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  1. According to We are now at 7 500 256 700 people on the planet! It rounds to 8 billion now.
  2. I think they are the same person.
  3. Zeno's dichotomy paradox: the steps of dividing in half have to stop at the Planck distance, otherwise they are physically impossible. That means there are a finite number of steps that are needed to get all the way across the path. I don't know right now how to solve the tortoise one.
  4. What do you mean? EDIT: Nevermind
  5. Yes. If his nose did not grow within a timeframe acceptable to be called "about to", his sentence would become false, and his nose would grow. This wouldn't make his sentence true again and become an infinite loop, because by the time his nose started to grow, the time period between the point in time where he said his nose was *about to* grow and the point in time where it did, is too large a timeframe (as I said earlier in this post) to be considered 'about to'. So it would grow.
  6. Frame of reference Turn it upside down and the "true" one is solved, but the "false" one still needs work.
  7. Pretty sure we're not breaking any rules. All the mods could do is to move this thread to the Lounge, and I'm not sure if even that is warranted.
  8. Just to be clear to everyone, I don't actually believe the paradox I suggested, I only suggested it cause it's interesting
  9. How about 'Can we prove the universe (besides your (the reader(s) of this comment) mind) exists?' That's a good one, it's difficult to solve like the first one.
  10. It's a big post, heavy on pictures, so it's in a spoiler. The rescue: Tomorrow (if I have time) they'll continue further towards Bob and the hovercraft.
  11. It says it'll snow! I've got my eye on the window.
  12. It snowed tonight. Going up to 14 degrees or so tomorrow but was only 5 today. It's supposed to reach 10 degrees much more commonly from now on. Spring!
  13. It went up to twelve degrees yesterday. I could sit out in my backyard without a coat. Now it's minus eleven. Oh well