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  1. kerman
  2. -81
  3. I go on a date with my girlfriend, later I decide to walk her home while taking a few shortcuts, what could go wrong?
  4. I'm not procrastinating.
  5. Nope. The user below me doesn't have a girlfriend as awesome as mine.
  6. Can't think of a good idea for where to go on a date? Go to the baby factory, and see how babies are made.
  7. $126 CivBE with DLCs: $73 Space Engineers: $25 Spore with DLCs: $60 The Stanley Parable: $15 SP2: $10 US2: $25
  8. Thanks. She really is the kindest woman I have ever had the honour of knowing. I had 2 and I don't feel tired at all.
  9. I couldn't get to sleep so I spent the whole night texting my girlfriend on pinterest, before finally falling asleep at 7AM. In that time we talked about everything from the SpaceX Mars Colony to how many kids we're gonna have.
  10. Granted. You get really bored at nighttime. I wish my girlfriend and I weren't so far apart.
  11. For the first few minutes I'd be really excited, especially since my family is prepared for this, and then I'd realize that my girlfriend is in Nevada...
  12. I’m too young to have this many embarrassing memories.
  13. RADIUS. Small typo, I meant Radius. So, 960km diameter.
  14. How much would global sea levels have to drop for a circular object with a radius of 480 kilometres to fit onto the island of Madagascar?