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  1. interesting idea @cratercracker but I want to unlock the tech tree as stocklike as possible. I'm thinking of installing the galileo planet pack after I finish this challenge.
  2. Thanks for the replies @StupidAndy and @TopHeavy11. Science is a problem indeed! From what I've noticed so far is that the science payout from contracts never gets higher later in the game. So, from time to time I get some contracts with a reward of say.. 1 to 3 science points. Theoretically I could completely unlock the tech tree with these contracts hehe. But by the time I would complete the challenge, chances are that KSP 2 is already in stores… on sale! XD The idea of using strategies to convert money and rep to science points seems to be a lot more efficient. combined with the MPL I think I will be able to complete the challenge within a month or so. I think… Hehe I haven’t played a game with the sliders at 100% rewards in over a year. Boy, I’m starting to miss those good old days hehe. Still.. I find the 10% challenge very fascinating and entertaining!
  3. @astroheiko: I’ve been playing around with the FAT-455 Aroplane Main Wing and Big S delta wing and Panther. The Fat-455 has a great wingspan, but I did get faster (better?) results with the Big-S with the same amount of DV. I don’t think I can unlock the Big-S part for now, but perhaps I can use regular delta wings to copy the wing area (which is 5 (m2??)). The Fat-455 has a larger wingspan, thus more drag. I’ve been trying to lower the drag by hiding stuff inside a small bay, but that’s not working as I would have hoped. The next issue is getting out of the water. I’ve been checking the biome map of Laythe and I believe there is only one biome situated in middle of the ocean. If I start there with a separable pontoon, I could then release it after performing the experiments and just land on solid surfaces from there on out. One other alternative is to use a SSTO and refuel in space. It comes down on which method is most fun and/or fast. I’ll have to play around a bit to find out which tactic suites me best. Hey @cunjocarl . Thanks for the thousand suggestions! It makes me want to play KSP even more hehe. The idea of upgrading R&D building is very good. I wasn’t aware that the gravitation measurements generate that much science. I think it is an efficient strategy to unlock all the science techs as soon as possible. I think I will skip Laythe for now and focus on getting funds to upgrade the R&D facility instead. Revisiting Bop or Pol would be easy way of getting funds again. I think it will take about 20 observational contracts to collect 2.000.000 funds, which honestly, is going to be a drag. I could spice things up and visit Vall instead. The turnout will be approximately the same as on bop and pol, but then I also could get the science from every biome. I wouldn’t be able to perform gravitational measurements though… and it’s not likely I will visit that moon again, just to perform one experiment on every biome. Decisions .. decisions XD… I will have to think on what I’m going to do next. Initially I was hoping to build a 4 tonnes, Mach 5, 9000 ISP SSTO-plane with a delta v budget of 100km/s. XD That dream was shattered pretty quickly when I started experimenting with different designs, hehe. After whining about it on this thread I lowered my expectations and started fiddling with the panther and the Juno, which resulted in pretty nice designs with a 70 km/s dV budget. I haven’t played with the wheesly yet. But I will look into it. I’m also considering installing an aviation mod to aid me during the longer flights. I could really use an autopilot to stay on course and to help me maintain an optimal altitude. I still think I’m going to postpone the trip to laythe until I unlock all experiments though. The science multiplier on Laythe is off the charts and I want to squeeze every drop of science of this cold planet. Thanks for the link to both challenges. I will take a look at it later on today! I looking forward of seeing your entry. If I get a prototype ready, I will sure send you a picture. I’m always looking for a way to make my designs better. Thanks
  4. cool report. I like your shuttle design. What's happening in the picture with the drogue chutes? I looks like it's going to smash its nose into the ground.
