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  1. I have not used TAC-LS myself, but from what I understand USI-LS is more configurable and requires habitation as well as supplies(TAC-LS separates supplies out into food, water, oxygen, etc, while USI-LS combines them as you always need the same proportions anyway) USI-LS is also more integrated with USI-MKS and there are some parts of USI-MKS that are not available without USI-LS(generally parts or functions that only affect supplies and fertilizer)
  2. I believe the GC calculation uses level-hours, so level-0 engineers are the same as non-engineers, as they provide no levels for production. Send them to orbit to get their first star and they should work fine.
  3. It looks a lot like Squad is implementing the localization such that new languages will be a minor release, if that. That is not to say that they would not call a new package of languages 1.4 for marketing purposes, but from a programming standpoint new languages should not even need a minor release version, just a new download option. If you have an effective and reasonable method of making a roadmap available only to those who can handle it maturely, then I imagine that every single game company with a PR department would be eager to hear about it, and no small number of non-gaming companies. Thus far, the only (usually)effective means that I am aware of involves a NDA signed by every single person who is given access. From the 'sorry NDA' responses RoverDude is providing to some questions, it looks like Squad is already using this method to allow access to the Roadmap to as broad an audience as they can with reasonable security. (I remember some comments in this forum from Squad team members that flatly state that there is an internal Roadmap, but they are not allowed to share it externally) Note: any method that requires any sort of mature behavior or even requires limited active trolling by semi-anonymous forum or reddit members will automatically fail
  4. Early game: Get ISRU then NERVA Late game: Build self-sustaining outposts on promising bodies.(USI-MKS) Expand them into colonies. Keep adequate transport ships on-hand to get everyone home should something make the situation untenable. Current Kolonies: Mun Current outposts: Minmus, Moho, Duna(expansions and Kolonists less than 100 days out) (Gilly has been identified as not-sustainable, and Ike only has an automated outpost thus far) I also have science probes heading for some outer planets looking for any additional colonization targets (the Jool probes have farmed Tylo and are working on Vall; Dres probes are still en-route)
  5. It is not just life support that has a problem, it is all forms of production, and even the idea having significant numbers of vessels in parallel do not work with background processing as opposed to the stock catch-up mechanic. 1) Kerbalism replaces the stock catch-up mechanic with a background processing mechanic, but that mechanic does not take into account everything that is needed by MKS(RoverDude wrote both the stock catch-up mechanic and MKS, so anything written by someone else is unlikely to work as well if at all) 2) the background processing mechanic was *not* used for stock because it does not scale. Say you have 10 small outposts averaging 100 parts each, that is 1000 parts that need to be simulated in the background on top of whatever vessel you are trying to fly at the moment. Even if they manage to cut down the processing to 50%, that is still like trying to fly around while being followed by 10 50-part ships always in physics range... (Personally I have in excess of 2000 parts across my 11 outposts plus perhaps 2 dozen other ships laying around for things like kolonist evac, scanning, or refueling in addition to whatever mission I happen to be flying at the time. Imagine trying to fly around with thousands of parts being simulated in the background and you see how that is not a sustainable approach)
  6. All of my MKS parts produce and consume EC, perhaps it is a different mod?
  7. *Gasp* What if this is the *real* reason RoverDude is looking for partners for his USI mods... Agent K: I haven't been training a partner, I've been training a replacement
  8. I'm pretty sure that harvesting nodes(and probably sifting dirt) produces Karbonite even without a Karbonite mod installed. I have seen karbonite accumulate in my ISMs set to hold fuel, and I have not yet tried out the Karbnoite mods. Accumulation is pretty slow and it does not hurt anything to have it there, so I have just been ignoring it, but I am pretty sure MKS *Can* generate Karbonite without the mods that let you use it.
  9. Currently the training process will allow you to have one additional star compared to what you would have just getting to where the academy is located. But only if you already have someone who has that additional star where ever you have the academy. If you have already done the mun-minmus-kerbol training missions(even in parts) then having an academy(with a teacher and life support, etc) on the Mun or Minmus will let you make a shorter training flight if you land near the academy. Putting one in orbit or on the surface of Kerbin saves almost no effort and seems like a waste of time. Sure you can train all of your raw recruits up to 1 star for a launch/recover, but they would get that much just from reaching orbit, so why bother? For me the big savings is letting me short-cut my training flights to just hitting my Mun way-station. As I have done many many training flights, it is not particularly interesting any more, so I am happy to short-cut it.
  10. If you send a scanner first so you know where some Gypsum is, you can get by with recyclers, Nom-O-Matics, one drill, and a Ranger Crusher set to Fertilizer(g) That will keep everyone alive with only a single resource(plus power and hab-space of course). You could even use the small ISRU to make fertilizer from ore if you cannot find a reasonable spot with gypsum or minerals.
  11. MKS includes GC which is a (partial) replacement for EPL. TAC LS and USI-LS can be run together, but you probably want to set the 'bad stuff' for not enough supplies or EC to 'none' as I think TAC-LS handles that part already. That just leaves you with the habitation and home-sickness parts of USI-LS. (if you really want you can have your kerbals consuming both supplies and TAC-LS supplies, but that seems excessive)
  12. I think most of the R&D went to adding launch capacity to the rockets, after that it was mostly trial and error using fully-paid-for-and-expended first stages as testing platforms. Sure they added a probe-core and extendable fins, but the legs were not added until they were confident that they could land them exactly where they wanted them. It is pretty neat when you can have your clients pay for your on-going R&D and still be the cheapest option available...
  13. Considering how little attention I pay to transfer-windows, you will have to go pretty inefficient to get worse than my interplanetary transfers... I often take > 5km/s getting from lko to Duna orbit for example... (There is a reason I have nerva-powered ore hauler/refiners in systems where I am active, even with GC many of my bases would not get down to the surface without a refuel)
  14. no, that is a list of the bases I need to visit in the correct order to make sure that all required resources are available for the catch-up processing. MKS uses the 'usual catch-up processing' which is why things like the background processing mod cause problems for MKS: they change the catch-up process, potentially breaking needed functionality that is not used much by stock processes. the best fixes I know of are either self-sufficient bases, or large stocks of materials in the planetary stores so that there is little or no lost processing time(good argument for over-producing supporting bases so that they can build up those stocks in case they are needed).
  15. There is no particular need to do so. Just remember to visit the bases in order when you return to a planet after an extended period(example form my game: Mun Automated Drills -> Mun support base -> Mun manufacturing base -> Mun Way-station) Aside from using my way-station as a gas station, my biggest reason for visiting my bases on a regular bases come from a combination of research and colony rewards: if I do not stop by every 30-60 days the Labs will be full of science to return and stop researching, and while I am there, I might as well get the kolony rewards too. There have been comments about working on an interplanetary transport system that would let you do things like send Specialized Parts from a Mun base to a Duna base. Aside from things like 'having appropriate shipping costs' I do not think we have a lot of details just yet.