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  1. Sorry I can't see the picture at work. I usually do the "Minmus biome stripping" with one flight. The lander is my regular 3000m/s. Hopping with a ship is easier than travelling with a rover. Invest on science to get all experiments. Usually I do a bootstrap lander (a quick and dirty ship which I dump later on) : The science I collect on my first strip allow me to unlock all experiments, so I do it one more time with a full fledged lander. By then I can strip Mun too. But my 3000m/ lander can only do 3 landing sites before rejoining the (mostly) polar orbital space station / fuel tank. Here is my lander (on Dres)
  2. Ladders can be glitchy. Try jumping, other than that you're stranded... Advice : always test your landers on Kerbin on launchpad !
  3. Hmm, you mod is fine. It's a nice variant of the basic game without sacrificing all the contract part. Now I can build my space station without any problems ! I have one suggestion on the display : you should detail the costs (kerbonauts on ground, in flight and ships).
  4. Whatever I use it or not, thank you for improving KSP with your mod(s)
  5. Is it possible to dock a ship on a armed claw ? I mean my ship don't have any claw or docking port but the target has a claw and I directly hit the target on that claw which I've armed before that. My aim is having a non movable refuel station which can refuel any ship even if they don't have any docking port, and/or limited RCS capability Thx
  6. I used to change the date in the save file. IIRC, it's a sequential launch number. I've a potential similar issue : I've a Eve window in 400d. I've a flyby mission to do. I'm ready. BUT, I suppose the contracts will trigger sending space stations, new sats and so on. I would like to profit from the window and send directly a full space station with com sats (a big mission). If I send my big mission : i would not benefit from contract funding. and If I don't, I would have to wait again a long time, locking the game progression. That contract progression is more of a hindering... I don't understand why we don't get multiple explorations contracts. I think I'll cheat my way through it by editing the save file.
  7. Hi, I'm currently running a career game (in progress). I've 2 questions : Can I add this mod as my carrer is already running ? Can I remove this mod safely from a running game if I don't like it ? Thanks
  8. There is an old issue In the UI the brake button toggles brakes. but the brake key doesn't. It's very inconvenient when you drive rovers. Is there a work around ?
  9. @Snark Your mod is very nice and fits quite nicely in OPM. I too wasn't too happy with the *4 to relays and antenna as there is no real benefit of setting a deep space network (there is no reall good configuration that's beats the DSN direct emission. I've only ONE question : This mod antenna is a regular antenna or a relay ?
  10. I'm also playing with OPM, But I've not venture out of Kerbin SOI yet. I've starting designing the comm sat. I play with no additional relay antenna on ground, only KSC. I've managed to set 3 hi-teck comm sat at 1000km around Kerbin. Don't forget, OPM sets a *4 modifier to antenna power range. My calculations set the power coverage at Sarnus between 70 and 80% (and 80 to 91%) when KSC is well placed, if i use high tech antenna around Sarnus. So, I've planned to send 3 RA-100 comm sats on my first window. Comms will only be an issue with Urlum and Plock. At Urlum, you'll really have contact with DSN and not with RA100 comm network. I did some calculations with deep space networks, but that's not really as effective as we could suspect. A 350Gm network gives the same Neidon coverage as direct exposure to KSC antennas. and don't work with plock further range. In all cases, you'll loose a lot of science trying to radio it to KSC, so favor direct return. Maybe some multiple deepspace networks could do tyhe trick, but that'll cost a lot of time. So if you play with multiple DSN antenna at Kerbin, don't bother with deep space network. You only have to adress the lack of comms to Plock and decrease science return when radioed
  11. BTW, @Nertea, your "construction" pack is totally amazing ! I'm building a useless Kerbin station, just t play with it !
  12. Thx, I'll do some test on Kerbin launchpad.
  13. Hi? I discovering this impressive mod. I'm no quite sure how to use those engines in game. Here is what I gathered : - Atomic engines uses LH2, which has to be cooled down with energy. - The reactor has to be started to get any thrust. Thust is depends on the core temp. - having LH2 running provide core cooling down. - If core temp goes too high it stops and you don't have any thrust My question is how do you control core temp when thrust is off ? When using this engine for landing, you don't always thrust and bear the risk of having an engine shutdown. ? I seems that radiators don't do anything Thanks for the advice.
  14. I did a test on Kerbin, by setting Springs to the min and dampers to the max. It did well, at 35m/s at x4. But regular lags makes the car blow (vehicle temporary pass through ground)... The car survived 4 minutes in the grasslands behind KSC. At x3 and x4 it's hard, but it seems to be better at x2. Sadly the springs and dampers can't be modified in the game, only in the editor.
  15. Back in 1.0, I did a quite resilient rover which was able to be driven at x4 warp without exploding on nearly any body. But as 1.2, everything changed. If I can do a high speed rover at warp x1, it don't survive long at x3 or x4. It starts being shaky and losing control. Even MJ autopilot can't manage it. Do you have some hint on dampeners to get this work ? PS : the rover is VERy basic. It's a derivative of that old rover.