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  1. The shuttle transport bits have come up a few times. While they're neat and all, they're really niche and fall deeply into a "part bloat" category for me. I can't see most people using them at all, and those that do would probably use them a couple times and never touch them again. Just not worth the time investment or memory usage of the pack.
  2. minifueltank is the stock Oscar B fuel tank (the little silver one). I found one hiding in the airlock and removed it. But yeah it's a stock part so another mod might be removing it or you might want to reinstall your base game @DiscoSlelge Thanks, those are great
  3. Hey guys, if you're playing in a 2x or 3x scaled system @PickledTripod has put together a patch that modifies the ET to use stock fuel volumes. You can find it on my github here and in the OP. Many thanks to him for helping out.
  4. Just a cone. I'll be making a mk3 probe/SAS for it, just wasn't happy with my designs yet
  5. Small part update adds the Shuttle C! v1.2.2b New Parts - Found in the Aero category Shuttle C body - The Shuttle C is an unmanned option to utilize the ET and booster stack of the Space Shuttle program. The C has no heat tiles or aerodynamic considerations as it isn't intended to return safely. Its lighter weight and disposable nature make it perfect for unusually heavy payloads and high altitude and satellite deployment missions. Shuttle C Nosecone - A simple nosecone fit to the Mk3 profile. Also added a craft file for the Mk3 Orbiter test flight. Relive the good ol' days with your white ET and too many heat tiles!
  6. @notJebKerman Docking alignment troubles would come from the ports or some other weird mod conflict. I don't have anything that would account for that stuff. Also stock SAS will do weird things with heavy ships and stations. Just have to be careful and quicksave a lot. IUS is mostly ready for completing the textures once I get it balanced in game, but it's slow going as I don't really have free time and am looking at getting another project done first. @smotheredrun Great stuff. Those inclined landings are tough
  7. It's been said that the ghost of @MrMeeb still haunts these forums. Sometimes if you listen very carefully, you can hear it updating SPT. @Spike88 No worries. Thanks for what you've made already.
  8. @mechanicH I generally don't do outside mod support. There's just too many things out there. I do happily accept community patches though. For the craft files it would just be something like multi-payload, station module installation, and EDO science mission loadouts. @smotheredrun Good stuff. Missions that don't go right always seem to be the most fun. Glad the guides were helpful too. The OMS have the same fuel consumption and higher ISP than the Puff engine, so they're a bit more efficient compared to stock.
  9. Thanks @Spike88 for the TAC-LS patch. It's been added to the OP in the Comparability Patches tab and I'll include it in the next release. I updated the craft file in the OP as well. On the topic of craft files, would there be any interest in different mission loadouts? I wouldn't mind doing some different examples on how the bay could be set up for a few different types of missions, but not sure how useful that would be. In other news IUS is still in the works and starting to get in game. There's some gameplay issues I have to iron out so it's a bit slow going at the moment.
  10. Hey guys, Some small changes and bug fixes for update 1.2.2a v 1.2.2a Fixes and Changes - MMU-E rack node fixed to prevent clipping on undock - ST-25 ISP changed. The sea level/vac values were flipped. This adds a bit more dV on launch. Enjoy - Increased breaking torque on ET parts to help with initial physics load - Moved the CoM on Shuttle B further back - Fixed drag issues on the parachutes - Reduced MMU fuel - Other things I likely forgot about and will add if I remember
  11. @Spike88 Sounds great. Thanks for putting the time in. I shoot for 7 kerbin days for 6 crew with just the cockpit For EDO missions 2 food boxes should add another 7 days, and the EDO pallet should bring along the extra oxygen needed. If you really want to get into the weeds, the fuel cells produced a lot of the drinking water for the missions as well, but you could just put the extra into the EDO pallet. Speaking of 6-seat cockpits. If you guys aren't using @Daelkyr's mid-deck, you should be.
  12. Could you recreate and show some pictures along with what your 'control from' is set to?
  13. Rigid attach is the issue. I wouldn't recommend it on the shuttle body either as it'll fall apart on landing sometimes. On launch, craft loading creates a bunch of weird forces and the clamps tend to make that much worse. Making everything rigid means nothing will bend so you get huge breaking torque on all the joints in that short loading time. KJR is also useful as it eases that physics load If you just auto strut the shuttle and SRB noses to the ET you shouldn't have any issues Also I noticed the Fasa gantry collider seems to clip into some parts, so when you stage it'll shove your craft pretty hard
  14. @Spike88 You could check out the included LS patches for the basic structure and a Tac-LS patch for the details on those resources. @Jasseji Your best bet is to disable yaw on the OMS pods and Pitch/roll on the nose. Using the RCS in short bursts when translating left/right will limit the rolling. Unfortunately the stock RCS will fire any engine within 90degrees of the desired direction, so there's a bit of extra torque caused by the OMS pod set up. I've tried a few ways to cheat the system but nothing has panned out so far. Take it slow and you'll get there. Keep in mind it's a huge heavy craft, so you'll want to keep your docking speeds lower than you might be used to
  15. Yeah it's purely gameplay reasons. I initially wanted the fuel cells to be mono, but they would eat up all the fuel on the shuttle even with no crossfeed allowed. They got switched to help prevent more lost in space Kerbals. And correct, the EDO is to power the fuel cells on long missions. I don't think there's a Tac-LS patch but I may have missed it. Right now I have Snacks and USI-LS PS: Found a scaling error in the IUS so I reworked it a bit. Much better. The main section is 1.5m now with the flare being 1.875m