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  1. I'll be doing some writings regarding this. Here's the first one: -Epstein Drive Testing- The airship flew above the Great Plains, carrying an important cargo from a manufacturing plant in Nevada. It made its way east, before finally stopping in Florida. The pilot brought the airship in close to the dock at Cape Canaveral, the Wild Blue Industries logo and the ship's name, Nuclear Explosion, glistening in the sunlight. "KSC Control, this is WBI-145, requesting permission to dock." "Roger, 145, you are cleared for approach on landing pad Kilo India Alpha." "Copy, proceeding to Kilo India Alpha." As the airship docked, trained technicians rapidly offloaded its precious cargo, clearing it for takeoff again. The prototype Epstein Drive was loaded onto an eighteen-wheeler and brought to the Static Test Unit. Fuel lines were connected, wires were attached, and the ground crew ran to the bunkers. "We are go for Epstein Static Test 01. T Minus One Minute and counting." "Confinement?" "Go." "Abort?" "Go." "Sensors?" "Go." "STU?" "Go." "Fuel injection?" "Go." "Control?" "Go." "Snacks?" "Go." "Roger, all systems go." "30 seconds." "Initiate engine precharging." "Prime fuel injectors." "Emergency abort to standby." "Magnetic Confinement online." "15 seconds." "Chow flopper primed." "Control matrix operational." "Ignition systems armed." "10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Ignition." A controller pressed a large red button. Fusion fuel shot into the drive systems, and was quickly heated to millions of degrees. A powerful magnetic field guided the plasma beam, and it shot out the nozzle. "Stable ignition." "Roger, all systems nominal at this time." "We've got a fluctuation in the magnetic confinement field. We're still well within the safe limits." "Roger, continue to monitor." "Fluctuation getting more intense. The reaction might destabilize." "Adjust the field generators to compensate." "Beginning adjustment. Stand by." "The fluctuation is too severe! I've got a plasma leak in the control systems!" "Same with the injectors!" "It's gonna go critical!" "SHUT THAT THING DOWN, NOW!" "Emergency shutdown initiated! Oh, crap, the communication system on the engine just vaporized. The shutdown order didn't get through!" "Get our radiation shielding online!" "Critical detonation in 3... 2... 1... Oh, crap!" The Epstein Drive was there on the test stand one second, and simply... wasn't the next. A small flash brightened into a huge explosion, and the loudest sound in recorded history raced towards the control bunker. "Sound dampening online! Radiation shielding online!" And a good thing, too. Without those, they would have had their eardrums literally explode, and die of acute radiation poisoning a few seconds later. Geiger counters outside the bunker shorted out when the readings literally went off the charts, before they, too, were vaporized. "We'll try again tomorrow."
  2. The Saturn Multibody from the Eyes Turned Skywards alternate history beats the SLS hands-down.
  3. JAI is my company. Yeah, I meant building the reactors and their support stuff together into a module.
  4. 10t sounds right, but I'm not the OP.
  5. On the bright side: Kerbelles and gentlekerbs, I am about to present to you the finest marvel of modern rocket science known to Kerbal. Held together by only the weakest strongest duct tape, a lot of no expense was spared to bring you this craft. *cue Also Sprach Zarathustra* You'll want to tell your grandchildren about the day you rode the COOLEST! ROCKET! EVER! *Tarp falls down, revealing* THE ITS VERSION 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TM Patent pending. .craft file pending.
  7. I'll bite! Been meaning to do something similar (interstellar missions) for a while. JAI: Bright ideas for a brighter tomorrow Completed Crafts (The launch vehicles use SpaceY and SpaceY Extended, if the modlist can't be changed, don't use 'em!): Launch vehicles are to be used to loft other people's non-SSTO payloads and sections of the ARC Destiny (definitely big enough to necessitate in-orbit assembly) into LEO. -Condor 9 Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 analog. Includes reusable first stage! Action Group 1 switches the Stage 1 engines to Landing Mode. .craft file: To be uploaded soon! -Condor 9 Heavy Large Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 heavy analog. Same action groups as Condor 9. .craft file: To be uploaded soon! -Condor XX Superheavy Launch Vehicle: A supersized Falcon 9 analog. Same action groups. .craft file: To be uploaded soon! -Condor Über Big F**king Launch Vehicle: ITS first stage analog with a payload fairing on top. To be uploaded soon! In-Development Crafts: -Dart-series Scout Probes: It's an antimatter engine, a reactor, a probe core, an antenna, some sensors, an antimatter collector, and an antimatter storage unit, all attached to each other with sweat, tears, and duct tape. COMPLETELY SPACEWORTHY! It's supposed to arrive ahead of the mothership and scout out the planets in the system, make initial measurements, do terrain, resource, and biome scans, that sort of stuff. -WEREALLGOHNDIE Habitat Module: ARC Destiny component -DOPANIC Escape Pod Module: ARC Destiny component, escape pods. In the event of an emergency that will destroy the entire ship, there are enough escape pods for all crew to abandon ship. Of course, they'll be stuck in a tin can with dwindling life support and only 100 m/s of Delta-V, but they should have enough time to send heartfelt goodbyes to their loved ones before they starve, dehydrate, or asphyxiate! Oh, wait, we have DeepFreeze... They'll just go into cryosleep until rescue arrives... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE ALL THE FUN OUT OF THIS?! -DROPPOD-series Planetary Supply Landers: They're one-time use landers that can land on any atmospheric planet, but can't take off. Don't put Kerbals on them, they're meant as supply drops. -MELTDOWN Reactor Module: ARC Destiny module, ARC Destiny main reactor --- JAI would also be more than willing to train the crew of the ARC Destiny for their daring and dangerous mission.
  8. SCREW YOU, TRAPPIST-1! WE'VE GOT MOAR HABITABLE PLANETS HERE! EPIC 210693462.01 is very promising, but it needs a better name... Of course, the habitable planet needs an Earth-like name. Natalie is just weird. Why name a planet a normal Earth name? It deserves respect! Earth 2.0 is already taken by Proxima b or one of the TRAPPIST-1 planets, though...
  9. Umm... Been there, done that. Jumble's crew is at Vallhenge...
  10. If it's not working, there's an automated mining base on Minmus, I think.
  11. Anti-Air Defense System engaged. Acquiring targets: 2 TARGETS LOCATED TURRET 1: OPENING FIRE (TARGET: BOMB) TURRET 2: OPENING FIRE (TARGET: FIGHTER)