  5. Very cool submarine
  6. @Cunjo Carl : Thanks! I was amazed by the profit I made on these missions as well. Jool contracts apparently really have high rewards… even with the slider at 10%! I only performed the following missions on each planet: Plant a flag Surface science on the planet Science around the planet 2x observational missions above x km. Jool and its moons are a great way of making easy money. Upgrading the communications building costs a whopping 1.100.000 funds! So I need to complete a couple of more contracts in order to upgrade that building. The idea with admiration building is very interesting! I’ve never used that thing before because of the small effect it has. Converting rep to science would be very interesting indeed! Thanks for this great idea!! @astroheiko : I don’t consider the MPL cheating, but I do think it is kind of overpowered. It’s like you get the tech-tree instantly unlocked with just some time warping. I’m afraid I don’t have much choice in using the MPL in this challenge. According to my calculation, the planets don’t have enough science points on their own to unlock the complete tech tree. Even if my calculations (which are rough estimates) are off with a factor of 2. @Cunjo Carl again: Like I said before, I never thought about using strategies. I found them rather useless (too much sacrifice for too little gain), but this leadership strategy sounds really interesting! I still don’t think it will be enough to unlock the entire tech tree, but it is something! I will look into it. Spending Reputation on science points is also a good idea. I consider the MPL as a last resort. I used them in my first real career game (1000 to 2000 game hours ago with version 0.90) and was frankly shocked how easy it was to unlock the entire tech tree with it. I never touched it again. Maybe I will bring one along on my next mission. My Next mission: Exploring Laythe After calculating the surface science points per celestial body, I noticed that Laythe has a pretty high science potential. If I can unlock the variometer, a jet engine and some plane parts, I could explore all 10 biomes for potentially ~2000 to 2500 science points. I could bring the data to a MPL for even more points, but I’m not sure if I’m ready do that yet. I could take one along, just in case. I have enough science points to get the variometer and Panther jet engine. Is the Panther efficient enough to fly around the planet? I haven’t built planes for ages. Or should I unlock the whiplash? the isp of the panther is pretty impressive (9000 s vs 4000 s for the whiplash). but the max speed is also lower... I would build a tug that will haul in a Jetplane: to visit every biome and perfrom SCIENCE! Off course this will be a manned trip (with a scientist). the plane will have a large wing span so it is has a low stalling speed. and it should be able to land on water. I've never made a water plane before so that will be fun. Ascend vehicle: a small dedicated craft to leave the planet when I farmed all the science. Maybe I could make the jet a SSTO, but I think that’s will make the plane very inefficient weight-wise. Or maybe I can make the ascend vehicle dockable to the jet plane so I can combine the airbreathing engine with a normal rocket. I'll have to math the secretion out this problem before I can make a proper decision. Yay maths! The space tug will be a small space station that will fly in a polar orbit to perform observational contracts and process science with a MPL (optional). This will be the mother ship that hauls in all the equipment to Laythe and is used to get back to Kerbin. Is it even possible to get into proximity of a waypoint if I have to fly above the atmosphere? I remember I had some difficulty completing an observation contract around Duna. I had to abort it because I couldn't get close enough to the waypoint, I think... Else I will park in an equatorial orbit and skip that contract entirely. I also think I will have to upgrade my launch platform so I can exceed the 140 ton weight limit. Any tips in general would be highly appreciated! --------- edit: i did some tests with the panther but darn it that thing is slow..i refuse to fly 3 hours to circumvent the planet. i will have to do some tests with the whiplash...
  7. @cratercracker's remark on visiting Eve made wonder how many science points I could get from every celestial body. Eve is a difficult place to get to and is even more difficult to get from. I don't want to go there if I could get more science points from, let's say... Vall for instance. So I made a small spreadsheet to estimate the science potential of all planets. When I was busy Excelling, something dawned on me... with the science slider at 10%; and with the current locked tech nodes; is there enough science to unlock the whole tech tree? I altered the sheet and summed up all the potential science point I could harvest, compared them with the amount of science points I need to unluck the rest of the tech tree and came to the following conclusion: There is probably not enough science left to unlock every node in the tech tree!! The blue arrow indicates the surface points available in the solar system. I didn't substract the points I already farmed. The red arrow indicates the total amount of science needed to unlock the remaining locked tech nodes. I didn't include the seismic, gravioli and atmospheric measurements or all high and low space measurements. I made just a rough calculation, but this still is bad news. @astroheiko told me he finished a 10% challenge before, so it should be possible! I wonder how he did it! Maybe he used the processing lab?
