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  1. Mostly 2.5m and Ranger Hab modules, as those fit the size of the pioneer/logistics module I used as a root part. Later I added some 3.5m parts(training center, agricultural and assembly modules along with 3 colonization modules to make and use colony supplies to support all my Kolonists. Manufacturing bases elsewhere handle things like kits, specialized parts, and machinery)
  2. When it comes to Colonization bonuses, isn't a reduction in part-count self-defeating? Would it be appropriate for the bonus calculation to instead use dry-weight(+ construction weight if expandable)? (love the mods btw)
  3. PL currently only works for landed vessels. There has been talk about re-adding orbital logistics but I do not think it is certain at this point. For kerbals impact on colonization bonuses, see the Wiki: https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Crew-Skills-Impact-on-Parts Kolonization % are increased based on the amount of time kerbals spend on the ground in a vessel with at least on MKS part on them. More kerbals mean faster % growth and Kolonists increase all 3 at the same time(but do not do a lot else). My munar way-station has lots of hab-modules and lander cans for ~ 20 kolonists. (plus Ranger agroponics and a logistics module so I can keep them supplied) Later I added Kolonization modules and an assembly plant to make Colony supplies. For manufacturing I generally go with drills, logistics, Tundra refinery(Chem, Metals, Chemicals; Second with Chem, Rare, silicon needed for advanced stuff like machnery), Tundra Assembly(MK, Spec Parts, Machinery), and then whatever habitation/life support is needed. I generally go with one or more 2.5m nuclear plant to supplement the solar panels. I find I generally need a second mining location on any given body to handle the non-local resources(often water and one or more rare resource).
  4. Edit: for some reason I thought this was a 1.3 thread and not exclusively the expansion. If the mission builder, the ability to play missions, kerbal parachutes, and all the historic parts are only in the DLC, I can see how there would be fragmentation. I have long planned to support SQUAD if they did any DLC at a reasonable price, but when I first read the original post I was hopeful that everything except the mission-pack would be part of the 1.3 update...
  5. I had to use a mk3 crew module plus a couple hitchhikers to get all my Kolonists to my Mun Way-station. (23 kerbals in total) Although it turns out doing Minmus-Kerbol-Mun was not useful, as it seems that 3-star Kolonists are no different from 1-star Kolonists. Used the same vessel design to take all my newly hired 2-star engineers and scientists up to the way-station for 3-star training.
  6. I like how the DLC is not so much new functionality but a set of pre-made challenges. While I have no doubt someone *could* recreate those missions in a free mission-pack, there is not much incentive to do so, as they could just as easily make other missions instead(and have more users) Is mission builder in 1.2.9, or is it expected to wait for 1.3? Has 1.2.9 been released yet?
  7. As far as I could tell it looks at the current vessel and is not aware of PL(which is a MKS thing) But I think that if you are building from a base with logistics capabilities, you could make multiple transfers, letting PL refill your tanks half way after each.
  8. Delta-v needed for launch operations is highly dependent on your TWR. If your have a TWR of 20, then you need a lot less d-v to get to the same height than if you have a TWR of 1.001, and if your TWR is < 1, you will not get anywhere. You will also need to account for drag once you have got a TWR > 1, but I am not familiar enough with the math to know how much of an impact drag will have on your required d-v budget.(I just know that it is enough to justify fairings for everything that is not already reasonably aerodynamic)
  9. Not sure about you, but if I am landing at night, I feel a lot better when I have landing lights on the craft(usually 3 of the longer range lights affixed inside the Mk3 engine mount and pointing aft), especially on lower gravity bodies where light from the engine plume is not frequent enough to give me good illumination. I might not need them as much if I played in a dark room, but the cats keep adjusting my curtain so that I generally have light coming from behind my monitors that no-doubt drowns out anything poorly illuminated.
  10. They can locate/create resource nodes, that could be what it is referring to.
  11. If you have hungry kerbals, there is nothing you can do to keep them from breaking into your stored food-stuffs, so locking the only available food will never work. If your Kerbals have plenty of other food, your container does not have either type of warehousing turned on and you have turned off flow(the arrow that turns off fuel flow) then it sounds like a bug and should probably be reported on github so RoverDude has a reminder to take a look at it.
  12. This part will let you find asteroids near the orbits of other planetary bodies. Without the mod, asteroids only populate near Kerbin and in orbit of Dres, with the mod you can have asteroids near any planetary orbit, just park one or more cameras between that orbit and the next one further in. The contracts mostly involve parking a camera where it can find asteroids near a non-kerbin planet and then letting it sit in that orbit until it has found a certain number of asteroids. Seems like it would be a great combination with relays, giving a relay a useful purpose in addition to relaying signals. Asteroids around Kerbin should always be available once you have a level 3 tracking station, the camera just lets you get them near other bodies as well.
  13. There is a mod for limiting the parts that rescues can spawn in, but I do not recall it's name right now. Farmers help you make organics, you need a biologist or a scientist to help with making supplies. See the table on this page: https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Crew-Skills-Impact-on-Parts Also having two or 3 of the same thing will only help colonization bonuses, not production. Production only considers the highest starred kerbal on board with the appropriate skill.
  14. Scientists affect farming and the biology bonus, Pilots affect Logistics and the habitation bonus. Pilots are pretty much binary with regards to logistics, pilot+logistics module or not. I think scientists and their level have an impact on farming similar to Engineers on mining. Except for the nom-o-matics, those ignore pretty much everything except mulch availability, fertilizer availability, EC availability and storage space for the supplies. The efficiency parts questions answered previously also affect production.
  15. For the base functionality, take a look at the MKS Wiki Manufacturing page: https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Functions-(Manufacturing) (it also has a link to the USI-LS wiki page with details on producing supplies) Crew and Kolonization bonuses apply as well of course.