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  1. According to the wiki, there are 5 different craters on Tylo: minor crater gagarin crater grissom crater tycho crater galileio crater I've found almost every crater with the scansat mod, but I can't seem to find Grissoms crater. It's pretty weird because there are apparently two Gagarin craters on the map: does anybody know where Grissom's crater is?
  2. Thanks for the feedback! While you’re probably right, I would still like to compare the numbers to give me some closure...Just to get a feeling what the different delta v requirements are for both methods. So I will redo the experiment again tonight and I will report back on the forum. any additional info would be welcome off course
  3. I think I found a way to solve the problem for any given polar orbit and starting location. I haven't had time to thoroughly test my theory yet or do any maths on it, so there is still some work that has to be done. I made a small example which I will explain below. Let’s say we want to go from Tylo to Vall. Near Vall, a craft is circling the globe in a polar orbit and let’s say we want to rendezvous with this craft! Normally we want to perform a regular hohmann transfer to get to our target. We know that in many cases* we need "the least" amount of delta v when the inclination angle is approximately 0 degrees: *when the inclination between the two orbits is ~0 degrees (HOFFMAN should be HOHMANN... but I'm too lazy to change the pictures ;)) This way, we require the least amount of delta v to get to the target. Unfortunately, this also means that we always approach the target planet from the same angle. In the example above this is means we always have an relative inclination with the target (in the polar orbit) of 90 degrees, which is BAD… So I figured.. what if we depart from our starting location when the intercept angle is different than 0 degrees, say 30 degrees?! Will this change the angle at which we reach the target planet and the relative inclination with the ship that is in a polar orbit? (HOFFMAN should be HOHMANN... but I'm too lazy to change the pictures ;)) So I tried this method in my current career and got pretty cool results. As shown in the picture above we can see that for this example, the inclination with the final target is only 6 degrees! THIS IS GOOD!! We spend more energy on the hohmann transfer and we also reach the planet at a higher relative velocity, but we DO get a better inclination with the final target which is the polar orbit! Sorry if my explanation is a bit fuzzy. I just wrote this on my way to work. Please let me know what you think. I will try to produce more quantitative results when I get home. I wonder how efficient this “new” method is.
  4. same here! i was on the edge of my seat and didn't even know it was possible to land with a jet pack on Kerbin. I'm glad the crew survived. why did you bring a crapload of scientific stuff along when you're playing sandbox mode? because you can?
  5. hehe many great/ funny ideas posted here i also had the idea of installing the dmp mod to try some challenges with some non believers but after some research i concluded that this is probably not the best course of action since dpm is rather laggy.
  6. very interesting and way better than precise landing by infinite trail and error. thanks!
  7. very interesting! thanks you
  8. really??? i never knew this! this is such an eye opener! thank you sooooo much for sharing this! sorry for all the exclamation points but not seeing the closest approach can be such a pain when you want to get to a small body with a large inclination! @egoego thank you for writing such a clear and thorough document. it was really insightful.
  9. to be honest i thought that i had above average knowledge about our solar system but when i saw your drawings i didn't know half of the names . i can see you spend a lot of time on that drawing. it is very detailed. great job.
  10. i like triton the most
  11. these mods sound really interesting! thanks for sharing them i will definitely check them out
  12. career all the way. it's a great way to learn each part you unlock and it gives a bit more of a challenge to the game. on harder difficulty levels you really have too weigh your options like which building should i upgrade. also with the tech restrictions you're forced to think outside the box which makes everything much more fun. i do agree the whole random contract pop ups feels a bit uninspiring. but in my opinion it's way better than sandbox mode. i use sandbox mode sometimes for challenges though off topic: i would love to see more of campaign like scenarios that tells a story and dynamically adapts on the behaviour of the player. perhaps throw in a competitor if that would be possible. would that be difficult to code? maybe i could give it a try it myself.
  13. congratulations on conquering Minmus! did jeb get a taste of the minty soil?
  14. impressive! how many real life hours did it take? did you use time warp? was it fun to do? i did a circumnavigation around Minmus ones on a rocked sled which was pretty fun. thanks for the interesting report!
  15. great advice everybody. i also believe it's a niche game and is not meant for people who only want to go "pew pew pew". finding new friends could be an option but i rather stick with the lads i have now and share my questions and victories with you awesome people! i know for sure i could sway some friends if they would just get passed the first very high threshold the game has. i was a non believer as well, but after completing my first mun landing i was addicted for life! (story time: *80's cartoon backflash sound*) so if i could just help some of my friendspassed the first threshold.. i think they could also be inspired to explore the fake celestial bodies of kerbol. @Urses i tried your way but then people went: "but why do you go there? what is there to do on the mun? nuthin??? that's just weird. the graphics look old. " the movie @LoSBoL ( are you dutch by any chance? ) posted is really well made! absolutely stunning! i will surely use it to spread the word among ksp-less friends. i also like the idea of @cratercracker. one friend is really into planes... i could definitely persuade him into flying one of my planes