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  1. (Redacted YouTube video link)
  2. New development. I loaded up the save again and the whole asteroid was there with my probe attached to its core. When I went to go catch another asteroid, it was also just the cubic core showing, but when I went to the tracking station and back the whole asteroid loaded. That was with a class C asteroid. So apparently it's not a matter of size, but of the actual asteroid model failing to load for some reason.
  3. I used the in-game screenshot - aka "F1". This is in 1.2.2 (yes I'm staying in 1.2.2 because I don't need the additional languages but that's besides the topic...) so perhaps... maybe it was never anticipated that anyone would want to capture a class A so it was never fully finished... I have no idea.
  4. So, I decided to go get a class A asteroid with a probe. When I got the probe to the asteroid, however, the asteroid... wasn't what I expected it to be. When I landed I got this screenshot. There's Class A asteroids. And then there's this. There is so little mass in the asteroid that there was literally no listing in its menu, it had no effect on the operation of the craft, and it clipped through the ground... plus the obvious cube shape. Minor bug? Probably. Why am I not putting in this in the bug report forum? Because this is such an alien event (even for the Kerbal universe) that it merits posting here. I renamed the asteroid "The Glitch" for obvious reasons. Thoughts?
  5. Interesting railroad, particularly the track conditions...
  6. (A story I told someone on yahoo messenger about someone at my school having a bad time)
  7. Unknown Location: <kuid2:104609:100080:2>
  8. Quick reskin that turned out very well, unfortunately the route decided to be finicky and not want to load ANYTHING past this point so this is the only screenshot I got. Inspired by a Facebook comment, I call this the "Swooshbonnet".
  9. If there was a pun, I didn't get it. The kid took a test on Fluorine's atomic symbol. He got an F.
  10. Day 3 - 5/10/17
  11. <just a casual link to my YouTube channel after putting it in the wayback machine>
  12. I wish. The user below me has no idea what model of locomotive is in my profile pic.
  13. 6.7275252535/11.2958 a powerpoint thingy with a history of the walrus and stuff
  14. I have no words. I know I told you I had a pun about 0, but... I've got nothing.