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  1. The 'Crew Skills To Function Table' says what skills a kerbal with a given profession will have. For example, a Pilot has the skills: Warehousing, Planetary Logistics, and Hab/Home Timer Immunity. Miner, Technician, and Mechanic are professions, just as Pilot, Engineer, and Scientist are professions. Look in the Astronaut complex to hire a kerbal with a specific profession.
  2. If you mean USI-MKS when you said USI-Kolonization, then you can have all 3 installed and manage the resources for both LS mods at the same time. If you do not want to manage Supplies from USI-LS then set the effect of not having supplies to None, and just never send any.(this can be done in the USI configuration UI available from the USI button at the space center screen) You can do the same with Electricity and/or Habitation as well. (I do not think you can actually turn off electricity consumption from the UI though, you may need to edit the config for that)
  3. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Crew-Skills-Impact-on-Parts The wikis have just about everything you need to know about the USI mods. (but note: each mod has it's own Wiki, so you may need to look in multiple places)
  4. The ISS orbit repeats roughly every 3 days, would that be too long for the second stage before the reentry burn? A skin-mounted solar panel or tiny fuel cell may well be needed for a 'land when it gets close again' approach, but that still seems less weight than any sort of burn-back. Although I suppose buying some land near Macapa may be a more efficient option, assuming it is politically viable.
  5. As the second stage gets into LEO, why would it not complete most of an orbit and land back at it's launch point with just a reentry burn? It seems that not needing a boost-back would greatly reduce the amount of fuel that needs to be reserved. Presumably spending an extra hour or so in space should not be much of a hard-ship compared to reentry...
  6. Habitation has 2 components: Current module: resets any time you EVA and is based on the hab time if your current vessel Homesickness: Resets only on Kerbin and is based on the best vessel that kerbal has been aboard sine they were last on Kerbin.Pilots and explorers are immune to homesickness (and current module time I think) so long as they have at least 1 year of hab-time in the current vessel. Colonization modules can be used to reverse the clock on both timers by consuming Colony supplies(does not work after they become tourists) Medical modules can return Kerbals to work once they have become tourists(or mutinous probably) but consume colony supplies(only works on Kerbals that have stopped working I believe) Any vessel with a hab-time of > 50 years counts as having an indefinite hab time(aka will not have active hab counters). Any vessel landed on a body with a >=500% colonization bonus and at least 1 year of hab time will count as having an indefinite hab-time One possible option is to build a really nice station with huge hab-time in kerbin orbit and dock your small vessel to that to give a high home-sickness counter, then use KAC to EVA before the current vessel hab-timer runs out. Personally I find that a few extra hitchikers and a bunch of viewing couplas(the ones with a 0.7 multiplier) will generally make my kerbals pretty content for a trip to Duna. (Last night I landed my second batch of Kerbals on Duna, while the first batch just did flags and footprints, this batch is currently using GC to assemble a series of facilities that will let them become permanent residents once completed)
  7. Any other mod which allows design-time or flight-time changes to a part will block usage of R&D on that part. Tweakscale for instance, will block nearly all parts from being researchable, while fuel switching mods will block fuel tanks from benefiting from R&D. R&D scans for most of those mods and refuses to work with those parts so that there is not a conflict when two different mods try to change the properties of a part. (if you had set a LFO tank to LF and R&Ded it's dry-weight by 10%, then, on any scene load it could either be LFO with reduced dry mass, or LF with full dry mass. Try this with Tweakscale and you get mission-ending errors potentially happening with every scene switch as half the parts of your rocket apply their tweakscale changes and the other half applying their R&D changes, and which parts do which changes every time you go back to the craft)
  8. All of my rockets VTOL. I even have some with sky-cranes that will lift the cargo box off the long-range rocket-base for depositing it on the ground near by.(primarily for Ground Construction, as you do not want those too close to anything as you deploy them. DIY kit is attached by 2 large docking ports so that the rocket can re-assemble and return after delivering the cargo) If you are talking about planes, I do not often use those as they are not as play-time efficient as rockets.
  9. The save file is just a text file, so changing the profession of a kerbal is as simple as opening the save file in a text editor, searching for the name of the kerbal to find the block where they are defined, then change the profession name from the old profession(Tourist in this case) to the new profession.(I think there are 2 places where it needs to be changed, but I have not done this in a while and that might no longer be the case) As always, make a back-up copy of your save file before making any changes, just in case. I would provide more detailed instructions, but it has been a while since I did this, and I do not have a save file handy to identify the relevant labels and such.
  10. The fenders are for Mun Dust, the Lunar rovers kick up a fair bit of it, and when one of the fenders was damaged they could no longer use the rover until they fixed it(duct-tape and maps attached with clips) https://airandspace.si.edu/stories/editorial/duct-tape-auto-repair-moon
  11. That does suggest that there are a number of mod makers that care about the appearance of certain parts. But mod makers are a small fraction of mod users and mod users are a minority of those that play KSP. It could well be that more than 90% of KSP players strongly dislike the current rocket part aesthetics for one reason or another, or it could be that it is less than 10%. I do not know, but my guess would be the latter. In any case, I do believe that you have made it clear that you personally have a strong desire for a rocket-part over-haul at this point.
  12. Personally I am perfectly happy with the look of the rocket parts. I might appreciate a few more LF tanks and adapters due to my over-use of nuclear engines, but I do not have problems with the appearance of the existing parts. I expect this is probably just one more case of a vocal minority thinking it represents a larger fraction of the user-base than it really does. (I must admit that any time I have used KAS to re-arrange inflatable fuel containers it does look pretty make-shift due the lack of a regular pattern, but it is also pretty hard to argue that the appearance does not match the fact in those cases...) In any case, looking forward to starting a new game with the new version, but this time with more science containers now that I can collect multiple copies in bulk. (would be nice if I could transfer to/from pods and labs without an EVA, but it is usually not that big of a deal, and with the new change, it should become even less so ).
  13. A science station that had an over-powered ascent core that was expanded to a science/fuel base LKO But probably one of my larger bases would be my Mun Waystation, almost 30 kerbals and over 50 years of hab-time(in case the colonization modules ever ran out of supplies)
  14. Logged MKS #1245 Looks like 2.5m and 3.75m med-bays both have crew capacity 4, making it impossible for the 3.75m part to treat 12 as the description claims. (Duna and 2.5m part may also have inaccurate descriptions if Scientist must also be in the module) Also updated wiki 'Med-bay and colony supplies' entry to include Duna med-bay, and all 3 colonization modules.
  15. RoverDude said you needed to have the colonization module active to breed kerbals, and I took that to mean turned on and supplied with colony supplies.