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  1. Well then... What do you call a bond between an iron atom and an oxygen atom? I(r)onic.
  2. 1623: A bunch of stuff happens in colonial America.
  3. I've been thinking up a lot of really bad science puns recently, so I decided to make a forum game out of it. Basically, it works like this: Player 1: <reaction> Why are neutrons always happy? They never get charged for anything. Player 2: <reaction to the previous post *that conforms to the forum rules*> <next pun> And so on. Rules: 1. Follow the forum rules. 2. Please, treat other puns with respect, at least on the forums, but feel free to cringe in real life Let's begin? What did the judge say to the ion? Guilty as charged.
  4. Maybe. if x is equal to y then what does a thousand miles of tacos weigh?
  5. Pizza. If you do the things to the stuff, what will happen at that other time?
  6. 1608: An EMDX SD70ACe-T4 demonstrator unit with the same number.
  7. [really really really really really long text wall]
  8. Donkey Kong County: A game about running a county of a state.
  9. If you're talking about the one from before Porkjet, yes. Do you remember when SAS prevented you from turning at all?
  10. What's on my clipboard right now is Sans's special attack.
  11. I color-code my cords. I change the lock on your bike to an identical one with a different combination.
  12. Whoops. That would explain why the city's population went down by like 10,000 give or take 1000. I hand off the save to whoever wants it next.
  13. --Nevermind, made a mistake in the district styling, disregard this post--
  14. I HAVE THE SAVE. Going to see how well this works in my game, I will post another update with the link when I am finished. My town will be the district "Railville".
  15. ERR:RENT_WISH.NBT HAS ENCOUNTERED A FATAL ERROR 0x8746784c I wish the 1996 SP-UP merger never happened.