  8. If I decide to go to Dres I will definitely use your latest Dress flag!
  9. interesting idea @cratercracker. ill have to some math to see what the science yield will be sending drones to the surface. it sounds challenging:)
  10. @NISSKEPCSIM Thanks for the applause hehe. It really is a interesting challenge! you should try it. @cratercracker Thank you for your kind words. The new forum features sure are neat! @Gordon Fecyk haha thanks for the KSP prize! XD The Eve mod you made looks very cool btw! Jeb and Bobs' radical adventure to Bop and Pol With the LV-N at my disposal I'm able to make much more efficient crafts with the given weight limit of 140 tonnes. For my next mission I want to retrieve all the science from Bop and Pol. The higher tier techs are getting pretty expensive to unlock (with science points), so that's why I want to perform 2 visits in one trip. For this mission I'll make a craft that has: All the science modules available Delta V budget of at approximately 10.000 m/s (twr 0,3) (excluding the lifter ) Jeb for piloting, Bob for resetting experiments I aim to get at least 750 science points and make a small profit out the mission ( > 100.000 funds) GIF For everybody who's not interested in the whole story: I made a quick GIF to give you an "fast" impression of the mission. The Mission report The mission is pretty straightforward. I just want visit the two smallest moons of Jool. I made craft and maxed-out the weight limit of 140 tonnes and tried to get as much delta v out the vehicle as possible. Click on the spoiler below to read more about the mission. The mission was a success! I made more that 800k worth of funds by completing contracts and retrieved 1400 science points! Up Next I'm thinking of Biome hopping Dres on my next mission. I'm also thinking of unlocking more science equipment to increase my science output. 1400 science points is nice, but knowing I still have got to unlock many 300, 550 and 1000 techs, I realize that I need moar science to get any further. I'm also thinking upgrading my launch platform and communication station so I can make larger crafts and get better radio reception.
  11. Very interesting work Gordon! It must have taken a lot of time to write a mod like this! It's weird to see the KSC surrounded by purple. How's flying a plane in the dense atmosphere of Eve?
  12. Drone hopping on Duna I finally finished my mission to Duna. The goal of the mission was to gain at least 300 science points and to make a small profit on the mission. Like I said in my previous post, I made a Biome hopper drone with science equipment that is able to visit one biome of Duna at a time. After collecting the surface science, it would fly up to a mothership where a scientist and engineer are waiting in a polar orbit to reset the experiments and repack the parachutes. Finally the drone gets refueled and then it’s off to visit the next biome. I used the trajectory mod to pinpoint my landing site and used the WIKI to locate various biomes. That last part was pretty difficult since the textures of Duna don’t clearly correspond with all 11 (?) biomes. I had to save and reload a couple of times to find a suitable landing spot. Let’s see how the first biome hop went, shall we: The mission was a success! I repeated the exercise 5 more times. After that I ran out of fuel. I could have sent a refueling ship from kerbin, but I had enough science points to upgrade my nuke engine tech. It was also getting more and more difficult to find a new biome to land on so I planned my trip back home. Jeb to the rescue! I plotted my trip home and waited until the launch date was near. I then tried to set a maneuver node to plot my course home but then realized I was too far away from kerbin to have a signal… Bill and Bob were not able to place maneuver nodes and the octa core was offline… darn it! Besides that, my orbit was very badly positioned to efficiently get out of Dunas’ SOI. Bottom line: I wasn’t going to get home with the current ship* (* I later learned from @cunjocarl that I could have used the SOI of Ike to change my inclination, but by then I already sent the cleanup crew. ) I decided to send a new ship to pick up Bill and Bob. We would leave the drone and mothership behind. First I positioned the mothership in a (more or less) equatorial orbit in order to get a smooth rendezvous with the rescue ship. Mission summary: >300 science points!! YAY! Mission accomplished (h) Time to unlock the Nuke tech! With this tech unlocked, I think I can visit almost any celestial body and get all the science I need! Next stop! Bop!! :)
  13. very cool report. i just read the last one but i see you made many more. i will be reading them shortly after replying. I've never played with planet mods but your report intrigues me. maybe i will install one too. i also like your ship designs. you put a lot of effort in aesthetics:)
  14. awesome design
  15. I'm still working on my: all reward sliders on 10% challenge ( catchy title huh? ) i want to unlock the entire tech tree the most grindy way possible. i have to say it's a really difficult but luckily not impossible challenge. I'm currently unlocking tier 2 techs and visiting several Duna biomes using a drone and mothership combination. the mothership harbours a scientist and an engineer to reset experiments and repack shutes. check this link if you want to learn more about the mission. i visited 6 biomes so far.