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  1. @TheEpicSquared is there anything more you might need for Duna? We need to start shipping Kerbals out to Duna ASAP.
  2. *jaw drops* WE ARE NOT WORTHY!
  3. I would totally buy that. Kerbtorio: Manage the factory floors of Rockomax, Probodobodyne, and Jeb's Junkyard, and optimize rocket part production.
  4. The female symbol is also the symbol for Venus. If we were going to Eve, that symbol would be used.
  5. The waves represent radio waves, data being transmitted back to Earth. Alright.
  6. Okay, you've made your point. I had a big brain fart, but I'm still a huge fan. So back on topic now, please.
  7. Sorry, dude. All Kerbals look alike, it's so hard to tell who's who! I count ten.
  8. How many Kerbals are on the Intrepid's crew? There are so many I lost count.
  9. Hey @UnusualAttitude, here's your Fontanes mission patch! This time, it's a lot better quality than pixel art: -KAL Kerman, Scientist/Kerbonaut and Mission Artist If you could tell me the name of the whole program of manned missions planned to find the Crew, I could make a mission patch. I think "Project Voyager" sounds good, considering the Voyager probes were never built in your Kerbal alternate history and the name is open, but that's just me.
  10. I have an idea! We pack an extra reactor. All that reactor is powering is a giant electromagnet, which makes an artificial magnetic field around the vessel. It'll short out all electronics on the ship, but that's a small price to pay.