goes below 50%. There's no way to disable PDUs individually, but you could make an MM patch to remove the functionality from a given part.
  10. What was your old version? If it's older than March 28, then this FPS drop may be temporary. If I remember right, the fix to bug #1233 requires that the first time after upgrading, catchup processing with efficiency parts has to run for quite a bit longer for each vessel. This can mean some noticeable FPS drop for a minute or two (of physics time, not game time so time warp won't help). After that it should stabilize however. So check if your FPS gets better after a while. If you save afterwards it should be normal from then on, and only lower during the actual catchup processing after coming back to a vessel that you hadn't focused for a while. But if it doesn't get better after 5 or 10 minutes, this is some different issue though that should be looked into after all.
  11. What exactly do you want to remove? The two parts (orbital dock and launchpad)? Those are MKS_EL_LaunchPad.cfg and MKS_EL_OrbDock.cfg, you can remove these two files and it shouldn't cause errors. Don't delete anything else. Or better yet, make a custom MM patch to remove the parts. For this, you create a new folder in GameData, e.g. "N3N_Patches" and put there a cfg with the following content: -PART[MKS_EL_*] {} This will remove the parts reliably even when you update MKS. So you don't have to remember deleting the cfgs manually.
  12. I can confirm this. The stock drills extract all available resources from an asteroid including the stuff you need for MKS, provided you have storage space, otherwise they just get discarded. It's not a very intuitive behavior though, and I wish the stock drill explanation would make this more obvious.
  13. Not sure if you're still looking for ideas, but I just tried to make an interplanetary transporter for a large number (50 or so) of kerbals. I found that it's pretty easy to get decent hab time with the inflatables, however there's no large scale USI-LS recycling facility to ensure that all crew benefit from a recycler. Basically the "best" solution at the moment is to spam dozens of the lightweight RT-500 modules in addition to one high-efficiency recycler like a Kerbitat to set the cap. So it'd be nice to have a high throughput recycler, with a low efficiency, low EC cost and low mass per kerbal supported comparable to the RT-500. Basically something like the RT-500 scaled up to 10x or 20x. Or maybe just adding recycler configuration options to the inflatable habs and hab rings; everything that can be a greenhouse efficiency part would also be nice to have a recycler option in addition.
  14. Looks like you have deleted the Squad folder which contains most of the game. Don't do that, ever.
  15. You can lock the organics in the Ag module so they can't be taken from there.