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  2. @mabdi36 would unironically appreciate bad movies.
  3. This will be my last upload until mid-July, because my sister arrived in town from the coast yesterday (6/29), and she will be here until at least next Saturday (7/8), which is the day I leave on a trip to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska, in that order. I won't get back from that trip until the 14th, so I will get a new video uploaded on... hopefully the 15th. -Description of a YouTube video I'm on my 4th consecutive attempt at uploading (other 3 failed due to my internet connection being stupid)
  4. Apparently UP 8179 West with BNSF ET44C4 3771 finally got moving. I saw him stopped east of Nampa this morning, and just now he caught me off guard flying through Parma at 60 MPH. When I saw him in the mirror, I had just enough time to stop the car, start filming, and get out.
  5. oh look it's my favorite YouTube video of all time
  6. What the next week is looking like here...
  7. Milepost 442 on UP's Nampa Sub, a few miles east of Kuna, Idaho.
  8. I would ask what in the world that is, but this thread is locked, so I can't.
  9. UP1983WP. To see a GE C30-7 in person. Sorry Palps, I don't have time to listen to your stories. --- What is your name? What is your quest? In the Undertale AU, "Shiftalter", who does Chara take the place of?
  10. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. What is your name? What is your quest? How do you spare Astigmatism?
  11. Wrong, they don't call NASA a bunch of mass murderers. We like KSP because you can build locomotives in it.
  12. Known for.... being that.... one guy... you know, him.
  13. Granted, but the wish granting beings didn't understand your request, so have a taco. I wish I had a good microphone on my computer.
  14. Oh, I haven't seen you before... I think? This is what happens when I post at 12:05 AM and I haven't slept yet...