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  1. WOAH! How in the name of Jeb is neutronium stable outside the extreme gravity of a neutron star? Krakens are evil octopus Time Lords that can possess people. Got it.
  2. One-eyed spherical AIs... Well, yes, it looks like an eye-bot. It also looks like Sputnik, but Sputnik obviously didn't have an AI. My only other hypothesis is that it could be a core from Portal 2. I mean, the eye-bot is as close as you're going to get to that in Sims. --- And that Kraken stuff? CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY I'd never thought I'd say that something is more evil than Bill Cipher, but now I have to reconsider.
  3. I made this for you, @Just Jim! EMIKO STATION BLOOPER REEL --- Angelo: "We combined the Buffalo and a balloon! IT'S GENIUS! IT'S FOOLPROOF! IT'S-" Intern: "The dumbest idea you've ever had?" Angelo: "YES! No, wait, no! You're fired!" --- Elder Kraken: "Thompberry Kerman, evil genius. A kerb barely alive. Gentlekrakens, we can rebuild him. We have the technology..." --- *The Tower of Power is destroyed* Thompberry: "CURSE YOU, PIPER THE KERBAL!" Backup Singers: "A-gent Piper!" --- *Harfield, stranded on Eve* Harfield: "Is that... it is! Another Kerbal!" Stranger: "Hello! I'm Tedus!" --- Moar soon!
  5. Today I Found Out, Vintage Space, WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR SCOTT MANLEY REFERENCE?! Who let Jack "I don't know how to fly" SepticEye be a mission controller?
  6. Please, no more nested spoilers. SO ANNOYING! The LDBW causes the Weirdness Magnetism. Wait, so like flying eyeballs with bat wings?
  7. Precisely! According to my research, certain places across the multiverse of infinite possible universes experience a phenomenon known as "Localized Dimensional Barrier Weakness" (LDBW), or, in layman's terms, "Weirdness". There, spacetime is pretty much broken, and lifeforms and phenomenon from different universes in the multiverse seep through. The LDBW is confined to an area typically less than five miles from end to end (approximately the size of a small town), and objects from different universes cannot escape the confines of that area due to creatures from different universes not being able to survive in the universe containing the LDBW pocket due to slight differences in the laws of physics and quantum fluctuations. The LDBW pocket can sustain them, though. LDBW pockets are stationary relative to the largest gravitational force in the area of the pocket (i.e. LDBW pockets inside Earth's SOI will stay there, because Earth is the dominant gravitational force in its own SOI). LDBW pockets can be destroyed, causing the rest of spacetime in the host universe to go all screwy, but that requires energy levels equivalent to 8 petawatts (or approximately 6,611,570 times 1.21 gigawatts, the amount of power needed for time travel), or a Reality Warper.
  8. Belladonna Cove is getting more and more familiar... OF COURSE! Weird towns... I present to you, the other winner of the title "Weirdest Town Ever"!
  9. -The First Landing- TheDoctor strapped himself into the cockpit of the SSTO, and pushed the powerup button. His fingers prepared to type in commands at the terminal. There was the sound of the computer starting up. Booting... 100% Bootup complete! Preparing systems check on N7 Aerospace SSTO Type D... Thank you for choosing N7 Aerospace. Beginning systems check... Structural Integrity: 100% Heat Shielding: Intact Hull Breaches Detected: 0 Mainframe Computer: Online Autopilot (AR202 MechJeb personality construct): Online Renewable Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers: Online Internal Heater: Online Internal AC: Online Thermostat Internal Temperature Controller: Online Toilet and Water Reclaimer: Online, Online Snack Pantry: Online, Filled Water Tank: 100% Oxygenator: Online Batteries: Online, 100% Charged Docking Port: Online, Extended, Connected Deuterium: 0% Tritium: 0% Helium-4: 0% Deuterium-Tritium Fusion Reactor: Online, Shutdown (relying on external power) Charged Particles Electric Generator: Online Inline Radiators: Online Cargo Bay: Online, Closed Crew Cabins: Online Monopropellant: 0% Atmospheric Intakes: Online, Closed Liquid Hydrogen: 0% RCS Thrusters: Online, Shutdown Thermal Turbojet: Online, Liquid Hydrogen Mode, Shutdown Misc. Systems: Online Systems check complete! All systems online. WARNING: Fuel Empty Console: Initiate Fuel Transfer Fuel Transferred! Console: Seal Docking Port Bulkheads Sealed! Console: Undock Docking Port Undocked! WARNING: Power Low! Console: Switch To Internal Power, Fusion Reactor On Power levels stabilized! Console: Switch From Autopilot To Manual Control Manual Control activated! The SSTO entered the atmosphere of Proxima b. Plasma enveloped the craft, slowing it to Mach 3. TheDoctor gripped the controls tightly as the plasma disappeared, to be replaced by the normal atmosphere. Expertly piloting the craft, he brought it down to a hundred m/s, touching down on a flat strip of land and deploying the airbrakes. As it slowed to a stop, he shut off the engines and radioed a message back to the ARC Destiny. "Destiny, this is N7-D18. Touchdown confirmed." The bridge of the ARC Destiny erupted in cheers.