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  1. Session 1: Oil Cans (1989) - Drive the loaded Oil Cans over Tehachapi, from Bakersfield to Mojave, power is as follows: Leader: SP SD40T-2 2x SP SD45 (second one reversed) SP SD40T-2 (reversed) DRGW GP40-2 Middle helpers: 2x SP SD40T-2s, back to back Rear helpers: 3x SP SD45s, back to back 150 cars, or 50 sets of TankTrain cars, split by the middle helpers between the 25th and 26th sets, plus C50-9 caboose on the tail end Meet WB intermodal at end of double track after Bakersfield Pass rerouted Amtrak train somewhere between Tehachapi and Mojave Session 2: Oil Cans (2017) - Drive the loaded Oil Cans over Tehachapi, from Bakersfield to Mojave, power is as follows: Leader: UP SD70M (letters) 3x UP ES44AC (2 are old with YFS, 3rd is reversed) DRGW Heritage Unit No middle helpers Rear DPUs: 2x AC4460CW 152 cars, or 50 sets of TankTrain cars, with ballast-loaded 2 bay Trinity hoppers in between locomotives and tank cars
  2. (Random Quora link) I don't know why, either.
  3. I'm not confused since I don't remember seeing that in the rules unless they've been updated without my knowledge. 0/10. 6(9.23^2.63(9-4b-2.9x)+9y) = 4(5.36^6.25(2-8b-7.5x)+4y) Find the values of all 3 variables.
  4. A follow-up to my previous post: Remember how I was talking about the hyper-athlete at my school who spews motivational quotes and says pain is good? Have you seen the "student athlete" memes on Twitter? He's the physical embodiment of all of those together. He knows I don't have very high physical ability, but he pushes me to keep going even when I feel like I'm about to literally die. If it wouldn't negatively affect me, I'd tell him that he can't just go around pushing his hyperathletism (yes that's a word now) into everyone's faces all the time, but he's another friend of my best friend, so I don't dare say anything.
  5. Trains magazine ran an eye-catching color photo by John C. Benson in its August 1976 issue showing the first Conrail locomotive to wear the “dress blues:” GP40 No. 3091, still carrying its former New York Central road number, but looking pristine after emerging from the Collinwood shop in Cleveland on May 20, 1976. The caption said Conrail’s locomotives and cabooses would wear blue, while freight cars would wear “traditional red oxide” (boxcar red) and covered hoppers would be painted gray. The railroad hoped to have 170 of its 5,000 locomotives clad in blue by the end of 1976.
  6. Known for..... um.... I don't think I've actually seen you unless you changed your name from something else.
  7. The people at my school who try to get me to push past my physical limits - you know, those hyper-athletes who spew motivational quotes all the time and say that pain is a good thing? Well, pain is LITERALLY your body's way of telling you when to STOP before you HURT YOURSELF. When everyone else complains about the cold, they say, "What are you whining about? I can handle this, so you can too." Ok, Mr. Polar Bear. Quit expecting everyone to have the same physical ability you do. Also, that one guy that thinks that all trains look like Thomas, which usually leads to a conversation like this: Him: "What type of train is Thomas?" Me: "He's actually based on a real British steam engine." Him: "NOPE! He's a TANK engine!" Me: "Tank engines are a TYPE OF STEAM ENGINE YOU IDIOT!"
  8. When you have to use Eeloo as a mock sepatron when launching from Kerbin.
  9. Here you go. *this text is to be replaced with a cookie and 10 points at a later date*
  10. Nothing. *yep. *that's right. *it's literally nothing. *and it's not going to BE anything, either. 10 points if you can name what game those lines are from. Hint: the font. that is, if it's actually comic sans like the editor claims, even though it looks totally different on mobile, not like comic sans at all...
  11. Known for.... um... sorry, I haven't really been following what's been going on here for the past few months, so I don't know what you're known for.
  12. http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showthread.php?93649-Engines-Wishlist-for-Jointed-Rail/page168
  13. Dead/Memes because chuck norris is a dead meme, sorry to say
  14. My avatar is a picture of a UP train that I took on August 25, 2016. The full picture: My username represents Union Pacific's "Western Pacific" heritage unit, UP 1983, the first heritage unit I ever saw.